November 5, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hello cyberspace!

As might've you have known from my twitter/instagram, yes, I was on a getaway this weekend with my girls to have a Bachelorette Sleepover in conjunction of Yana's and Maria's wedding that is going to happen very soon this year insya Allah! This has been quite a few times that we did sleepovers together, but this time around, it just had to be extra special. 

We have been planning getaways for quite a long time, and all of us seem too busy to execute the plan thinking of the distance and moolahs that we need to allocate. So instead of wasting our money and time on the journey (we were planning on going to Pulau Perhentian at first), so we decided to go to Port Dickson and stay at this uber cool hotel called Grand Lexis.

My gosh, you have to believe me, it's such a dream hotel for all you hijabis who feels really uncomfortable swimming in public, but still wants to swim so baddd like me! Why is that you ask? Cause they have private pools for every freaking rooms! Gahhhh!!

     {Day 1}    

No bachelorette party is ever complete without having head thingies. haha that's actually my theory :p

Mine, Lyna and Fira's room. The single ladies :p

Camwhoring in the room just minutes before we ruin all the perfectly made up beds.

See what I mean? Our own private pool! This image is just to tempting as I'm typing this.. Hahhh feel like cannon-balling again for the millionth time! :D Oh forgot to mention, this is the Premium Room with Private Pool that we chose. Our room consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen and one private pool. Awesome, right??

I can fairly say that with 7-8 people, you can still swim comfortably in this pool. Depth of the pool is 4feet.

The 'I-give-five-stars-bathroom'

This is what heppens when you travel w/o a tripod! 

Le kitchen. Complete with a microwave! Just what we needed to reheat the food we brought together.

Right after this shot, all five of us immediately jumped into the pool! Hahaha.. Just kidding :p

And then we spent time just beside the pool, picnicking and chit chatting while enjoying the evening together. Ehem. Not to brag, but I actually woke up super early yesterday to whip up this simple picnic meal for all five of us, which was basically just not me at all! Me? Cook? I should actually get myself a trophy for this effort of mine haha.. Good thing, they said the fried rice was delicious! Or wait, did they just say that to not hurt my feelings? Hahaha.. oh well, who cares :p

We had fried rice, chicken nuggets and peeled mangoes dipped in Mak Bee's sauce.

Then we swam our hearts content, played with the water, cannon-balled, snapped piccies, head to dinner around town, came back and stayed up late together. Ahh, the day feels too short!

     {Day 2}    

On the second day, is the day we're checking out. This is what I wore. I will, and I mean WILL always opt for palazzos, flowy tops and basket bags whenever I'm heading to a beach getaway. Dunno why, but I find it suits the whole beach scene well. Hope this look will help you guys whenever you're in a rut, figuring out what to pack for beaches in a modestly way.

Outfit: Old Blossom Box maxi scarf // Old Blossom Box novelty scarfie outer (available at OBB-Girls in Hijab) // The Poplook palazzo // Caneron Bag (gift from Pipih, my Indonesian friend) // Bangles gift from Yana


The rooms above the sea, WITH private pools as well! *faints*

Getting ready for our morning activity complimentary by the hotel for us..yay!

Archery for the win!

Do we look like the girl from the cartoon, Brave? :pp

Amboi, pakai camni pun boleh nak arch ye.. Setail uolls! 

Adorable detailings on my Caneron Bag (follow on iG: @caneronbag)

The two bride-to-be's in front of our room.

About an hour before check-out time, I was busy packing my bags, Fira was with her iPad, and the rest was in the pool! I knowww, we just can't actually leave the pool! One night stay was just not enough I tell you!

Fira checking out her instagram maybe? Or is she texting her beau? kekeke..

Haaa don't wanna go back :(

Jumping for joy in front of our room. Haha, our neighbors actually went out and gave us a stare for making so much noise :p

After checking-out of the hotel (sadddd), we dropped by the beach and helped ourselves to some good and sad times while enjoying the scenery around the beach and what not. When I said 'sad times', it directly means that since two of our dearies are soon to be married, hence it'll make us see each other much less than how we used to T_T

Enjoying the breathtaking scenery, Ombak Rindu style :p

Friends. Sea. Wind. Love.

'The Awesomes' is what we call ourselves. Haha.. so highschool!

There you go! Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, and experienced my weekend getaway with le girls. It's really fun to get out, leave all your worries and piling works behind for a moment to have some peace of mind. Alhamdulillah, me and my friends really enjoyed ourselves to the max! Thank you Allah for the time, rezq and health that led us to be able to enjoy this weekend. And to you, Maria and Yana, be the best wives you could ever be! *jelly mode on* Kekeke..

And bucketloads of thank yousss to Grand Lexis for this amazing stay and for providing A+ treatment for us kooky girls. To say that we loved our stay at your hotel, is extremely an understatement. We had a blast! :D

 Grand Lexis 
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Lieya ABDUL JALIL said...

wow!cantik nya gelang!

Liyana Iskandar said...

wooo.. beshnya.. hehe semua cantik2..

zulhilmi tempoyak said...

tumpang tnya... yg mn satu single lg..?? ahahaha

Liyana Iskandar said...

sewit this "the awesomes".. tempat2 cantik pulak tu..

illy ariffin said...

Seronok nyer jalan2 with best friend for bachelorette outing :)

best friends + lepak tepi pantai = memang heaven on earth :)

Dylla Fadzil said...

love your bangles. so pretty :)

Syafiqah Hashim said...

oh my!! i've been there !! memang awesome...i go for 3days 2night..memang pika dalam pool je time tu..this place are AWESOME :)

ThisGirlBlogs said...

Aww it looks like you girls had a super awesome time! :D

ishiko said...

bestnyaa xD

Jeeda said...

Seems like that was a sleepover you wont forget, I love the idea of a private pool..... so muslims girls can have their fun too. If I ever come down to your end Im definately visiting the hotel..

nourash! said...

i love your activity in morning shea ,yes you are simmiliar with brave ,,,with hijab offcourse

fiqkbe said...

wah best giler bachelorette party korg ;D selamat pengantin baru kpd bakal2 pengantin ;)

Salwa Ismail said...

Shea, where did u get those cute headgear? Mind to share? :) pretty please.hehee

fannie said...

been there before but choose the private room with pool inside instead. people act can see you swimming from the other building (7th floor above)..hehe.

Myra Abdullah said...

wow !! so fun and awesome.

bestkan dpt doing like this sometimes with friends =D

bspotgurl said...

Best cuti-cuti dgn friends. luv it

aishah amin said...

awww..i dont know why im getting all teary-eyad..i miss my besties.. now that im the only one married among them..i dont really get to spend a lot of time with them much too..sobs..