July 26, 2011

Jelita August 2011

The August issue of Jelita is in stores near you! Remember we, the Scarflets had photoshoots weeks ago? Yeap, that one.. It was such a pleasure working with the crew behind the Jelita team. Loads of thank youuuusss to Izni and team for actually picking us out to be featured in the Aidilfitri fashion spread this year :))

Go get your copy to see the rest of the spread yeah? Wouldn't wanna spill all the fun here ;)
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myra abdullah said...

waaah! dah keluar..nk beli lah!!!

aishah amin said...

both or you look super gorgeous in this shot!!:)


~eZmALiZa~ said...

can't wait to buy the Jelita :)

Fatin Faseeha Azmi said...

gorgeous sungguh!

shea said...

yeay! go buy! hehehe.. bli byk2 pstu bg kat kwn2 skali tau :P

heylooo...diaaa tu yg cantik..i ni apa2 je ;)
apepun tenchuuuu luv! :D

Jelita pun cant wait for u to buy it...haha!

oshinz said...

bloggers sekarang makin meletops la. terutama shea n the scarflet.. =)

Aida Azryn said...

wow. steady!! hehe. :D

Maya Lisa said...

uhyoo ! sisi maghi sangat llllaahh cantekkkk ^^

She pulak,,, gojes as alwyas !!!!!!!!!!!!!

saya je macam burung ponggok !

fiefa mohd ali said...


The Petite Blogger said...

Congrats on the feature! Lovr how u layer everything.... Ure so creative n stylish!!!!!!


Fuadah Ammar said...

As salam,

Just bought my 1st ever Jelita issue :) u guys look lovely!

shea said...

Ishh mana ada dear..kami just bersyukur byk peluang yg baik dat comes along the way :))

Maya lisa:
Hey! Dont ever say that again tauuu.. All my readers are beautiful in their own way--that includes you! :D
Tqsm tauuu!


roeza said...

Just bought too!
all of you looks great!

AkMa BiZz BuZz said...

all of u look gorgeous.. adoi.. 4 sure Jelita sold out cepat neh..

Ikhlas said...

wow that's so cool! congrats :)