Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fashion Diary: Blue and Mauve

Was trying out different scarf styles before I headed out and figured today's look might go pretty well with a side knot wrap. So here I am in my *blue black* look (OMG enough already) ready to face the world. (Seriously though, what's wrong with me today?) 

Shirt: Mango
Skirt: unbranded
Bag: Fendi
Necklace: Old Blossom Box

Notice the new mauve-y beauty I'm toting? Yup just burnt a hole in my wallet. Kill me.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fashion Diary: Moving Forward Ethereally

It has been a very hectic week for me so far, and the thing that I look forward to the most in the end of the day (besides my bed) is indeed this furry little creature! Or maybe not so little haha.. I don't know about you pet owners, but don't you just love the feeling of coming home to them getting all so excited to see you? It's basically the same with seeing your kid jumping down the hallway running to get to you, but in this case it's they have 4 legs.

Days like this happens so often that I had to capture it and show you guys! Was back from work the other day, and this little boy was all smiles. Yes I can read cat's facial expressions hahaha.. 

Scarf: That's My Shawl
Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo

Did I just wore this dress to work? Oh yes I did. It's practical and charming, thus I had no qualms the day before in deciding this to wear the next day. My work as a Fashion Buyer requires me to be on my feet and at the same time be totally presentable at it, so if you're looking for both traits, this look should be your answer! :D

I wish they would make this dress for cats. hahahaha... That'd be super weird and CUTE seeing that my Carlos is a he! XD

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fashion Diary: Oriental Lines

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Muslim or non-Muslim Chinese friends, near and far! Today's outfit pretty much describes my mood for the holidays since it plays around rosy tones and oriental windowpane lines throughout my skirt. With a loud skirt like this, I decided to tone things down by matching my top and scarf with the base colour of the skirt.

And the batwing top simply reminds me of the Japanese kimono cut. Talk about going oriental, huh? :D

Scarf: Tudung People
Under Shirt: Mango
Grid Floral Skirt: Poplook
Purse: Salvatore Ferragamo

Lots of THANK YOUSSSS to everyone who has sent me warm and well wishes after I told you guys I was involved in a car accident yesterday. I am not physically hurt, but it was definitely a mental torture. I couldn't sleep well last night, and woke too early cause the flashbacks of the incident came back continuously disturbing my mind all the way. One thing for sure I was relieved was that I was alone in the car. Worse case scenario, if anything bad would've happened, at least I won't hurt anyone.

But the thing I felt totally sad about the entire thing was: Nobody stopped to offer me any help.

Refer my post on instagram about my accident yesterday:

[18th February 2015, 9.15pm] Guys. I just had a car accident. I have reached home now but I'm still shaking from the experience huu. It was a slippery 3-lane road as it was raining while it happened. I was in the middle lane, with two other cars beside me on their lanes each. At a very tight curve on the freeway, my steering wheel suddenly lost its control and swerved my entire car to the right AND then 180 degrees back to the left, leaving my car to face the oncoming traffic in the opposite direction just like in the movies. Huuuuu. I crashed onto the car on my left. But with Allah's mercy, I didn't hit my head or anything, and eventhough there were many oncoming cars and there were no emergency lanes, they weren't going so fast. So that spared my life. Visions of my life literally flashed before my very eyes cause I knew things weren't gonna end well cause the road itself is a flyover. Had I knocked the border after the swerve with massive force, my car could've crashed and fell way off the border and onto the other road below. I really don't know how to picture it into words.�� Allah didn't take away my life today when He actually could. So, hmm, I don't know. I'm terrified.
A photo posted by Shea Rasol (@shearasol) on

Now now, let's put this all behind us, and chin up for every decree sent towards you is the greatest plan by Allah that we should never ever question and instead, reflected upon. Happy CNY again everyone!

Talk soon. xx