May 21, 2012



Another week has gone by, and I'm just that one step more closer to my VIVA (masters presentation).. Goshh.. the jitters it gives me! 

Anyhoo, I just found out about this newly launched brand a few weeks ago. With the name ZAWARA, they carry stylish, modest and elegant pieces to cater for us girls, in Malaysia! Upon visiting the boutique in Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, I was blown away when seeing those lush blouses they have in store. I seldom wear clothings of satin silk, chiffon silk, and raw silk. But with Zawara, I did get the chance to experience it. And my, felt like I was one of those girls from the Upper East Side! Ngehehe.

If you're coveting the classy, prim and proper look with a dash of sophistication, then Zawara is your best bet. I'm soooo in! XD

Here's my first take on the gorgeous Ariane blouse. With this amount of quality and aesthetic put onto this blouse, one could never believe that it only costs RM99! Honestly, it looks and feels like it's RM200++ okay! To appear more laidback, I decided to leave the blouse unbuttoned and left the pussy bow free flying hehe.. Easier said, I wore it as an outer, and paired it with my cameo brooch and reindeer print scarf :D

Outfit: Zawara Ariane blouse // Mango tee and ring // Old Blossom Box cameo brooch // Pretty Chase reindeer print scarf // Zara trousers // Mom's Louis Vuitton bag // Kiss & Tell arys platform heels 

So what are you waiting for? To get your very own Zawara, head on to: 

Twitter : @Zawaradotcom 
Instagram : @zawara

Or for those who prefer a walk-in shopping experience, here's the address:
Zawara Boutique,
C-0-5, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03-62010027 / 1-300-225-536

Ooh, and lastly....
image from tumblr
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aima afna said...

love the style!!

Ian Afifah Sudarman. said...

love your top kak,pastel colour,, and love the colection >,<

Liyana Iskandar said...

kak shea, u in my fashion list, love ur style ^_^

Lazy indulgence said...

Hi dear,
i wanted to know, are those sunnies from cotton on?

Cik Zeeta said...

nice :)
like it..

shea said...

gee thank youuuu!!

lazy indulgence:
yep darla! i bought it when it was on sale.. guess how much did i got it for? :p

fya zainal said...

love the zawara collection!!!!!

pinkypurple said...

love love your style :)

Lazy indulgence said...

how much for? cos i've got one exactly like that, bought in KK, for 15 ringgit if i'm not mistaken. they look on you! :)

H.I.K.M.A.H said...

i like your style...:)

Syuhada said...

Love your style lah sis !