Friday, October 9, 2015

Travelogue: Hokkaido, Japan (Part III)

Here's my last post for my Hokkaido travelogue series *cryyyy* I figured it's best I share with you what I did the last day before heading back home. 

-DAY 4-

Our day started off early cause we wanted to get the most of the time we had left. Visited the Hokkaido Shrine cause along this trip we've been tourist spots, sightseeing places, shops and etc. So to balance it all out, we witnessed how the temples there were like and from what I learnt, this is a Shinto temple. A religious culture closely associated with the Japanese.

Fortune teller box. Throw in 100yen (about RM4) and then pick a paper from the box to read your fortune
If you like what your fortune says, keep the paper. But if you don't, you may tie them in a knot here.
I tried it for fun's sake cause I obviously don't believe in fortunate-telling. But it was a fun experience and I enjoyed my time there surrounded by tranquility and calmness. Next stop we made our way to Shiroi Koibito Park or easily known as the chocolate factory. As soon as I stepped out of our shuttle bus, I could smell chocolates all the way even though I was outside the building. The place reminded me of Disneyland too.

So it's the best place to bring your whole family while learning how chocolates were made from the early days. 

Looks so damn good!!
Clear view of how the chocolate cookies manufacturing process that took place.
I snapchatted a lot while I was there cause I wanted to show you guys so bad of how the place was. And I managed to bag some cookies to bring back home for family and friends.

There's this one thing that I'm sure bothers all of you Muslim readers of mine about visiting Japan, which is, what do I eat while I was there, right? Well, for starters let me just say visiting Japan was quite tricky when it comes to food. But fortunately they eat a lot of seafoods so you won't be left with no choice at all.

But of course, you still have to be careful for sometimes they use sake/alcohol to make those seafood dishes. So what I did was I made sure I asked my tour guide so that she could confirm if for me, and also double check with these symbols I always see at restaurants...

I find that these helped me a lot when getting food, cause they don't write in English that much, so the best way for me to make sure was with these symbols. Some restaurants also have pork/alcohol symbols so that you'll know what is in the dish. IT HELPED A LOT I tell you.

But if you are planning to go and still want to equip yourselves with some info about anything halal and Muslim, you could check this website {Halal Media Japan} first to look into it more.

So, to end my travelogue series, I whipped up a montage video for ya'll to see! :D I remember listening to this song on repeat while on the road and also found a music box with this tune as well! So it was natural that I take this song as my Sapporo-themed song haha..

P/s: I travelled with AirasiaX, and with the help of my tour guide, Akemi Ito. Hope you're reading this, Akemi! :D

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fashion Diary: Pop A Block

Kinda missing bright colours on me, I decided to go the extra mile by pairing fun colours in my outfit today. Was wearing lots of whites and I thought to myself, hey, I need something to pick the white up so I chose a mint coloured sweater with sparkly beads all over it and my tickled pink scarf from my label.

Veila scarf: Shea Rasol
Sweater: Topshop
Underslip: Shea Rasol
Pants: Mango
Purse: Givenchy
Sneakers: Superga

See you in my 3rd Hokkaido travelogue series tomorrow. I'm guessing there might be a video for you guys too!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Travelogue: Hokkaido, Japan (Part II)

-DAY 3-

Let's kick off day 3's post with this outfit I wore. I purposely chose an outfit that was practically kawaii cause I knew that the itinerary today consisted of lots of walking, and semi-hiking. My group and I actually went prune-picking! You can also pick apples on the farm, but we decided to go for the prune cause goshhhh they were freaking tasty!!!

Here's me showing you guys how to pick apples haha.. Get yourself a basket, and pick as many fruits you want. I enjoyed this particular activity so much that I wish I grew up on a farm!

And later we headed off to Mount Moiwa observatory to well, observe! Hehee.. We rode on two cable cars and ascended wayyyy up until the 541st meter of the mountain and got ourselves a majestic view of Sapporo city. I thought Tokyo was THE city, but Sapporo, oh my, they're exceptionally contemporary as well!

See how small everything is? So you can imagine how high we were on the mountain top witnessing this breathtaking view. And below is yours truly banging(?) the bell at the Lover's Sanctuary spot located on Mount Moiwa. You can come here with your lover, declare your love under this bell, ring it, and lock your love on the bars they have around it. Doesn't get any romantic than that :D

Changed my coat cause it got a bit chilly up here
I think I may have to come again with a real life lover and basically do all things sweet such as this when travelling. My tour guide, Akemi, told us that there are quite a few more Lover Sanctuary spots around Sapporo city. So yeah, go find every spot with your husband, and make it as a challenge for you both to complete! Omg, I'm giving myself ideas!

Soon after lunch at Otaru city, we made our way to this quaint lil town in Otaru to find the oh-so-famous Kitaichi Music Box Shop. See how vintage-looking this city is? I was drawn okayyyy!! I feel like the town is sooo me and its fortunate that I had the chance to grab some pictures for you to see.

Take a look of the music box shop from the inside. I was like WHOAAAAA! This place is so big! And it's filled with various designs of music boxes one could ever imagine! Seriously, every corner and angle, tiny music was playing around and it reminds me so much of my childhood cause my dad used to buy us some music boxes from..Japan! :D

This is not even a quarter of the music boxes I managed to capture. Seriously it's like a lil kid's dream, well, for adults too maybe. This place was so magical and enticing I forgot I was living in a real world haha.. If you ever come here I'm sure you'd definitely ge yourself some music boxes to have at home. I'm sure I did.

See you tomorrow in my next post! :)