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June 1, 2017

Mystical Lebaran 2017 by Shea Rasol KL

Assalamualaikum dearies.. Salam Ramadhan! It's been a while since I last posted something here in my precious gem. Not exactly at a good state of health at this point but I'll try my very best to stay strong as I can :) I would like to introduce you to my eid collection: Mystical Lebaran 2017. My team and I have been working so hard designing these pieces since end of last year and chose bold tones such as maroon, navy blue, emerald green, etc. These colors represent courages, fearless and strong which I hope we all are. Hope you girls take some time to check out my designs and love every piece of it!

Much love,
February 8, 2017

Thoughts: I Am Diagnosed With Cancer

Assalamualakum everyone! Wow, a month has really gone by without me posting anything here, huh? Well, I have all the valid reasons if you ask me. Some of you might be directed from my Instagram post to this blog, while some of you may be a bit surprised seeing the title of this post.

Yes my friends, as sad as this may sound, I would like to personally inform you that I have cancer.

That is the only sole reason as to why I haven't been updating much as of late. Even on my other social media pages, as you can see, I'm not 'exactly there' even though there are some updates. Know what I mean? So this has been a huge boulder lifted off my chest for me to actually write this out and profess to the whole world to something I feel very personal about. The thing is, I don't feel like myself if I don't share it with you. That's what happens when you have basically shared everything online for the past 9 years.

I've been in and out of the hospital for quite some time these past few months. It all started late last year. And the processes, tests, pokes, bad news after bad news, aren't all fun and dandy. I was diagnosed with cancer just two weeks before my birthday, today. So within these past few days, life has been totally different and ultimately a new journey for me and my family.

Finding out you have cancer is equivalent to knowing any of your family member gets cancer (naudzubillah). It just changes everything. I was a wreck when I first found out about it. I cried for days non-stop. And I would just mope around and automatically be in tears whenever pain kicks in or whenever flashes of the future comes into mind. My future.

It is extremely scary I tell you.


That's the first emotion I had when the doctor told me, "Shea, I'm sorry to tell you this, it's cancer". 

"Why me?"

"Why now?"

"Why cancer?"

All of those questions and more. But the good thing is apart from this calamity that has fallen upon me, is that I realised my support system was stronger than ever. Family and close friends who knew about it were all concerned to the core about me and have been nothing but kind to lend in anything in order to help me. Even strangers that knew of my story too.

With that realisation, I find that it was easier for me to accept all of this like any true Muslim should. Even though I have to live with the pain daily (not for long--positive shea comes in), I've come to terms with it, and I am more than grateful that Allah swt has chosen me, ME, to go through such test. 

I have hugeeee belief in these two notions:
Everything happens for a reason, and;
Allah will not burden a soul more than he can bear.

So with these two concepts that we have learnt since young is already embedded in me, I find that I am actually okay with all of this. The one thing that I didn't like about having cancer is the fact that I will cause trouble to many people around me especially family. I hope they will find it in their hearts to forgive me.

Gosh, waterfalls.

And as for now, I would like to apologise for this is all that I can tell you about the diagnosis. I will peel another layer later and gain that extra courage to share with you in detail as to what cancer it is that I'm going through. In fact, everything will be different from now on.

When you've striked one of the worst diseases, you will most certainly change in some way or another, right? Be it spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. But please, one thing I ask from you, my dear friends who have been with me since day one, is to not feel sorry for me. Like I've mentioned before, I'm really okay with this :)

All my love,
January 3, 2017

Thoughts: My Ultimate New Year's Resolution

Bismillahirrahmannirrahim.. with that I welcome the new year on this good ol blog of mine and to everyone who's reading, assalamualaikum :)

I thought of updating my blog on the 1st January, but the holidays got in the way so much that I didn't even bother to take my laptop out to play. I specifically told myself to enjoy the time with my family and that times like that won't come back again. 

But since today is a working day, I finally felt like writing :) It's been a while since I last wrote something long and personal here, yeah? Well, to be honest, I find that these days its hard for me to open up seeing what the past has taught me. I know that that is undoubtedly a bad thing for a blogger,  but sometimes, you just feel like holding back in.

