October 18, 2012


Besides being able to express myself with the styles that I often wear daily... Do you wanna know what's the best part of my fashion blogging career?

 Military cardi (amazing quality): Magenta (website) / Magenta (facebook)
 Tee: Mango 
Palazzo: Poppy 
Flats: Topshop 
Tote: Louis Vuitton 
Necklace: unbranded


......is THIS (below)!!

Having your outfits documented in a fun adorable way is just BEYOND I tell you! I am friggin excited with the illustrations that Dani drew of me, I feel like crying!! :') After seeing the first illustration of me that Dani made, I knew I needed more. And I asked her if she takes orders..and guess what, she said YES! Oh myyyy! :DD

Too adorable beyond words, right?? I even liked me in a cartoon version more than the real life..haha! 
I was so happy with the results I decided to do this:




I bought these frames at Ikea, and framed all of the drawing of me that Dani made, and will hang it up in my room later. Which frame arrangement is nice eh? Helllllppp! :D

Seriouslyyyy I am so satisfied with Dani's work. The greedy side of me is actually thinking of ordering more hahaha.. Be prepared, Dani! :DD If you love what she does, and want one for you as a gift, or for personal use, don't hesitate to visit her blog or email her. Details are as follows:

Email: ckecikcomeldani@yahoo.com
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Arina Su said...

Number 3!!

nurdani said...

oh oh oh my heart...dup dap. hahah. glad you like it shea!


Shahirah Elaiza said...

Those illustrations of you are uber cute!

Najwa Anuar ™ said...

toooo cuteeee lahhh!!! no 3 pliss :)

ThisGirlBlogs said...

They are all super cute! :)

Milanita_MP3 said...

Number 3!

Milanita_MP3 said...

Number 3!!!


Comelllnyerrrr.... Gerammmm!!! Wonder camner la ropanya will be for my 3 kiddos hek???? Sure super-duper cute... weeee....

Mira Adzlia said...

super duper cute

Eloquence said...

First of all I would like to say how much i enjoy looking at your blog, mashallah you inspire me. Especially at how strong of a woman you are.
Maybe you'll see this, maybe not. but just in case you do i was inspired to start a fashion blog, and i would love if you check it out


nourash! said...

Love your top shea ,,,

Wan Nur Asyikin said...

OMG...this is just tooooo cute to tell!!super duper cutee!!
second arrangement would be nice. =)

sue. said...

i is jelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enny said...

i must say this are much2 adorable. ;D

E F A said...

number 1!!! u leh susun macam day by day... :))

Dina Hakim said...

no. 1
i love the sketches soo much :*
wanna have sketches of mine someday


Maziah S. said...

its cute!!
i like 1st arrangement!!

Maziah S. said...

wow!! what an art!!
super duper cutie pie!!
i pick the 1st arrangement!!

just azura! said...

cantik! great for wall decor!

fadyxc said...

1st one. coz nmpk mcm artis :P . u know if u pegi kedai makan n the owner gantung picture artist vintage in that order

Yousof said...

Cantik yang amat! Bila dah siap frame macam tu cantik tu berganda-ganda! Serius.

hajar izahar said...

not no.3.coz it s not at viewers' eyes level. can b no 1@2..depends on ur room!!u know d best!!

hajar izahar said...

not no3.it s not at d viewers eyes levels..

hajar izahar said...

not no.3.it s not at d viewers eyes level

LaiLa said...

The are soo cute! really!

syamimihaziqah said...

I like the second one! :)

Sizzling Suzai said...

yup they are tooo adorable! love her job so much... :)