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February 8, 2016

Thoughts: Ageing Gracefully

Taffeta skirt is from Shea Rasol KL

So, it's my birthday today guys!! And it's my 1000th post on My Amethyst too! Alhamduillah to The Almighty, Allah swt, for this amazing life you have given me for the past..ehemmm..28 years!! Hahaha.. I told everyone on instagram that I turned 25 this year, cause honestly speaking, I still feel like a 25 year old! I'll always feel 25, I'm not sure why. But as they always say, age is just a number, right? 

Of course it is, but if you ask me, I'm not ashamed at all to be 28. This is because from what I learnt from the past is that each and every year you have lived and breathed, makes for who you are today. All the ups and downs you go through is what makes you--YOU. And I really don't get how some people would dread people knowing how old they are. Why would you be embarrassed of your age? Do you live according to other people's opinions about you? No. Are you afraid to be judged according to the age you are with the life you lead? Nuh-uh. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Take pride in your age, cause to me the best you can go about it, is to age gracefully. That's my aim in life and I in fact am so proud that the older I get, the more wiser I think I am and should be. Isn't it a great feeling to know how every year, as your age increases, wisdom takes its rightful place and levels up to your age and maturity based on the past year's experiences? I for one am happy when young adults nowadays comes up to me for my advises in life for they know, they can trust me.

It's a remarkable feeling I tell you.

Whether you're 25, 32, 46, or even 58, your life is yours and you should be grateful that you have that much amount (yet) to be the best person you could ever be like how you want you to be. In the end of the day, the only only person that can make you truly happy, is yourself. So make sure you're happy with where you are right now and let the next following birthday come by with open arms!

And as for me, being 28 this year is the year where I'm gonna start spectacularly. I'm not gonna let hurtful things take me down and I vow to become a stronger woman in all aspects of my life. I pray so that whatever decisions I make, is for the best of my parents, my family, friends and you readers. Like the lyrics to Taylor Swift's song called 'Clean' which I so can relate to right now..

"The rain came pouring down,
When I was drowning,
That's when I could finally breathe.

And that morning, 
Gone was any trace of you,
I think I am finally 

Omg I love that song. And its meaning. Till later, guys! Imma chomp down this cake I just received and cheat all day long to sinful treats hihi... I deserve it! I love you!

And ooohh, the most important thing is, I truly apologise if I ever said or did anything wrong that may have offended or hurt you in any way or another this past year. I am after all a human being, thus I know I am capable of doing so even though I may not realise it. Minta ampun dan maaf ya... In case I don't make it that far in life.. Heee.. Hey, it is possible! I love you once again! xx


*On my birthday, the only wish I'm making is so that you guys would like to give back to those truly in need. I'd highly suggest Tabung Syria if you'd like to donate, cause I hear the weather's there getting pretty cold, and without proper homes and materials, they'll be living in extreme cold weather. So please, let's help them ya*
February 7, 2016

Style Diary: Of Reds And Blues

Another awesome day to start off, cause most of my customers that came to my boutique today are off blog readers of mine, from Malaysia and Singapore! I had soooo much fun chatting with all of you, I wish we could hangout longer and talk about more girly stuff heheee.. But before I arrived, I managed to snap these pics to show you guys how I worked reds and blues together :D

Scarf: Shea Rasol (soon to be released!)
Cropped top: Forever21
Lounge Pants: Uniqlo
Purse: Vintage
Block pumps: Charles & Keith
Sunnies: Retro Superfuture

And as I was looking at myself in the mirror before I headed out the door, I told my mom, "Ma, I look skinnier now, right?" She just gave me a nonchalant-look-like-she-doesn't-care-and-then-looked-away. AHHHH, why is it so hard for you to admit that your daughter's gorgeous?? Bhahahah.
February 6, 2016

Style Diary: Heavenly Peaches

The weekend is upon us, and I'm already planning what to do for the rest of these four days of holiday! Scratch that, I don't do holidays if you must know. But today I managed to escaped work a bit and accompanied my mom to her relative's wedding, well, technically it would be considered as my relative too. And here's what I wore!

Scarf: Shea Rasol
Dress: Tiara KL
Skirt: Gifted to me
Feathered purse: Miss Selfridge

I'm exceptionally loving anything subtle, and today's colour combination totally speaks so! This scarf is still available in store, and I think the dress is too. So if you'd like to recreate this look, you definitely can! :D

And ps: Kudos mama for taking this shot of moi! (Though it was a struggle to get her to do this perfectly cause she's a leftie and is so not used to handle cameras.. Haha.. Moms..)
February 5, 2016

Style Diary: Layering Eyelets

Haaaaappy Friday, guys!

I'm freakishly excited for the weekend this week cause we'll be having 4 straight long holidays all thanks to Chinese New Year!! *freaky dance* Btw, here's moi today at work playing around with layers! Fashion's so fun that you should explore all the possibilities you can think of. And as for today, I paired both my favourite things: A cropped top and a long shirt.