Let me give this a try okay.

Well, just last year, I actually fell ill. The condition was very bad that I had to endure a procedure called cystoscopy. I will not go into detail about the exact organ that got affected, but what I do need to tell you that what I felt throughout the entire process (from continuous pain - to procedures - to recuperating) is that it has made me realise how fragile life is for us.

In fact, I broke down. 

I broke down to my family and claimed that I knew that my life is probably written to be a very short one. Which of course got to their nerves. I mean, when you're in a position where you are totally out of control, especially speaking about physical pain, it will take its toll on your mind as well. 

I got depressed, albeit a short one, I could't walk and do much or else I'll be unwell again by evening, and I had to perform my salah--sitting on a chair.

And you know who was with me THROUGHOUT this duration?

My mom.

She was there from the very start, and I saw the pain in her eyes when she saw me in pain. She was diligent in looking out for natural remedies, she was the one accompanying me to, not one, but three hospitals, walking in and out, queueing, waiting, climbing the stairs, waiting again, researching, looking up websites and articles, and basically just about everything she could've done for me, she did.

She would ask me every single day, every hour, how I was feeling and whether I have taken my medications. She would go all the way to contact her friends to get all kinds off supplements for me to consume.

Gosh, now I'm teary eyed.

So, yes, that was me 2-3 months ago and now alhamdulillah I'm feeling much better even though the treatments are still not over for me yet. With this, I would like to tell you that I'm hopeful for the new year. And so should you.

If your parents are still around, do make time for them. I'm sure the one who's reading this post are probably millenials like I am, so your parents probably are around 50+ years old. Just think about the time you have left (or they have left) to make them happy.

No matter what dispute goes on on a daily basis, don't raise your voice to them. Prioritise them. Be with them. Accompany them. Help them. Pay for everything. And lastly make sure they are the first in your duaas.

I think this would be my ultimate resolution. To Make My Parents Happy.

If not, what's the point of it all, right?
December 31, 2016

Style: Goodbye 2016

It's finally finally the last day of 2016!! My gosh, it has indeed been a year filled with lots of good and bad, joys and sorrows and not to mention unforgettable memories that I sometimes wish I could erase, whilst some I wish I could retain forever in my heart. I don't know about you, but I honestly have mixed feelings about entering the new year. Probably because it's so uncertain, that's what makes it--scary.

Scarf: Turkey
Sunnies: Aldo
Clutch: Forever New
Heels: Zalora

Whatever it is, I pray so that your 2017 will be the best year for you yet. Fill it with everlasting memories shared with your loved ones, especially your family. One thing for sure, 2016 has taught me well enough that you will always have your family supporting you every step of the way. Friends may come and go, but family just won't leave.

Let's open up our new chapter with a smile! :)
December 7, 2016

Style: How To Play With Neutrals

I get asked a lot about my kind of style, and to be honest with you, I play with neutrals a lot! And add a pop of one of y current favourite colours, then pooof! Below I've listed some style guides on how you can incorporate neutrals in your looks.

1. The Midi Dress
This was a totally safe look where I practically paired all things neutral such as blacks, beiges and white. It was hectic day so I remembered that my only option was to run around in flats.

2. The Ever-classic Pleated Skirt
Pick one colour, and play around with its shade. For instance, in this look I chose blue (wow, shocker) and worked all the shades of blue from light to dark that I had in my wardrobe with this staple slate grey pleated skirt.

3. Clashing Prints
One of the most interesting ways to play with neutrals is to mash them all together in terms of prints. Since the colour tone is of the same palette, there's nothing for you to worry about when clashing those prints. So for this case, I did so with my renaissance print scarf and striped top.

4. Begin With Your Accessories
For this look, I made sure my purse and heels were of the same colour, and worked my way from there. As you can see, the scarf and jeans were similar in colour too, so that leaves a huge room for any sort of colour you wanna play with with your top.

5. Like A Gradient
In just a glimpse you can see that my entire look creates a gradient tone from dark to light, top to bottom. You can do so the other way round and finish off the look with a complimentary purse with prints to break off the rigidness of your almost-complete look.