September 26, 2012


I attended Cosry's BodyCurve & Collection Launch at The Curve today wearing this gorgeous bold printed skirt from Miss Lily Shop. It was the perfect choice I had today to match along with a simple top and scarf. Every once in a while, it's fun to get out of your comfort zone, and experiment with styles you seldom try..

Outfit: Forever21 cropped shirt // Miss Lily Shop lolysta maxi skirt // Old Blossom Box Scarf and glitter clutch // H&M necklace

These are some piccies I managed to snap during the whole event. I just loved the ambiance, the food and also the line of show that were put on. At first, there was this fashion show, debuting Cosry's fun and young collection called Vivid. The pieces are definitely made to cater to us, girls who's always on the go. Tradition and contemporary styles collided and thus Vivid is born! :D

So many lucky draws were selected! And yes, I am one unlucky girl for the day cause I got none haha..

These besties Daphne Iking & Yasmin Hani who sat with me at my table, are hilarious! Plus, super gorgeous too! I was absolutely strarstrucked at first kekeke.. Daphne sat in front of me, and Yasmin Hani sat beside me. We talked so much about their new upcoming line called Baajookoo, which I really NEED to get my hands on! :D

A surprise belated birthday celebration for Izara Aishah who turned 20! Adikkk sesangattt!! :p

Me with bubbly Yasmin Hani & the ever friendly Tania Zara

And here are some clearer images of the Vivid Collections by Cosry for you to see..

The second part of the event was the launch of Cosry's BodyCurve corsets. I've heard from real people  who've experienced using them, and they say it's such a staple need for every curvy girls who wants to curve and proportion their figure shape nicely. What's best is that, those ladies are moms! They actually used these corsets after delivering a baby during confinement, and a month later, below are what they achieve! :O

For more info about Cosry, here are their links:
Twitter: @cosryofficial
Instagram: @cosryofficial
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nourash! said...

I love your skirt shea

ceng said...

WOW!! cantik2nye baju... nak tgk baju kiut2 plak? jom

hee ^^v

Myria Rafiz said...

Whoaaaaaa love your blog!
I really like your color selection in every outfit you worn!
Nice to know you shea :*

Imtiaz said...

wow..i love the baju kurung moden warna pink tu...
pakai korset lagi mantop lahhh..

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