October 23, 2012


Feel a little chilly in my blog here today, eh? Maybe it's because of my outfit? XD I was mad excited to wear this color today, cause as I was staring at it hanging in my room last night, all ready and ironed for today's class, it just somehow sends chills and down my spine! Haha yeah righttt. I'm sure whoever I meet today must've been so at ease thanks to my color combo! Ngahaha :pp

Hi-low top: Pretty Chase
maxi skirt: Miss Lily Shop
Bag: ClubMod
Wedges: Rubi

I met my supervisor today, and afterwards visited my girl Nurul's shop just nearby UiTM. I think I'm such a bad friend cause Nurul Wonder Wardrobe boutique has been opened for the past few months, and here I am, the first time ever stepping foot there. And boy, I sure did miss a lot. Don't believe me? Check them piccies below..

Cool, huh? Love how she infused DIYs, vintage decos and murals in her shop. Definite A+!

Alam Avenue, A 6-2, 2nd Floor, Jalan Serai Wangi, 
16/F, Seksyen 16, Shah Alam , Selangor. 
(near PADANG JAWA KTM STATION, JPJ Shah Alam, RHB Bank, Ayza Restaurant) 

P/s: On another note, dear Blogger, I am so friggin pissed with you! Why are my pictures lately not sharp as soon as I upload them in Blogger? The original pictures from my camera are crisp ok! Herghh. Or is it just my eyes? How do you girls see my pics, eh? Do tell, as I really wanna mend if there's really something wrong with it. I really can't stand seeing pics with so much noise. Help :(
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aima afna said...

i love the outfit.
cute as usual sis!

Arezu In Wonderland said...

Beautiful outfit.
Love the top, looks great on a skirt.

XO Arezu

Asyik Izas said...

Shea, ingtkan shea dh hbs master..same with me..hihi..nanti konvo sekali la ek..kih2..

ellynadyra said...

nice colour combo!

Lagubestbest said...

Saya ada tengok pix u pakai leopard oren ngan skrit labuh gelap tu pada post 'TWO IS DEFINITELY BETTER THAN ONE' duduk sebelah kucing pemalas.. Baju ada, tapi malang skirt warna gelap tu kat poplook out of stock.

Memang akan ada stok balik ke atau out of stock selamanya?

U macam biasa sangat je poplook2 nih sbb tu tanya. I ni lelaki langsung tak poplook. Nak bg souvenir kawan perempuan kawen. Sekarang sy cuma ada wrapper hadiah koko je dengan bunga putih hijau sekuntum tuk selit pada tali wrapper tu, haha kelam kabut isi hadiah takde.

Serpil said...

What a nice photos. Eid al-Adha Mubarek :)

Sishi Semet said...

your outfit is so pretty & calming! must be because of the color combo. loving your skirt so much!