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December 7, 2016

Style: How To Play With Neutrals

I get asked a lot about my kind of style, and to be honest with you, I play with neutrals a lot! And add a pop of one of y current favourite colours, then pooof! Below I've listed some style guides on how you can incorporate neutrals in your looks.

1. The Midi Dress
This was a totally safe look where I practically paired all things neutral such as blacks, beiges and white. It was hectic day so I remembered that my only option was to run around in flats.

2. The Ever-classic Pleated Skirt
Pick one colour, and play around with its shade. For instance, in this look I chose blue (wow, shocker) and worked all the shades of blue from light to dark that I had in my wardrobe with this staple slate grey pleated skirt.

3. Clashing Prints
One of the most interesting ways to play with neutrals is to mash them all together in terms of prints. Since the colour tone is of the same palette, there's nothing for you to worry about when clashing those prints. So for this case, I did so with my renaissance print scarf and striped top.

4. Begin With Your Accessories
For this look, I made sure my purse and heels were of the same colour, and worked my way from there. As you can see, the scarf and jeans were similar in colour too, so that leaves a huge room for any sort of colour you wanna play with with your top.

5. Like A Gradient
In just a glimpse you can see that my entire look creates a gradient tone from dark to light, top to bottom. You can do so the other way round and finish off the look with a complimentary purse with prints to break off the rigidness of your almost-complete look.

December 4, 2016

Style: A Night To Remember

Went the extra mile today while unbelievably donning a vintage top that I bought for only a dollar! *rubs eyes* yes, a dollar I tell you. It was the luckiest vintage find that made me squeal in excitement without considering other nearby customers. Of course I would, just look at will you :D

So I paired it with this midi pleated skirt that I personally think enhances the whole look so subtly while not dragging too much attention on it, cause I wanted to highlight the top as you can see. And finished off the look with a matching clutch and block heels.

Scarf: Can't remember
Embroidered top: Vintage
Pleated skirt: Uniqlo
Clutch: Forever New
Block Heels: Zalora

My sister's birthday celebration dinner was definitely an amazing night never to forget, considering that most of my family members were present. And that we had an extra guest that night who charmed my whole family with his oh-so down-to-earth personality :p
December 3, 2016

Lifestyle: I Think I Just Fell In Love

By the title, and my first picture, most of you might’ve had the slightest clue as to what is it that I fell in love with, right? It’s this baby in the box of course! Ahhh, I really don’t know how to describe this sudden change of taste, considering that I am a huge tea lover.

But ever since the hecticness of my daily schedule, I find that I enjoy cups of coffee quite a bit these past few weeks. Most of my friends know that I am always on the go. And my work requires me to readjust my biological clock every once in a while cause I don’t work from 9 - 5. Instead, I work just about anytime, anyway.

So I had to get myself this new Nescafe Barista machine for my sanity haha. This is me unboxing it to show you in case you’d like one for yourself too.

This is the cutesy machine fresh from its box. I had to unbox it on the floor since I was so excited I thought I might just drop it haha!

Aishhhh sibuk la Carlos niii.. This is mine okay, not yours. 

Me doing my thang while Carlos is getting a bit too cosy with the protective box =_=” 

Can you not steal the limelight of my new baby, Carlos? 

Close-up shots of how the Barista machine looks from the front. 

I love how sleek it looks and goes well with my kitchen. 

This is me pouring the Nescafe Gold Blend into the airtight coffee container for me to start using it. Note that you cannot use those 3-in-1 Nescafe sachets for this machine. The Barista machine goes specifically with the Gold Blend granules. 

Okay all nice and set, cover the lid tightly and off you go into your ‘room’ hehe.

This is how the coffee compartment is placed back in its machine. It’s pretty easy and straightforward I tell you.

And let’s close the lid. 

Coffee in, water in, and now lemme take my cup and place it here. 

There are 5 styles of coffee that you can make using only 1 type of Nescafe Gold Blend. Yes, 5! :D And you don’t need to keep buying the capsule-type refills for this machine. Basically you can have yourself latte, cappuccino, espresso, lungo and Americano made entirely in your kitchen! See, that’s why I was so drawn to this Barista machine! :D 

And all of ‘em are conveniently marked with separate one touch buttons for your fast and direct use. I mean, I wouldn’t want to get myself a complicated machine cause time waits for no Shea. This was the highlight of the machine and why I was so keen to try the Barista - where else can I have my coffee drink(s) ready in just a few minutes?

I’ll show you guys the drinks that I made in future posts cause this post is already long enough for me haha. Now go and research about this machine and get one for you while at it. You won’t regret it, I promise you ;)
November 29, 2016

Style: Metallic Dreams

Finally, the trend I've been meaning to try for quite a while now can be crossed off. And I mean the metallic skirt trend of course. It's not easy to find THE one cause you can mistakenly create a look that's a bit too tacky. So the other day I found this adorbs piece and this is the masterpiece I created! :)

Scarf: Can't remember!
Cropped sweater: Forever21
Metallic Skirt: H&M
Saddle Bag: Mango
Block heels: Zalora

Now, how do I work this pair of skirt again to a whole different look? Keep on the look out mmkays!
November 23, 2016

Style: Purity

It's been a beautiful week so far. And my outfit today is a proof of that notion cause when I wanted to step out the door in this ensemble, my mom asked me, "What's with the all white look?" I simply answered, "Because I like this combo, and I don't wear it a lot." So this week must've been really special to me for some reason hehe..

Scarf: Shea Rasol
Beaded Tunic: Poplook (Premium)
Pants: Mango
Purse: Louis Vuitton
Pointy heels: Zalora

And with a look so clean and pure as today's, I decided to tone things up a notch with a dark lip look that I personally think goes well with my white scarf. And would you look at those beaded details on the bodice? Sparkly.