February 22, 2011

Baggy jeans and Intrend 2011

Got the baggy jeans, don't have the guts? Lemme show you how ;)

Pic source: here and here

Now it's my turn.. I actually purchased this Zara baggy jeans 2 sizes bigger than my size, to get the super bagginess of the jeans. I was hesitant at first cause this is so not my style, but my 2011 fashion resolution is actually to try out bolder and different styles. So, here's me trying it out. Hehe.

*photos by Meerul, editing by me*

The Poplook extra oversized cropped tee and Winged ring / Zara baggy jeans / Nose cutout heels / Thrifted belt

For those who are quite insecure to wear what you want and be different, bear this in mind: ADA AKU KESAH?? hehehe.. (in english, Do I care??)


My blog is featured as one of the top 50 blogs in Malaysia! Weehuu!! What makes this feature extra special is that I was featured alongside my friends too! Congrats to everyone who made it! And buckets of thank youssss to Kheme and Vee from InTrend! Mi lav you!

Go get your InTrend Magazine (March 2011) out now! :D
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NikiSa IzAS said...

Congrats shea..^_^
nak beli lah..hehehe

Datin Tuu said...

everyday adore u! heheeh hikhikhik! ktwa comel :) congrates. ofcoz datin beli :D

Wani Tralala said...

saya suka pakai beggy jeans, lebih selesa <3

Fyka said...

waaaaaaaaaaa masok intrend..

Иʋяʋℓ Ĵαииαн :Ɖ said...

sis , you are absolutely gorgeous ^^

uMie_cHan said...

u mmg style la~~~
like it!

LaiLa said...

You look grat with the baggie pants!, It isn't my style but I will try to wear one :)

and congratulations :D

rebecca melessa said...

i love all your outfit!!OMGG~~its so fluufy im gonna die~


ween said...

kudos to u! i already bought the intrend :)

Anonymous said...


edibe @ edbdesigns said...

I love the jeans! They don't look 2 sizes big - they look trendy :)) well done, I think you did a great job pulling off this style :)

shea said...

heee thanx babe! beli tau! :D

wheee! hihihihi *gelak comel* thanx datin! :D

sangat!! i suke gle skrg ni...selesa gle espesh ble duduk bersila ke apa :)

heee...kecik je msuk tu..hehe

shea said...

nurul jannah:
thank youssss!! <3

umie + laila:
thank you 4 u guys nye support! :D

awwww thanx babe! :D

yeayyy ween beli! :D

thank you :)

thanx!! :D

DINIY said...

My sister (fashion lectuter) ade tengok ur sketch (refer to ur post - My Workspace).
She was impressed. ^__^

MinTy said...

waah nk sign...

Syarah said...

congrats shea! you deserve the spot! btw, loveee the way you pull off the baggy jeans. hopefully, I'll have the guts to pull it off too, you're truly an inspiration!

Chaima said...

hey congrats !!

I love the pants you've worn on the picture, tho it looks more like a jeans harem pants than a baggy jeans. but it really fits you. you look amaziing :)

xx salam !!

marish sha said...

congrats sys :)

Nur said...

Looking good Shea! :)

classywardrobe said...

Hi Shea. Congrates !

http://classywardrobe.com pun masuk InTrend 50 blog malaysia pilihan InTrend jugak :)

Liya Laa said...

Congrats Shea :)

Maya Irmayanti said...

wow!just one word Cool!!
i follow u shea..^^

Hijab Kawaii

Hanis Haizi said...

masa i beli intrend tu, that is where i came across ur blog... kalau tak mmg tak terlintas langsung!



shea said...

is ur sister Rose? if so, hari tu i ada borak2 dgn dia...omg im so loving her persona! :D

hahaha...jgn tau..sign i buruk :P

glad it helps! lepas ni kne berani ok! :DD
thank you dearie!

heee...yup2..btw thankx for dropping by yeah? :D

marish + nur:
thank you! :DD

yeay for us! *sep*

liya + maya:
thank youuuuu!! :DD

hye sis! i read ur blog sumtimes too...thanx for dropping by tau :DD

alyaa said...

u look great in any outfit u wear! envy you ;)

gadis lensa said...

wow~ u look gorgeous with that outfit.. wanna try lah.. hehe

Amierah Nabillah said...

congrats shea! u deserve it :))) btw, this is one bold & brave style! :DDD

Nisa' Azman said...

Congrats Cia~!!!

I'll try to look out for the mag, hehe..
Btw, u look adorable in the jumpsuit (previous post) & in baggy jeans!!!! ^_^

Luv & miss ya!!

a's said...

love the way you wear the black shawl!!

SizZLing SuZai said...

u r totally deserve it...CONGRATES she for the feature!!!!