October 29, 2012


Is it fair if I upload three posts into one? Well, for starters, it's my blog, so I think I'm the boss. Haha. Second of all, it's been days since I last updated, no? So I guess it is fair for me to do so.

Today's outfit where I went out in search of items for a lil party that me and friends are going to organise. For us. Haha! 

Scarf: unbranded
Chiffon pleated top: Old Blossom Box
Tshirt: H&M
Bag & Palazzo: The Poplook

Here's what I wore during Eid Adha. I chose to wear simple this time as I had three open houses that day, and I wasn't keen on glamfying myself up. But I felt like throwing over a second piece of square scarf to add a lil something2 to my lovely peplum maxi dress from The Poplook.

Peplum maxi dress: The Poplook
Scarf: H&M
Bag: Topshop
Clincher: unbranded

I've received so many emails asking me what car I drive. And being the super nice me, here, I'm spilling the beans. Below is what I drive around everyday to school, work or play....NOT! Hahaha.. I was actually behind the wheels of the new Mercedez Benz B-Class all thanks to NZ Wheels, Echosphere and Ami!

I've always had no guts at all driving my dad's Merc. Until last week where I was introduced to this uber neat Mercedez B-Class! Oh myyy! It fits me purfectlehhh! :p No seriously, all this while I used to think dads and uncles are the only type of people who look appropriate in a Merc. But with this B-Class, even me, a young adult, can now drive a Merc.

Getting the hang of it.. with that pose Shea, you think you can trick people into thinking you're made for this car? Heck yeah!

Ooohh, my babyyy.. One can always dream! :D

Here it is folks, NZ Wheels, Klang! 

*heart beats faster* Dad, can I have that white one?

Ahhh, the Mercedez that suits a young girl like me!


No, Shea. No.  XD

The interior of the Mercedez B-Class

Heyy why you so kepochi one aaa Shea? Sibuk betul dia.. kekeke..

Contest: Guess how many boxes are there in the car to win awesome goodies! Details below :D

At the waiting lounge at the service centre.

Bat Mobile! Nahhh~ It's just a 5mil ringgit Mercedez I just sat so casually on! Ngahaha..

Ami and me acting like such socialites waiting to be chaffuered around town.. againnn, bajet!

If I were to become a ladyboss one day ahaha.. dream on! Eh my bad. AMIN. Kekeke..

This is it--test drive! *swallows myself inside myself* (if that makes sense) 

Ngehehe.. tunjuk ajarku sifu.. He's showing me how to work the gear. But look at me, I think I'm not paying any attention haha!

After five or so ayatul Qursi I recited in my head, and our journey today was a success!
Anddd.. to make my day even better, during the whole journey, I snapped all the piccas using the iconic Fujifilm X10! Goshhh! When the guy handed our loaned cameras (sad), I thought he was handing out vintage cameras! Imagine, a semi-pro camera wrapped inside a vintage camera body. Cool right?? Gosh, the inner camera freak in me is just about to burst when I saw that camera, and had the opportunity to use it. Thank you Fujifilm Malaysia!

Top from The Poplook

Wanna win that the exact camera I used? Or even a pair of Jimmy Choos? Enter this super easy contest at NZ WHEELS! Just guess how many boxes are there in the car, and you're done! The closest will win either the camera or the Choos.

Phew! Go to NZ Wheels to test drive your own Mercedez B-Class today! Surely you won't regret it, cause I definitely didn't! :D
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nurdani said...

la dekat Klang ke...aih aih.dekat sangat dah dengan i.hehe.

memang awesome la kereta tu

An-Najah said...

Hai Kak Shea :) I really adore your handbag but why I cant find it in the poplook catalogue ?

aishah amin said...

ami ade ajak i pegi but i didnt read my dm pulak..melepasss! :( sobs..but you girls look like you had so much fun!! xx :)

Syafiqah Hashim said...


Nurul Najihah said...

sangat menarik ... like :)

Jeeda said...

You look like the car was made for you


LaiLa said...

I love the first outfit, the colours are amazing!

Schajar McFlurry said...


Arezu In Wonderland said...

Looove your first outfit!
And the car is so beautiful!

I enterd the contest :-)

XO areu

ghaida tsurayya said...


suke nyee outfit pertama..bisa jadi inspirasi untuk preggy mommy nih! hehe..

ahmadhiSyam said...

berbintang mata baca post ni..