November 7, 2012


Hello Wednesday.. 

Here's a cute story that happened to me today.. 

As I was driving this hot and sunny afternoon, I felt a bit thirsty, thus I stopped by Petronas petrol station to get myself a cool lychee drink to quench my thirst. When I reached the cashier to pay, there is  this lil boy about 5 or 6 years old at the counter just in front of me. He was paying for coloring books that he wanted. But then, as the cashier keyed in the total amount etc, turns out that that boy is short of RM6.80. The total amount was about RM11.80, but the boy had only RM5 :'( 

I, being just behind him, saw this scenario so I offered to pay the remaining balance. Cause that boy was actually kinda clueless of the fact that he doesn't have more money with him. He thought that by giving the cashier that RM5, he was good to go. Ahhh kids.. hihi.. But then in a minute or two, his mom suddenly came in and saw what happened between me, her son and the cashier. She said to her son, "Eh? I thought you said you wanted to buy a drink? That's why I gave you RM5.." And then she thanked me, and said that the boy had probably been so distracted by the coloring book, that he forgot all about the drink.. Haha.. so cute..

And the most adorable part was, that boy actually took two coloring books, one for him and one Barbie coloring book for his elder sister waiting in the car. Gahhhhh..comel!! (Comel = Cute) Seeing waht happened today, I'm sure you'll grow to be a kind and loving guy and maybe creative too, you little cute stranger.. :D

Maxi scarf: Old Blossom Box
Hi-Low tunic: The Poplook
Palazzo pants: Miss Lily Shop
Bag: Coach
Heels: Summit

And the story above happened after I visited ZAWARA's second new boutique located at Shah Alam. I've been to the first on in Plaza Damas, thought I'd try and check out this outlet too. Plus, their new collections kept bugging me in my dreams, so I really really need to get em before I go insane :p

Lola peplum tops

This is neat!

Palazzos and skirts, with that many choices of colors, one does not simply say it's hard to find a perfect match for their tops ;p

One thing I mostly love about their pieces--QUALITY ASSURED.

Guess what I got for myself? :D

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beloGIsam said...

anak kecil,, apa ynag dia nmpk cantik tu la dia nak,, maknya mest faham

Lieya ABDUL JALIL said...

very interesting story...:)

Muhammad Faris said...

Nice dresses

Baju Kurung Murah

nourash! said...

Wow reallY-really cute

ThisGirlBlogs said...

What a cute story! That was really nice of you :) Also, love the outifit! As per usual ;)

Shazwani Ramly said...

nice story.

kak shea cantik sgt.

Ina Lathifah Siregar said...

Aww I love your newest blog header, dear Shea ♥
I always read your each post, but maybe this is the first time I leave a comment on one of your sweet post :)
I hope you don't mind visit my blog, I'm one of your fans from Indonesia actually :)

With love, Ina ♥

nurdani said...

comelnya budak tu! hahaha. dia tak lupa pada adik dia. so sweet........ anyonyonyo.haha

baju2 dekat zawara cantiknya

Lazy indulgence said...

shea, how do u volumize your hijab like that? please tell.

ceng said...

HYE...comelnye header kt atas tu.. >.<

Bifa's Collezion said...

and so cute ur header :)

BrightEye said...

love ur outfit

Nur Wangi said...


alahai comelnyaa...=)
cartoons kat header tu pun comel..
macammana lukis tu?

if you doun't mind, may i request the tutorial? =)

Nur Wangi said...

comelnya..cartoons kat atas tu pun comel..

macammana lukis tu?

fiqkbe said...

nk baju cmtu jgk! ;D

lavendergirl said...

I love your style. <3 :)