October 17, 2012


And here's my attempt to obtain that biker-ish chic look today. Don't know whether it worked or not haha. But what I do know is I AM IN LOVE with this double lapel chiffon outer from Old Blossom Box with contrasting trims I got the other day.. Gahh! Who knew that you can surely achieve edgy looks too, even though you shopped from a cutesy girly shop like OBB! :D

Chiffon outer with with trim: Old Blossom Box
Black tee: H&M
Neon Skirt: Shea Rasol
Bag: Topshop
Studded flats: Topshop
Accessories: H&M
Scarf: Maysaa

Last time I first laid eyes on this uber cool poster made by Azyan of Patternized Scarves--my jaw literally dropped! I really really REALLY appreciate good art, fashion illustrations and also any sort of artwork that relates around fashion, especially those made by Malaysians! And this poster was on fiyahhhh (fire, for those who cannot catch my tone :p) I immediately ordered two scarves from them! Ahaa! I wish I can know more artists/illustrators from all over the world. Even though I'm not so good at fashion illustrations, I just simply adore them.

Plus the message is sooo true! Hopefully we can all benefit a little or two from the words written. Share this poster all you want girls, support our local talent and also don't forget to shop at Patternized Scarves :D
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nurdani said...

cantiknya shea..macam datin. sangat ceria that neon skirt. nak satuuuuu :D

aishah amin said...

the outer is so purdyy!! and the whole look of course!

aishah amin said...

the outer is so purdyy!! and the whole look of course!

Wan Nur Asyikin said...

omg! loveeee that outer... T_T

nourash! said...


bspotgurl said...

Cantik as alwayssss

just azura! said...

focus pada jari. inai yang cantik! shea beli kat mane nak jugak.. :)

Wulan Ayu Marza said...

I have the same thought with you, neon for maxi skirt :D but never find it.