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August 27, 2016

Style Diary: Covered in Pearls

Received so many congratulatory messages from you guys from yesterday's awesome news! Thank youuuu :) So let's continue with what My Amethyst is all about yeah? Today I decided to don something practical yet modest in its own charm. As ya'll know, wearing all white can be a lil bit intimidating at times, so the best way to swiftly finish off the look is with an outer that not only enhances the whole white look, but adds more drama to it too.

And my solution for that would be this pearl encrusted chiffon cardigan!

Sunnies: Quay Australia
Selenia Cardigan: Marnea 
Shirt & Pants: Mango
Clutch: Forever New
Heels: Zalora

I have a feeling that I could work so many different styles with this cardigan though. And you know what, it's just probably my current favourite item in my wardrobe, cause of course, who wouldn't want an outerwear that would make you look like a million bucks, right?
August 26, 2016



Woke up to this awesome news that is this blog, yes THIS BLOG, has reached 10 million visits!!! That's craaaazyyy a lot! hahaha.. We're like practically our own country, guys! And all of this wouldn't have happened for all your tremendous support and love.

Now I'm starting to sound all mushy and sappy haha.. Don't just leave yet! You, yes you, whether old reader or new, you've been with me on this journey, and I think kudos should be sent to you as well! Because in that 10 million, there's you :)

MasyaAllah :) I'm smiling ear to ear now... Never in a million years I would imagine this to happen to me, in doing what I'm extremely passionate about, that is fashion journalism. I can't specifically remember when I enabled the visit count though, I think it was just a couple of years ago. And I remembered jumping for joy when I had just 500 readers and telling everyone around me that day :')

Akhhh whatever it is, I would love tell you that that dream you have that looks so unrealistic and so out of reach can in fact come true. You can grasp it. With hard work and dedication, of course. It did for me today when seeing the number hit more than 10 mil. I mean, it's not just the count that matters to me most. It's the thought that each 10 million of you have took the time and energy to actually appreciate content and see me grow altogether as a young Muslimah adult in this crazy hectic life we lead.

You've seen me from my uni days as a bachelor student, you saw my journey undertaking Masters degree (and mostly whining about it haha), you saw me became a Fashion Writer for Aquila Style magazine to now having my own fashion label, you saw me fell in and out of love over and over again (haha!), you saw me put on a lil bit of weight (and now losing a bit of em lol), you were with me when I travelled the world, you saw me become a TV host which I will live to tell my grandchildren that that was the  fear I conquered the most. And lastly you saw me evolving as a woman from when I had zero confidence, to someone who now believes that DREAMS. REALLY. DO. COME. TRUE.

So yes, from the bottom of my happy heart, thank you my loves.

I'll be coming back with a few giveaways that I have in store for you k! It's the least I could do to show you my appreciation for all your arrival in my life after all these years. So keep your eyes peeled whether here or on my social media accounts (IG / FB).

I'm sending you long lasting hugs and sloppy kisses here from my desk to you in your country, wherever you might be. I love youuuuu!! :)
August 24, 2016

Style Diary: Athletic Streak

Although the Olympics just ended a few days ago, the memories and the spirit it brought into our lives will forever be cherished! Especially during most of the sporting events that our Malaysian athletes have wowed the world with their strength and agility, medal or no medal. In remembrance of Rio 2016, I decided to work the sporty look that I find super chic these days.

Sunnies: Quay Australia
Brocade Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Shirt: unbranded
Sleeveless Cropped Top: Forever21
Watch: Cluse
Sports pants: Poplook
Purse: Tasbijoux
Chromatic Heels: Zalora

And turns out you can wear the typical sports pants with the stripe on the sides with heels! It didn't feel off at all, and I can tell you, my day went by comfortably well. I think I would be repeating this look but switch to a pair of sneakers and go hiking or whatever this week. I think I shall! :D
August 19, 2016

Style Diary: Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Day 2

Trust me when I say that I didn't wanna splurge so much when attending shows, so much so that I decided to mix up whatever I have in my closet. I mean, when you so mane staple items in your closet, mixing and matching them is super easy. Like for instance today.. I paired my trusty white shirt with a pair of wide leg denim pants I designed late last year. And topped the look with a sleeveless top in matching hue.

