February 13, 2012


Outfit: The Poplook Century Chiffon skirt // Anna Syue drawstring bucket bag // Ana Abu Shop knitted cropped top

Happy Monday!

Or should I say, yawnn Monday..hehe.. Woke up bright and early to settle some errands, and boy did I yawn a lot while I drove. Haha. Yep, am not a morning person ever since I started my semester break.

So, I decided to put on something neutral for today, and whoop-see-doo! I have a mini drawstring bucket bag! XD It's super2 cute and I fell in love when I first laid my eyes on it. I have a thing for bucket bags heee.. You can find more cutesy bags at Anna Syue shop.. And my my, the skirt from The Poplook, polka dots and pockets? LOVE.


Thank you Amierah for the Birthday wish, and adorable sketch of me! But indeed, the real me is so not adorable! hahaha.. :D
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sYiRa LoKMaN said...

adore ur style :D

Fuadah said...

Tudung bawal strikes back! :) Sangat cute lah shea.

Wydaz said...

Love the vintage look! I've been searching for the inner like yours for ages. May I ask where did you bought it? :)

SuperSummer said...

Happy Birthday!!
Loving the neutral look and yes - the bag is very cute!!

Amierah Nabillah said...

That maxi skirt is to die for! I just love pastel colours :D I'm really thinking of getting my hands on a couple of those skirts soon :D

P/s: You ARE adorable! No doubt :D Have a lovely day! & thank you very much for including the sketch in your post! ;D ♥

Yoanda Pragita said...

the skirt is soooo cute! So lovely! :D

Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates!

Engku Sofea said...

awak sentiasa pandai bergaya shea :) love it. btw kalau minat dengan tudung bawal plain/dua tone jenguklah online page sofia ni ye :) https://www.facebook.com/EstsCollection?sk=app_176217385757369 Thanks sayang :)

Sishi Semet said...

looooovee your skirt so much!!!! you look adorable! :)

myra abdullah said...

wahh..dpt doodle dr amierah laa.
comelll =D

Hijabi Inspired said...

So i frequent your page on the regular and i keep falling back in love. Its funny because my last ooftd was very spring inspired, only difference is that its snowing where i am..lol Oh well,cant hurt a girl to dream right!.Love your blog.... Would love if ya followed me back, even though i'm uber new to the blogging world..


AndréiaFSalim said...

Your blog is always so wonderful !!!:))
I loved this post !!!;)

A great weekend!

Arezu In Wonderland said...

oh wow, this is an amazing outfit!
Beautiful outfit and natural/powder colors.


XO Arezu

aien nassir said...

cantik.lovely dress:)

Sit Norhajjar said...

Ooohh, don't say that you are not adorable Shea because you are so adorable for us(your readers).

Much love,
The Hijaber's Index

Spruso said...



LaiLa said...

The outfit it's so awesome! especially the skirt, I really like it :)