Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Event: Ariani Lebaran 2015

I remember specifically last year I was invited to Ariani's fashion show and I couldn't attend it cause I was overseas! I really dread seeing my timeline flooded with images of my friends going to the said event and having such an amazing time.

But this year-- I IS IN! Hahaha..

Luckily the time didn't clash with any other schedule I had planned so I obviously said yes to their invitation. And when I arrived...O.M.G.

Event the Royal Highness, Queen of Malaysia was there! I mean, c'mon, you know it must be really that good cause the Queen herself is actually there to support it. Wow. Let's all together dream to be as equally successful and amazing such as Ariani, yeah? :D

See for yourself how lucky I was to be part of this prestigious event..

Yours truly with Malaysia's top bloggers!

Her Royal Highness, The Queen officiating the event and the ariani online website
I didn't know who this guy was until today! All I know is that all the ladies in the hall went frantic in search of their phones to snap pics haha
Gorgeous and breathtaking designs paraded the runway
Some of my fav!
You'll be spoilt for choice I tell you.
You go girl!
And they even have praying veils too!
Pastels will never be outdated. That I can assure you.
Grand finale!
Now you see why I was so excited to attend this event? Haaa.. Geram kan? So in honour of their newly launched webstore, why don't you guys have a drop by and look if there's something you might need for Raya? Like, hello, we need more than one outfit, remember? XD

Expect to see various RTWs, prayer wears, hijabs and jubahs. With Ariani, I'm sure there's something for you doesn't matter if you're 17 or 37 or 57! :D


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fashion Diary: How to Work That Knitted Sweater

What's a better way of layering your sweater if not with a long shirt? Pair it with a normal length shirt--always. But a knee length shirt, is totally something different that you could try. I love this look especially because it was truly modest!

Scarf: Cotton On
Sweater: Dotti
Shirt: Milktee
Pants: Bershka
Flats: Cotton On
Bag: Asos

It was truly chilly when I took these shots, but the sweater and long shirt combo made my day so much more pleasurable and at the same time laid-back.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fashion Diary: Going Rock Chic

Been wanting to rock a rock chic look for quite a while now. But I would like to twist it up a notch by  working it with feminine pieces. Hence, the look today..

Scarf: unbranded
Jacket: Love Bonito
Hazel Dress: Shea Rasol
Bucket Bag: Steve Madden

I personally think pairing pastels and black doesn't look bad at all! Never knew that the combination pretty much complements each other while not overshadowing anything. And since I was wearing a waist-cut dress, the perfect type of jacket to go with it is definitely a cropped jacket.

Give this look a try! :D