November 11, 2012


You know what I actually feel like doing? Not publishing this post at all! Why? Mainly because I don't want any of you to have these jellies, cause I WANT THEM ALL TO MYSELF...!! Seriously! Muahaha :pp

Well I would not be called a fashion blogger, if I don't share the event review I went to last Friday won't I? Hehe.. yep, I went to witness the ever first Melissa Shoes boutique here in One Utama, Kuala Lumpur! If you've been following my blog, way back when, you might have had the slightest remembrance of how freakishly am crazy over anything jellyish! Right? Ooh, remember my Furla candy bag too? Gosh. Melissa is actually born in Brazil, has been in the fashion industry for more than 30 years, and is already in more than 80 different countries!! That's why I'm just so ecstatic for it's arrival here in Kuala Lumpur.

Enough talk, and more jellies, Shea! I present to you... PLASTIC PARADISE!

Melissa Ultragirl + Jason Wu II

Melissa Virtue

Melissa Patchuli IV

Melissa Jean + Jason Wu

Melissa Incense

Mini Melissa Campana Zig Zag II for babies and toddlers!

Melissa Virtue Special

Melissa Campana Papel

Melissa Ultragirl Glitter

Melissa Incense + Alessandra Ambrossio

Melissa Ultragirl + J.Maskrey (This has got to be everyone's ultimate fav!!)
New Collections available December 2012 onwards..
For those who loves wings, but just can't tattoo it on you, get them on your heels! :D

Looks like popsicles, eh?

Did I make you want to puke jelly after seeing all these amazingly adorable feet snazzies? Well that's good! It means that all you shoe fetishes in Malaysia can easily drop by One Utama to get yours. Usually I would just ring up my sister in Australia if I ever wanna get my hands on 'em. But no, thank you sis, I can get them on my own now haha..

Here's what I wore to the event.. And here's a lil tip for you who feels insecure about the tightness of a peplum top, just throw over a loose cropped tee! To me, it creates a whole new look, and gets you out of that norm of wearing a peplum top :D

Scarf: La Demure
Cropped tee: Supre
Peplum top: La Demure
Palazzo: Unbranded
Bag: Rocco bag
Flats: Jeffrey Campbell

And here's what I wore today to my cousin's reception wedding held at Pandan Lake Club, Cheras. I'm loving this ultra chic light kimono outer from Flapperwings. I wore it a couple of times already kekeke..

Kimono outer: Flapperwings
Skirt: from Indonesia
Clutch: Forever New (Jezmine's preloved)
Ring: Forever21

And here's me new Melissa Divine! It is just purely made out of love. Trust me when I say, that jelly shoes never gives you blisters like how other newly bought shoes does. I've worn my Jaspal jelly flats for almost 3 years now, and it never once fails me. See what I mentioned on my twitter yesterday..

And here's Katy Perry in her Melissa + J.Maskrey which I dream of having one one day. RM1.5k sobs :'(

One does not simply dislike the smell of bubble gums okay.. :D Now all you girls need to do is, give me a big fat hug, for here are the deets for you who's kercrazy for Melissa just like I am! :D

Melissa Shoes (Malaysia)
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nourash! said...

wow i love jelly shoes itd cute

Khairulnisa said...

Miss Shea, dah lama cari skirt mcm ni ever since I tried a dress from Eclipse a couple of years back. Mana nak cari? I bought one dress with drapey skirt like this tapi saiz tak sesuai. Help!

marr said...

wow!.. jelly shoes.. utk baby2 ada tak.. So nice..

tanpanama said...

Kau kerja apa ye??
banyak betul duit asyik shopping jer.
semua yang branded-branded pulak tuh.
tiap-tiap hari shopping ker????

Nurul said...

that blink2 WOW! :D

drop mine at

Anglers Belong said...

Nice gurly stuff..for me,no shoes,no problem :)
Nice blog,am following.
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Alia said...

your outfit is amazing, i love the colors

haiina said...

you had me at jelly!! lol

merapu said...

Sama tak macam jelly shoe kat KLCC? huhu