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June 30, 2016

Style Diary: Chasing Laylatul Qadr

Time flies so fast! I specifically remembered being so excited about the arrival of Ramadan, and now we're halfway through in the last 10 days. Crazy how everything moves so fast paced and waits for no one. I'd have to say that I am proud of myself for doing the best that I could to gain as much in this month compared to previous years. Let's just hope Allah set accepts all our efforts, ya! :)

Scarf: Camilla
Tanta Abaya: Syafina X Hijup
Tabung Bag: Box Out (via Hijup)

And even though today is Friday, most of my working friends who work in the corporate sector tells me that people are starting to go for their Eid holidays, already! That's really quick! But I'm sure at this point now all you can think of is everything but work, amirite? :p

Btw, am sending you all my love and prayers so that laylatul qadr will be mine and yours this year! I love you for the sake of Allah <3 p="">
June 29, 2016

June Favourites: Rimmel, Onsen Japonica, Simple, Vaseline, Clio

Today is a good day indeed! Why you ask? Cause this month's favourite is the longest of all the favourites! It's mainly because I've been coveting quite a few products this month which I have accumulated for you guys! But I can personally say that the items featured in this post are of beauty or skincare items, cause those are what I've been into lately hihi..

Healin Gamogen Blemish Gel
Earlier this month I was attacked with three huge pimples on my left cheek, and I can tell you, they were ugly! I usually would pop my pimples using those loop sticks, but when the pimple is really huge, you simply cannot just pop. And ultimately they'll stay underneath the skin, and leave you with dark spots. I hate that. Until I found this baby. I got this at the Healin spa in Shah Alam, and it costs about RM45 if I'm not mistaken. This gel is tha bomb diggity! My pimples subsided in just a few days! Seriously amazed.

Maybelline Clean Express Miracle Water
For your information, I've been on a look out for a micellar water for the past 2 months! I wanted it so badly especially the one from Garnier. But they're not available in Malaysia, so when I was wandering around Watsons the other day, I found this one instead! So I decided to give it a try. In my opinion it does work well. After removing my makeup with the micellar water, my face didn't feel greasy at all--that's what micellar water actually promises (and why I wanted it so bad).

Onsen Japonica Facial Cleansing Set
This set was actually sent to me to try out. And being me, I am certainly up for trying reputable products to provide you girlies my reviews on it. So early this month, I stopped using everything I was using and used this set instead (still do). I can say that I looooove what it does to my face. The product is derived from Japan's spring waters that are so beneficial for the skin. Everyday I would use the cleanser, gel cream and serum without fail. It helped in reducing my tiny pimples too (jerawat nasi). The only thing I am not a fan of it is that it is really pricey. Hehe. But of course it will be worth every single cent spent. Available at Sephora k!

Rimmel London Kate 2 Contour Sculpter
Another product I'm loving that is not available in Malaysia! :( I ordered this and a few other items below from @ladyqale and they brought it straight from the UK. So I got myself a few things to try for Raya this year. Hehe.. To tell you the truth, I was attracted to it because of the colour and practicality. There's a highlight, blush and shader. Awesome possum! And also because it was only around RM25 camtu. Lav.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes
Please don't shoot me haha. I told you I was serious in looking for a micellar everything so this particular product was the result of it as well. I saw in Kathleen Light's video that she used this and loved it, so I had to order mine from @ladyqale along with all my other orders. Specifically for traveling, the wipes is something I'll be bringing this weekend when I'll be heading to Perth for Eid :) Cannot wait to use this superstar item!

Stila Perfectly Poreless Putty Perfector (So many P's!)
Ahhh I am definitely a Stila girl all the way! I have way too many Stila products that I love and I cannot comprehend otherwise! And this would be one of my new favs from their line. My Urban Decay compact powder is finishing out to the brim, so I needed to get a new one cause duhh, compact powders are a necessity for me. I love how velvety it feels when applied on the face, making sure my skin does not feel dry or flaky. And the packaging is pretty chic too ;)

Clio Makeup Set
Another awesome set I was sent with is this Clio Professional makeup set hailing all the way from Korea! I've always seen this brand in Sasa, but never had the opportunity to try it. So after I attended the makeup workshop hosted by Sasa a few weeks ago, they sent us these babies. I personally love the lipsticks and eyeliners! But the foundations was a no-no for me mainly cause the shade is too light, and they have only like 2 shades if I'm not mistaken. So if you're really fair, then I think it will suit you best :) But trust me, try the lipsticks, liquid eyeliners and pencil liners--they're fab.

Vaseline Aloe Vera Petroleum Jelly
I got this out of pure curiosity cause I don't think I've ever tried an aloe vera'd vaseline. And you know what, I'm throwing out my original Vaselines after trying this out hahaha... Serious I love this version so much more! Why oh why are they not available in Malaysiaaaa :( This product is small and pocket sized, so I bet this will be a purse-must even though I change my handbags almost everyday haha.

