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September 29, 2016

Style Diary: Of Sparkles & Houndstooth

Was headed to a fancy dinner today hence the sparkly eyes that you seldom get to see me working. It was indeed a special day so I had to try on this dramatic look to highlight the simplicity of my jubah today. With the right amount of sparkle and print, I can say this look is very much achievable if you're looking for ways to try your plain jubah.

Houndstooth Scarf: unbranded
Tessa Jubah: Poplook
Purse: Fendi
Makeup by: @ladyqale

And the thing I love the most in this look was how I paired my purse to go hand in hand with the tone of the glitters on my eyelids! Usually we'd pair our accessories with whatever we're wearing, right? But not this time for me! :D

September 27, 2016

Style Diary: Vintage T-Shirt For The Win

It was indeed a expected day for me today. I decided to don this vintage tee with Captain America printed on it. Yes my darlings, this vintage tee only costs me a dollar. hahaha. But that's the thing about trends these days. There's no rules when it comes to wearing vintage (or cheap) things. So long as you know how to pair em right, then you're look is all set.

Sunnies: Forever21
Denim jacket: Bershka
Tee: Vintage
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Bangles: Grandma's
Jeans: H&M
Purse: Alexander Wang Rockie
Block heels: Zalora

And to avoid this look being to boyish, I decided to finish it off with a pair of mary janes. Again, the unexpected turn of this combination is what I specifically love most when it comes to fashion styling.

Oh btw, I have awesome news for you ladies! I have a giveaway going on on my instagram page (@shearasol) so do head over in case you wanna join in the fun! It's super easy to win it I tell ya! :D
September 25, 2016

Style Diary: Panel High Low Maxi Skirt

Salams miladies! How's life holding up so far? Me, I could barely say that I'm trying my best to come up to catch some breath due to overloads of work surrounding me. You see, I will be joining International Islamic Fair in October insyaAllah and preparations are in tow. So I basically glued myself to my work while being a good housewifey-type-ish cause some family members of mine are currently travelling the world, leaving me behind.

Scarf: Vintage
Shirt: H&M
Purse: Gift from sis from Cambodia
Mary Janes: Forever New

So here's me today after attending a wedding and onto some meetings for future projects and such. I dug my closet and found this sample skirt I made for my Cruise 2015 collection and figured it was perfect for today. Oh how I love designing when I look back on it! :D

September 19, 2016

Style Diary: That Pleated Skirt Though

There's something I would like you to know about this pleated skirt of mine. It actually holds a special place in my heart because I have had this particular skirt for so long since 2012/2013 if I'm not mistaken. I bought it from arwah Ami, my dearest friend whom have since left us in 2014. I still wear it to this day and I just don't think I'll ever let this piece go. Ever.

Scarf: Shea Rasol
Sunnies: Mango
Skirt: From Ami
Purse: Fendi
Sneaks: Converse

Here's a look that's pretty much casual and very predictable I must say. I wanted the texture of the skirt to be highlighted alongside the popping hues of my scarf and purse. So this was the trick I managed to pull out of the book. Hope you're having an inspiring week ahead! (I know I needed that advice) :D
September 6, 2016

Beauty: How I Pamper Myself Daily With NIVEA Skin Delight

Remember when I told you I spent my Eid this year in Perth, Australia? And did I mention that it was winter? Well, to be honest with you, when I came back, my skin turned into all kinds of weirdness. It got so dry that flakes of dry skin simply falls off everywhere! My skin is in one of its worst conditions as of late. And it worries me so much!! ☹

And the most dry-prone area for me is my hands and legs. Gahhhh. So naturally, as any normal woman would react--is to get scared! I mean, I’m still young, and I believe that I have to care for my skin as early as I can.


I picked up this NIVEA Skin Delight cause this product in fact contains nourishing body milk and caring oil. And it smells good too! For me, been travelling here and there would never expect to have this moisturized and glowing skin ever. It’s convenient till I can pamper my skin at anytime I want. 

I’d usually place my NIVEA Skin Delight in the bathroom and immediately use them after every shower, day and night. And what I love most about this NIVEA Skin Delight is that it won’t leave the skin greasy and it absorbs so well into my skin.

It leaves my skin feeling supple, nourished and silky soft. Together with rose scent; it really leaves my skin with feminine aroma, which I really love. I would say that is my favorite pampering time in the day because I feel I have indulged all my senses while applying NIVEA Skin Delight onto my skin. It feels really good when skin is so soft and smooth, with a long-lasting fragrance.


And since I can’t show you how I apply them after the actual shower session (or else I’d get killed for it on social media haha), this is how I’d do it every day after my shower.

I put on just the right amount to cover my whole body especially hands, décolleté, legs, knees, elbows and shoulders. Those are the places that would get dry so very easily. Especially for me due to I’m a traveler. =)

What I would also do sometimes is to actually bring them whenever I travel cause spending most of my time on air in airplanes and hotels will get to me. Trust me your skin will thank you like how mine would be. No more coarse dry and flaky skin with my constant use of this lotion.


See how the soft texture of the lotion is so inviting? You’ll be even more amazed at the long-lasting scent, I tell ya! I l love both of them so much I first got them in Rose scent and then in Lavender that can keep me feel relaxed always. I don’t really have a specific “me” time at home cause I travel a lot. 

So my “me” time basically could happen any time and anywhere. I even have “me” times in the car during those heavy traffic jams you know! :D

To me it’s not about having the exact moment to pamper yourself. It’s what you use on your body that makes it indulging and satisfying for yourself. So either you’re someone who’s on the go, or a stay-at-home individual, the NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk lotion works for all of you to fit your own personalized “me” time.

For those wanting to pamper your skin to all the goodness it deserves, you’ll thank me later for this post! ;)

Check out their FB page if you want more info about the new NIVEA Skin Delight k!:
(250ml) RM16.50 (now with introductory price RM11.90)
(400ml) RM21.90 (now with introductory price RM17.50)