September 23, 2012


Outfit: The Poplook leopard tunic (on sale!!) // Old Blossom Box kitty flats // Vintage clutch bag // Asos cuff bangle

What I definitely dig about tunic tops, is that they can easily be transformed into kurung tops, right? I know you know that already ;) This outfit was what I wore to my friend's wedding when I certainly cannot find a decent traditional attire to go with. So I paired the tunic top with my skirt, and I'm all set.

And a few days ago, I went to my weekly visit to Tini's Spa to have my body pamper treatment.. It was amazing! The Body Pamper treatment consists of:
- Foot Scrub
- Sauna
- Body Massage 
- Body Scrub 
- Milk / Spice bath

And what was different this time, is that it was my first time sauna-ing, body scrubing at a spa, and also the bath. Wahaha.. I freaked out a little when I entered the sauna box, cause my my, it ain't fun. But what's beauty without a little bit of torture, right? XD I sweat like crazyyy.. and when it's over, my body felt really really light!

And then there's the body scrub. The girl scrubed all over my body with Green Tea scrub to scrub off dead skin cells and also revive and detoxify my skin. It tickles, when she reached my foot, and also my back okkk! But it sure felt good!

Oh, I've got two news:

Wanna win an iPad2? Head over to Tini's Spa, Shah Alam to experience a thrill of getting to know your skin a lot better! The event is called Get Naked where your face, not you, can yes, get naked and learn, play games, and simply enjoy good company while you're there.

Venue: Tini's spa, Sek 7, Shah Alam
Date: Sunday, 30/9/12
Time: 11am-5pm (you're free to come at any time between 11-5)

Sorry, Carlos won't be there.. that day is just meant for you girls! He's just inter-framing here :p :p

And the next one is:

HAHAHA.. So pick! Both awesome events will be on the same day, and you can attend both if you'd like to. I mean, that'd just be super! One event will be about fashion, and the other one is about beauty.. Gahhh! You girls are lucky! See ya soon at both events! :DD
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nurdani said...

see you there Shea! boleh snap banyak2 dengan Shea kan?kan?

nur athiqah said...

love the most ur clutch bag:)

nourash! said...

Cute shoes

Arezu In Wonderland said...

Nice outfit, the shoos really look
like your cat, so cute! :-)

XO Arezu

Mira Adzlia said...

wah..nk pegi..nk pegi party tu..huhu....bwk my mom skali..hihi

phatgurl said...

Carlos pampering himself? That pic is super cute. Wish I could play with Mr.Carlos cuz he's such a handsome kitty...

Wawa Tasliman said...

shea.. camner nak join pre-loved party tu??

Sarah said...

Salam... Asos bangle tu u beli dari mana ye? Thx!

Sarah said...

Salam... Asos bangle tu u beli dari mana ye? Thx!

Khalilah MNor said...

nice color clutch you have sis. love it!:)