June 13, 2011

Never judge us :)

Apologies for being late posting regarding the feature we had in Aquila Asia this month. Truth be told, I just got my own copy as I was innit alongside with my fellow Scarflets :) Major thanks to Sue Anna Joe and the writer, Sheena. God! I just love the article! This magazine not only incorporates exuberance style in it's own way, I highly salute the fact that they feature us 'hijabistas' in different countries, but makes us appear as one.

Shirt from Like Igloo

See what I mean? If you happen to get a chance to read this piece, you can see that not only it goes into detail about what we, hijab clad girls go through (in spite of all the glitz and glamor you see we get in some days). I am grateful to be living in a country where there's no discrimination towards us, the head-covering girls. I know I am faaaaaaaarrr from perfect to be saying things like this, as I humbly say, I do make lots of mistakes dressing as a true Muslimah. But, trust me, I am slowly trying. Having this blog of mine somehow day by day teaches me in some ways. =) Let's just pray and hope Allah sees our true intentions and helps us along the way, aite? :) Ameen.

Basically, we're just average girls, like you, you and you who's reading this, who happen to be kooky and crazy at times too. We love going to the salon, we play sports, we sleep in the most ugliest yet comfiest night gowns *cough*, we fall in love, we eat like it's nobody's business, and we have zits popping up right in the middle of the nose. But in addition to all those, we just love dressing up for ourselves and we just so happened to become friends along the way. Is that a crime?

I once got a comment saying that we, fashion-inclined girls have nothing else better to do than eat-sleep-die in clothes. I'm sorry to say this, but the person who said that clearly needs to drink some sort of drink to detoxify your brain. It got me mad while reading it. I mean, come, and meet us, and then you'll know what we're made of before you jump into conclusions. Or better yet, grab a copy of this magazine, to have an insight to what hijab wearing girls are full of--intelligence and class of it's own :)

An example of a hijab-clad gal, a trendsetter with a heavenly voice, beautiful to boot, and produce her own songs, all rolled into one. Yuna.

I just love the song, lyrics, music videoclip, concept, beat and everything laaahh!

Muslimahs around the world, shout with me:
"I'm a Muslim girl. I love wearing the hijab!"
(pssstt..I really do!)

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aiko kato said...

I've bought a copy of aquila..n u girls r so beautiful in there..;)

momieto said...

yeah.agree and i wanna shout the same thing together with u dear <3

Nikisa Izas said...

ekin pun dh beli mag nih..mmg bestla..:)
Bila nak buat mcm Hijabista from jakarta tuh..diaorg nye community bestla:)

Rozana Razali said...

sheena is my lecturer, hee.. =P

cik ain said...

shea, u tutor la how you ikat the shawll...plishhh....

ichabeldarmawan said...

Yes, I'm a Muslim girl. I love wearing the hijab! Yayness!

nice post, kak Shea! <3

xo, icha.

nurnuha said...

congrats on your feature in aquila. ni yg tak sbr na cari beli ni! oh- just to add in. without hijab, im totally not me..! so, can u see how important that is to us? heh. love loads!

Philosophy Coffee said...

yeah, i am proud to be a moslem girl. and yes, i love wearing the hijab

~kuyam~ said...

way to go shea! ;>


where to get this mag..?? wondering..hee...

hidaya shamsudin said...

Hi Shea,
Congrats for being featured.

Only yourself knows what's your true intention of what you are doing,numb your nerves and deaf your ears,do whatever you think is correct.

I want to ask your permission to feature your link on my blog.




shea said...

i've seen your blog! and my you're so lucky you get to go on a holiday in europe! :DD
great style u have too!
sure sure you can feature my link on ur blog...
thank you so much in advance! :D


Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

i always admire your style shea , dont bother on what other people said , i love shea and adriani style so much , though i never meet and have a laugh together with both of u , but i do admire both of you a lot !!!
do take care ~

{ T G L } said...

I feel a bit out of place as a non-Malay, non-Muslim woman, but I stumbled across your blog and loved it. As a modest dresser myself, I am always looking for new 'tricks' and I love the romantic-yet-contemporary pastel look of your fashion. And that song is gorgeous too!

Anyway, each and every person has the right to dress as he or she pleases: with or without hijab. It saddens me that so many of you ladies face discrimination but I am not blind to it: I see it in my own society as well. Stay strong and true to your principles, keep an open heart and mind, and you will be an example for the world to follow!

This Good Life

SaritaAgerman said...

To { TGL } - I agree with you - I love the pastel colours too. I'm from the UK and living in Italy and I haven't seen that trend in the west yet. Malaysia and Indonesia seems way ahead in terms of experimental and trying out new styles. I wear a headscarf but I'm nowhere near as brave with colour yet.

Your message was so sweet and encouraging that I had to respond to you. Hope you have a wonderful day.

God bless,
Sarita x