August 29, 2012


Loving my new header? Wait till you see the full illustration...


Her iconic 'pouty lips and the bridge under the nose' style of drawing. And ooh, let's not forget the eyes!

It's an illustration of me by the most talented, Dura Hana! Ever since my early days of beginning to be active online, I noticed Dura's drawings and illustrations all over the net. And sometimes I would see her artworks at bazaars and flea markets in Kuala Lumpur too. And, gosh, I don't know a single person who does not like her work! She's and abstract artist hailing from Malaysia, and also a hijabi too!

My fashion-na-nimals 

I've been collecting her fashion-na-nimals drawings and postcards of her drawing that were distributed at Urbanscapes two years ago.. and I never stopped there..hehe.. You know how I love and appreciate every single drawing you readers made of me, and I cherish them all... I'm gonna frame them one by one soon too. SO I figured, hey, I haven't had any illustration of me by my most favorite artist of all. Hence, I contacted Dura and asked for a commisioned piece. And she agreed to it--YAY!! I'm so excited to be having her illustration of me, I feel like hugging it in my sleep with me! :p

Carlos clearly wants to take over this blog -..-"

Dura's moving to Mauritius for good soon, but she still accepts commisioned/freelance works for illustrations, patterns and abstract paintings. But I'm not sure of the postage cost. That you'll have to enquire her within. 

If you wanna get your very own piece of an original Dura Hana, here are the infos:
Official web-shop:
Online shop:
Blog : &
(You can also purchase her artwork at Old Blossom Box, Shah Alam)

Looking forward to more creative and talented artists to work with me.. hehe.. Cause I wanna fill my future-house-when-I-get-married wall with illustrations of me...muahaha.. Gedik much? :p
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ThisGirlBlogs said...

oooohh the drawing is just beautiful! So much like its subject :)

nurdani said...

wow! awesome!

Reflisia said...

sweet...=) u always gorgeous!

aishah amin said...

i love her work! and she did a gret job with that illustration, it looks exactly like you!xx

phatgurl said...

geram sangat dengan carlos tu. rasa nak culik dia bawa lari...ehehe

Magz and Mez said...

What an amazing illustration, perfection!

asha k said...

actually my first time dengar about her.. but the drawing is awesome.. really reflects ur features

shea said...

this girl blogs:
haha..nooo.. hihi...but thank you! :)

nur athiqah said...

its awesome..special gift from good to her <3