Scarf: Unbranded
Sunnies: Aldo
Sleeveless Top: Forever21
Shirt: H&M
Purse: Givenchy

I'm feeling a lil bit of 90s vibe going on with this look to be honest. And you know what, the 90s are back in trend! Though I wasn't expecting it. But hey, that's what's fun about fashion.. you could always recreate looks and be nostalgic with your 90s song playlist tuning in the background while at it.
August 18, 2016

Beauty: My Night Time Skincare Routine

If there's a moment that I am most proud of in all my blogging career, is this moment today! I have gathered up all the courage I have inside of me to post this picture below for you! XD Yes guys, the yellow coloured monster is here to haunt you at night cause yes, there's nothing beautiful than a masked woman in her jammies haha..

So before you grab a pail to puke out this monstrosity, let me let you in on my nighttime skincare routine that I have been doing so for the past 2 weeks or so. My skin breaks out crazily when it's that time of the month, like most of you do.

And I have this acne scars from previous usage of those local skincare products that promises you to look fair and radiant within a week. You know, the ones that went viral leaving the poor girl's skin in critical acne condition. Yeah, I truly understood what she felt cause I, too, experience the same thing but in a slightly better condition.

I mean 'those local' products REALLY work, but as soon as you stop using them, your skin will purge. So I vow not to ever use them anymore and stick to this regime instead:


1. I will take a handful of rice, soak them with water in a glass and leave them overnight to soften it up.

2. On the following day, grab a turmeric in fruit form (works better than powder) and blend it together with the softened rice from yesterday.

3. There's no actual volume needed to make this concoction. I basically just threw everything in the blender (minus the excess rice water) and keep this mask refrigerated for a couple of hours before I would actually use it at night. This entire bowl of mask can be used a full week, so keep them in the fridge when not in use. 
*Do wear clothing that you wouldn't mind getting stained, cause sometimes the mask can get to your collars and such.

After I've prepared the mask, I would wash my face with my cleanser, and apply the turmeric mask on for about 30 minutes like in the first image above. Wash them all off when they're dry, and the next step continues....


1. Ahhhh my favourite part of my regime is of course this one! After I have rinsed my face from all those turmeric goodness, I slap my face with these La Colline day and night creams. Why I started off with the turmeric mask is to ensure that I have provided a clean base for these creams to work on. I can tell you this method works for me like wonders!

2. First I would apply the Lift & Light Cream from La Colline cause I would love for it to lift the skin leaving it moist and light for the night. I would apply such amount on my face and leave it on for a couple of minutes and move on to the next cream.

3. When the first cream is set, I apply this NativAge cream after so that my skin are able to absorb both of their goodness effectively. These creams are made in Switzerland, from the Swiss Riviera to be exact, so I'm really positive that these are what helps my skin to wake up in clarity and suppleness. I really don't like applying tooooo many products on my face before I hit the sack, so it is crucial for me to pick a product that can do so much with one swipe. And best part of all, they don't feel greasy too! Me likey :D

Picture was taken yesterday before heading off to KLFW2016

This is how my skin looks like (with makeup) after almost two weeks of this routine! And so far it has been such an AWESOME help to diminish my visible scars from the wrong products I have used previously (and pssst, they're anti-aging too). And there's no more bumpy acne marks... Ahhh macam2 lah haha.. 

So I'm guessing this combination works for my skin, and I hope that if you're ever in the same rut as me, try this regime for a change too k! I wanna give their cleanser a try too, one day, insyaAllah.

I'm one happy kid!

La Colline available at SaSa Malaysia wheee!!
Tak yah susah2 gi Switzerland! XD