October 15, 2012


Lace printed blazer: Padieka
Maxi dress: Forever21
Pumps: Kiss & Tell
Bag: Coach
Scarf: Calaqisya

Isn't my lace blazer such a beauty?? It screams 'me' all over it haha.. Why? Cause I dig laces and the color black. That's why as soon as Padieka updated their website last two days, I HAD TO GET IT! So where did I go today all dressed up like this ey? Well, the other day Yana handed some fabrics for me to make a dress to become one of her bridesmaids on her wedding day! So, being the ever so lazy me, I just chose to send to make my outfit at Old Blossom Box! Haha, good thing your best buddy owns a boutique. A good one that is! After I got positive comments on the previous Raya Old Blossom Box kurung I wore, I knew I had to come back. 

So, let's keep the color a secret for now ey? Will letchu guys know of it when it's done! :D And while Jezmine jotted down all the info she needed for my soon-to-be bridesmaids dress, I wandered around her shop and snapped some piccies of her new collections...drool... :D

Here's my most recent image from my Instagram (for those who don't have iG). I just had to share it! Carlos is just gahhhh.. being Carlos! I can't stand him laaaa.. Gewam!! Feel like nibbling that button nose..hihihi.. Picture was taken immediately after I finished framing my Allah, Muhammad and ayatul Qursi poster from Dear Azalea :D

And yesss, Carlos chipped some paint off the newly bought frame while biting it. Sabar jela haku.. haha..
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miss aty said...

Awww Shea. That blazer was super duper adorable. Really lacely ;D

Jeeda said...

Love your outfit ...that blazer is amazing.


Alia said...

chic outfit

LaiLa said...

Love the blazer!

sue. said...

shea sentiasa adorable...loveee...

hahahaa...Carlos! naughty!

Aisha With The Apostrophe said...

i want it all !

Alya Shobri said...

My dear friend, your hands are part of the aurah also. Hope you could cover that part up too, please. Just a hijabi to a hijabi :)