Thursday, July 24, 2014

THOUGHTSY THURSDAY: This is How I Feel Today

What's wrong with the world?

Is the question that I might ask myself every night before hitting the sack. Whilst some parts of the world are living large with all the comfort, entertainment, health, wealth and progression, some other parts are living their version of hell.

I’ve become so scared to actually physically open up the pages of the newspapers every morning the newspaperman throws a set into my porch. Seeing the headlines, the gruesome images on the front page, makes it even easier for me to ignore the pre-paid subscription newspaper deliveries. It got so out of hand that I literally would just leave the papers to soak underneath the pouring rain.

It’s not that I don’t care about the world not to read about it. I do. But the fear of it is alarmingly bigger than of my concerns.

While I sip some fresh clean water from my glass just beside my laptop on a perfect little white desk in a perfectly lit and air conditioned room, some are actually munching on wild grass to sustain life. It’s not fair that I am doing fine and dandy, while my fellow brothers and sisters around the world are in physical and mental torment.

I was playing with my cat, Carlos, last night, and while he was all up for the head massages and belly tickles, he suddenly scratched my arm with quite a force. Causing streaks of thinly scratched marks. It hurts so bad I tell you. I can still feel a dash of pain trickling in every time I press or touch the scar. 

But what is a scratch when losing arms, limbs and a part of your body or skin is an everyday thing? 

Writing this blogpost is not easy you know. I really wanted to share what I felt initially, but in some occurrences later, I find myself lost in my own thoughts picturing the agony that I see in images spreaded across the social networking sites, online media portals and hashtags about the never-ending torture the innocent lives has to go through.

I want change.

I know you do too.

But why aren’t our efforts and voices heard?

It is reported that if something distressed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), he would say: "Ya hayyu ya qayyumu, bi-rahmatica astagheethu" O' Living (a life not followed by death), O Sustainer, in your Mercy I plead for rescue (At-Tirmidhi)

I just hope one day we will live in a world where riots and petitions are not needed in claiming justice.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014



It's Wednesday!! which means Eid is just 5 days away! Gosh I couldn't be more excited! How are you guys preparing for Raya? Me, it's kinda different this year as I'm currently busy moving! So I don't recall seeing my mom having enough time to buy some kuih raya.. but of course, she's my mom, she can get everything done and in order cause she's simply just too awesome!
Lacey Snood: Adlina Anis
JUbah: Farah Iskandar
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Chloe pumps: Kiss & Tell

Since my look today is pretty plain, I figured it would be okay for me to pair lacey items to my attire. the subtle lace on my pumps calls for a great go-to flats that's stylish enough for everyday use. It was love at first sight you know!

And my snood.. Something I felt so excited to try on when I encountered it on its website. The lace are of high quality material, and I love how it brings a dash of glam onto my outfit. The main best thing is that it's attached to an inner underneath.. So, heading out in this snood is a breeze s you don't have to worry about matching which inner with which scarf. Planning on getting one (or two) for Eid? I'd say go ahead! :D

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TRENDY TUESDAY: College Girl No More

I don't know about you, but I will forever dig preppy looks. Looks like this one today where I layer a cropped sweater over a plain shirt underneath. Cause yeah, I do find myself avoiding layers pretty much these days. But to wear like this, is an exception.

Scarf: Dian Pelangi
Cropped sweater: Love Bonito
Pants: Poplook
Bag: Poplook
Flats: Vincci


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Sunday, July 20, 2014



Aida Scarf: Poplook
Tunic top: Milktee
Palazzo: Jaspal
Bag: Hush

Sorry guys! I'm in such a hurry! Deets on that later ya.. Mwah! Bye!