March 26, 2012


Have always wanted to try the most 'IN' current color, which is lime green. Or maybe of the same hue which is neon green, olive green, to name a few. But, I find it a bit tricky for me, cause you have to pair it with a complimentary color which will help bring that green color out, and not actually make you look like a total drab. So, I found this cute Button Skirt from Bifa Collection the other day, and I thought, hey, this is the perfect olive green skirt that I just need!

Outfit: Pastelina navy outer // Forever21 oversized grey tee // Bifa Collection Button Skirt // H&M purse (gift from Mike--Thank you Mike!) // Turkuaz necklace from Turkey


Ooh, I would love to share with you peeps about these two upcoming events which I personally think is cool! I think I'll be sparing off some of my time to attend these two. How bout you? :D

A Muslimah fashion show based on Malaysia's traditional Batik pieces will be on the runway. Support our local Batik scene, I must say! :D

To purchase your tickets, contact:
Zack(0148353884) atau Fadhilah(0193333058) atau Amir(0123388074).

Good for those who just loves art, and being creative!
More info, click here
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Sishi Semet said...

Looooove your skirt so much!!! its definitely perfect for you. :)

Style Blogger said...

the jacket is awsome!i was wondering if youd like to swap blog names on our blog lists on the sidebar?x

Arezu In Wonderland said...

Amazing skirt!

XO Arezu

Aprilian said...

Love your skirt :*

Ami Schaheera said...

yay for some green loooove! <3

LaiLa said...

I love the skirt, so awesome!

shea said...

yeayyy! i love the skirt too!

you can also have em in many other colors! just click on the link ive provided :D

queenofqalbs said...

pretty colour palette<3