Till my next Favorites series! xx
June 28, 2016

Style Diary: Blue Waterfall

Today is a special day where I present you my first ever wardrobe by Hijup! I've always been a fan of Indonesian modest fashion and what better site for me to get my fix other than Hijup, right? I ordered my stuff on Tuesday/Wednesday, and got my parcel on my doorstep on Saturday! It was that quick!! Seriously impressed.

And for today's look, I think it somehow reminds me of waterfalls :)

Sunnies: Aldo
Scarf: Kamiidea (via Hijup)
Shirt: Sisura for Hijup
Pants: Mango
Tote: Hush Puppies
Sandals: Forever21

How's your last 10 days of Ramadan so far? :D
June 24, 2016

Thoughts: Swapping Gifts With Dalillah Ismail

Guysssss!! I literally had to type so quick for this post the be up today! Why? Cause I was so excited to share with you what arrived in the mail!! So a couple of weeks ago, Dalillah and I, decided to do a gift swap where we'd get each other: a fashion item, a beauty product, and a book.

We have been friends for sooooo long especially when my blog started off for the first two years. Let me introduce you to Dalillah (though I do think she does not need any introductions, cause it's Dalillah kot!) :D

Dalillah is my long time Singaporean friend whom I have the pleasure of knowing via our blogs. She has her own fashion blog called A Veil of Modesty and you know what, we've been following and talking to each other via cyberspace for quite a while that when we finally met in real life, it felt like I have known her for ages! And we clicked so well too! :D

This is the gift she sent. I was so excited I forgot to snap it before untying the bow heheee!
And inside, is this!
Every gift comes with a thoughtful note and hadeeth (Now I feel bad for my gift to Dalillah!) hahaha
This is the gorgeous beaded bolero she got me :D OMG i just died.
And a Quran trivia for my desk! I really love this daily calendar/book Dali! You guys should look for this too k!
She knows me too well. I have been using the lip balm (on the left) for quite a while, and see it's almost run out dah.. I've been putting off in getting a new one since this one is almost over. And BOOM, Dali sent me this new one on the right. WHAT. ARE. THE. ODDS. I've never shown her my old lip balm ok. Serious this coincidence is crazy Dali!!! :D
And this note was the best of all!
Oh gosh, can you sense my excitement? :D Too many smileys dah letak ni haha.. AllahuAkbar... :) Dali I know you're gonna read this, and babe, I wanna say, thank you soooo much for the gifts, I can't wait to use them all! And most importantly thank you so much for the friendship though we are miles apart, our hearts are just practically next door neighbours! hahaha.. Thank you for looking after me when I was oftenly sick whenever I visit Singapore, and thank you for introducing me to your family and friends as well! September ni nanti I'll see you at Tiq's wedding insyaAllah! :D

To our friendship, may it will forever bloom and bring us closer than ever before, hand in hand towards Jannah, InsyaAllah :)

Give her some loving at:

*applying lip balm while browsing for garments to go with the bolero*
June 22, 2016

Thoughts: Meeting Our Creator

I was crazy anticipating for the day when I can finally share with you what I have in this post! You know me, I'm all about sharing with you girls what I truly love and adore, so for this time around, my new praying mat deserve a post dedicated to it! :D

Seeing every time I post a picture of any sejadah I have, you girls will ALWAYS ask me where I got them, and today imma tell you, my particular favourite right now is from QENZA! What first struck me excited was of course, the unique and one of a kind design! Aesthetics appeals so much to me, and I'm sure to most of you too, so Qenza's mats successfully won my heart.

I mean, just look at the gorg design below will ya! :D

It was so hard for me to snap these pics without Carlos in the way!
Every sejadah comes with its bag. Super convenient and awesome as gifts!
I love you but you gotta move, Carlos. This is my corner.
He ain't going anywhere =.="
Yup, still here. I know why he won't move--the mat's too soft!
Story of my life with my "Samudera" Qenza mat.
Haha sorry that you had to see a lot of Carlos in these pics. I tried my best to shoo him away but he still feels that the mat is his. Yesss, I know the mat is super soft and cushion-ey, Carlos, but you gotta let me pray in peace. 

You'll know what I'm talking about when you try the sejadah for yourself. If you're someone like me who appreciates uniqueness while not jeopardising comfort or practicality, then this sejadah should be in your next shopping list. 

Pssst, I actually have another one! Cause having one Qenza mat is not an option for me. I need more. And insyaAllah if rezeqi permits, I think I'll buy them for all my family members as well! I'm sure they'll appreciate praying on a soft mat that's friendly to the knees, especially to my parents :D