October 8, 2012


Hello world.. I'm not feeling quite well actually.. I've been pretty sick for the last few days. You know, the occasional fever, cold, flu, coughs and sore throat.. Ahh.. I very much woke up today with no voice in my throat! Eeek! Good thing writing doesn't involve all those parts of my body.. hehe.. So here's something I wanna share with you where I went last weekend with mom and sis.

It's the daintiest shop I've ever seen! It's more of a home deco shop with English themed interiors and products.. Ahhhh.. I'm exactly in the right place! I hope one day I can fill my future home with stuffs from this shop.. Dear future husband, tengok ni! ngeee :p

And we bought this nifty Cake Pop Maker! It's only for RM199, and the best part is, the cake pops are done just after 4 minutes! Super cool for a non-kitchen person like me ehehehe.. Psst, they also bring in designer goods from Europe! Ahhhh.. *checks my purse* Visit their facebook page to see what's in store ;)

Beautiful Pottery Chateau 
Publika Shopping Gallery
Solaris Dutamas

And here's what I wore: 

Kate Blazer:  Pretty Chase
Tee:  YSL
Bag:  Anna Dello Russo x H&M
Skirt:  Shop Sptnkswthrt
Circle scarf: Pastelina
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fadyxc said...

I love your whole outfit this time!! :D the bag too

http://sorayyadesign.blogspot.com/ said...

Wow this place is beautifullll! Im so visiting it when Im in Malaysia next inshallah!

Fha Hzh said...

classical english! :)

LaiLa said...

That shop is so so so cutee! :D

and your outfit it's so awesome :) I love the skirt and the blazer, and how you combine the two colours. and the bag is soo original!

ThisGirlBlogs said...

:O I bought the cake pop maker just last week, too! I plan to use it tomorrow, inshallah, so keep an eye out on my food blog for that, hehe :)

P.S. LOVE the yellow blazer.

Maya Lisa said...

cantiknyaaaaaaaaaaa !!