October 10, 2012


Had a quickie run to Tini's Spa which I am ever so faithful at.. Cause you know I have been having these breakouts on ma face and it seems to not want to leave my face! Grrr. I mean, I don't mind the occasional acne breakouts when you're in that part of the month. But these are the ones that leaves acne scars..fugly acne scars.. huu.. So I decided to try the ChromaWhite TRX treatment in hoping my acne scars will subside. I heard a lot about this treatment before this, so I decided to give it a go.. Pray so that those nasty scars will be gone soon! Click here to view what other services are available at Tini's Spa.

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And this dress turned outer shirt from Magenta is just heaven sent! I was so blur on what to put on today, good thing I saw this piece hanging just waiting for it to be chosen today haa. It's surely one of my investment pieces as I know I'll be using it wayyyy lots more than you can imagine. And if I'm not mistaken, it's one of their popular pieces!

Shirt dress : Magenta (website) / Magenta (facebook)
Neon tee: Zara
Palazzo: The Poplook
Bag: H&M
Flats: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: Diva
Rings: Forever21
Scarf: FOS

And here's something I made for all to share. I heard this quote in Amenakin's video on youtube and I fell in love with it. And since last night I was finding it hard to sleep, I thought I'd made this for fun hee.. 

Yes girls! Come to think of it, our hijabs/scarves are our crowns! Wear them with pride, dignity and full of humbleness as how Princesses/Queens would usually appear with their crowns. Princesses are princesses because they should be respected, they represent themselves well, and they are noble in their actions in every aspect of life. Gosh, Allah s.w.t has put us girls so high, He wanted each of us to wear crowns!! :') Imagine, every morning before you head out to work or school, you're actually putting on a crown.. Isn't it mind-blowing? :D 
(some theory I manage to conclude while trynna catch my sleep, y'know how great ideas comes when you're finding it hard to doze off?) :p
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alya said...

Can i share the quote shea?

alya said...

Can i share the quote shea?

alya said...

Can i share the quote shea?

Jeeda said...

Love this look.. And so true a hijab is a crown. We don't need a prince to make us a princess when our God has already made us one


shida davis said...

My new favorite quote....:)

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

This turning a long dress into outer trick is definitely a brilliant idea. I LOVE that kind of style too! :D

Mira Adzlia said...

sy pun nk share quote tu shea...bole ye? :)

fiqkbe said...

cantik & bergaya ;D

Cik Wani said...

love the shirt dress <3

shea said...

you are most welcomed to share the quote/image girlies! :D

nourash! said...

Wow beautiful black swan ,i like it very much shea