November 30, 2012


So last Wednesday I was invited to witness the to-be-released H&M Spring 2013 collection at their showroom. Here's my reportage of the event yah! 

Here are the piccies from Wednesday. What doubled my excitement that day was that I was being interviewed by our local tv station during while my work as a fashion blogger actually commenced. It was a two-in-one kinda day for me. TV3 filmed me during I was covering the showcase. Ahh.. Felt a wee bit overwhelmed! :D

I love this red-indian-ish necklace.. totally reminds me of the States when I used to visit the red indian settlements

capped toe loafers and accessories

Tassel scarf

Them pieces!

T-bars! This is just too yummilicious, eh?

Embossed leather jacket for the kill! 

Puff jacket, puff cheeks.. aha.. lame shea...

Cowboy boots

Ohoi! :p

Listening to the detailed explanations of well, the DETAILS!

Oversized top : Bahija Room (new shop found!)
Everything else repeated haha..

So count your days until when the collections will be released. It's january 2013 okie! Just a month away...I'm already putting aside some money for a few of the items I had my eye on the other day. Why oh why don't we bloggers get free samples? Ehem.. haha.. over! Will letchu know what programme I was being featured soon yeah? Follow my twitter for instant updates..and below is me today... toodles! :D

Floral print dress from La Demure 
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nurdani said...

apa shea pakai, semua nampak cantik.hoho

Farah said...

Sheaaaaa! do you know how much the Embossed leather jacket will cost? :D

The Petite Blogger said...

Loving the new hm collection!!!!!! If u r a big fan of sunnies... Check out my latest blog post on this cool website i just found out selling designer eyewear at discounted prices. I always see you wearing sunnies... Thought u might me interested ;)


aina insyirah said...

i love the way you use your scarf to cover the chest ;) it give me another inspiration to cover the aurah in the right way sis. jzkallah.

nourash said...

beautiful in yelow

shea said...

dani ni mmg nk kena tauu... hahaha..
tenkiu btw dani! :*

shea said...

alamak im not really sure.. sorry!

shea said...

the petite blogger:
okie dokie! will do so darla! thanks for the heads up :D

elly nadyra said...

nape kamu comel dlm semua outfit???