Scarf: unbranded
Cropped top: Forever21
Drawstring Tunic Shirt: Shea Rasol
Denim Jeggings: Uniqlo
Purse: Kate Spade
Sneakers: H&M

I especially love it when I get an investment piece that I can wear with just about anything, cause it allows you to be creative! And alhamdulillah, since I launched this shirt, the response has been overwhelming!! *happy dance mode again*

And oh, if you're planning to get it this weekend before the holidays, do come over to my boutique at:

Opening Hours: 11am-5pm
3-37-02, Bangi Sentral, Bangi
+6019 692 6209
February 3, 2016

Thoughts: Mr. Coin Laundry

Ok so guys, here I am, writing something so personal, that I'm seriously wondering where the hell did I get this courage from. Last I wrote something as personal as this would be 4-5 years ago I think.

I don't know if you noticed it or not, but I've been posting everywhere on my Facebook and twitter about the awesome news that I just found out. Lisa Mitchell, the indie singer I mentioned about in my previous post actually follows me on instagram!!

What happened was, I commented on one of her pictures a couple of days ago even though I have been following her page for quite a while. And to my surprise, she replied me back, and even commented on one of my pictures too! So that was enough to make me happy for a whole day. Later in the evening, I uploaded another picture of my OOTD on my instagram, and to my surprise again, Lisa 'liked' the picture! 

Which then got me thinking, "Is she following *so millennial* me too?". I checked her page, and voila.. she was! I wanted to faint okay. It's not that I have a weird obsession over her or her music or whatever (though they are such divine work and I do love them!). But it's because her kitschy songs and sweet soulful voice that I listened to back in 2010 gave me so much memories. Six years is such a long time, man!

Coin Laundry. It's one of the songs I kept listening on repeat when I found out that--I was in love.

You know how you have a specific song that reminds you of a specific person? Yeah, her songs reminds me of this particular person. The person who actually respects me for who I am, and was with me when this blog literally had 500 readers. I remember being so happy for reaching this mark and he was the one who saw it all and even pushed me further in pursuing my dreams via blogging. If you have been following my updates from way back when, I'm pretty sure you might be slightly familiar with this person I'm talking about.

He always, and I mean ALWAYS, knows how to find a way to make me laugh over the stupidest jokes and somehow I think we always seem to inspire each other. There's always new places to read or discover about. New music to listen to, new stories to tell, and basically new adventures we'd share with each other in our own little world. We'd Gchat for hours, up to a point where I don't even know what night and day is. I know that does not sound ideal, but hey, I was happy.

He was my muse, he was my dimwit and above all, he was my best friend. And the best part was, he felt like home.

But as you can tell from the tone of my writing, the friendship did not bloom to another level which I'd always hope it would. I confessed my feelings for him, cause apparently I am that type of girl who is actually brave enough to make the first move. But the feelings wasn't reciprocated and so we drifted apart. I blamed myself for all the thinkable reasons like maybe I wasn't pretty enough, maybe I wasn't fair or slim enough. Maybe I wasn't good enough. Maybe I was too this, and too that. You know how girls are.

So, I tried to go as far away as I could from him. Deleted all the contacts, unfriended in all social media accounts and pretty much avoided him at all cost. When all this was happening, he too had to be sent away in order for him to pursue his dreams. I was devastatedly relieved, though I'm not really sure how to describe that feeling.

Even though I was proud of myself for being the brave girl to tell a guy, not just any guy, but this guy, how I have always felt of him and this friendship, I still feel embarrassed with him for being *technically* rejected. But he, he was the opposite. He never wanted this friendship to ever end. So he made sure that every once in a while he'd ring me up or casually meet me for old times sake. So I simply coudn't run away. I bet it had always been easy for him, cause I can honestly tell you, it wasn't for me.

But it's okay. Life moves on, right? So I got to know a few other guys after him but everything just wasn't the same. And as luck would've have it, none worked out, each with a very distinctive story and lesson to match with.

So when all this Lisa Mitchell thing is surfacing up now, things are getting pretty much emotional for me. Obviously I'd replay all her songs again last night which led me to remember all the good times I had with him.

Don't get me wrong, I've been told off one two many times by my family and friends that he just wasn't meant to be with me and that I should stop holding on to the past cause I'm honestly not moving forward as you can see. Somebody out there was meant for me and I'm building up this wall cause to me, whoever that person that will be, won't ever be him. I'm aware of all of this. But it's just so out of my control, y'know? I can't even tell you how many countless du'aas I've made to make me forget him and completely remove him from the place I had once put him in before--my heart.

But as I grew older and more mature, one thing I can say about life is, it's a big ball of HOPE. Hope for a better day tomorrow, hope for everlasting happiness, hope for a bright sunshine-y future where someone someday will be worthy enough to enchant my heart again with the love I deserve.

Naturally, my conscience on my right would kill me if she'd known that I'm revealing all of this to a 200k readership scale and for the obvious reason that he might read this (I doubt that he actually reads my blog anymore though). But as time would've suspected it, I'm beginning to let this all go and make sure that by February 8th (my birthday) this year, I am a whole new person again ready to leave Mr. Coin Laundry behind and close this chapter of my life once and for all. No more waiting, Shea.

What I've learned from the past, is that you may not get everything you want in life and you know what, that's totally okay. Just be accepting of the journey that The Almighty has written for you and never lose sight of what's important in your life. Your happiness does not depend on anyone or anything but Allah. And amazingly enough, that's just all I need :)

Ps: Lisa, if you're reading this, thank you for being with me through one of my most beautiful phases in my life. I love you! x