November 23, 2012


Yesterday was such a memorable day for me! Why? Cause I started my day early to attend a talk for UiTM fashion students which my lecturer conducted. I didn't just attend the talk, mind you. I was the one giving the talk! Gahhh! My tummy practically squirmed along the way while heading to UiTM you know! Hehe.. Good thing the students were amazing, I immediately felt in place after talking about 10 mins or so. I spent the whole hour talking about my blog, experiences and advices hehe.. 

I remember back in the US, where my teacher would invite external speakers from the industry to sometimes give talks in our class. Can't believe it's my turn now to be the one trusted enough to share my experiences. All I can say is, Alhamdulillah for this amazing opportunity! :D

Blazer: H&M
Grey shirt: Pretty Chase
Bag: MbMJ
Bootcut jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: H&M

Here's what I wore to the talk. I basically threw on a shirt and a blazer to give a bit of that formal look, while pairing them with my jeans to unformalize it too much. Haha get what I mean? Sorry I didn't get the chance to snap a picture of me giving the talk. I went there by myself so yeah.. hihi..


Aaannd, the next best thing that ever happened to me yesterday was, I was invited to be interviewed by Radio 24 (Bernama Radio)! *faints* Again I was madly nervous, cause yeah, in my blog I don't really speak with my voice but with my hands, but last night, my mouth did all the talking hehe.. Plus, it was my first time ever being in a radio conti, so the adrenalin rush went flushing all over my body like crazy. 

Thank you soooo much Nuffnang for this unforgettable experience! It was totally priceless :) What more is that, the Bernama Radio 24 crew was VERY much inviting, lovely and fun to talk with. They kept me company before I went on air, and helped me calmed my nerves. Ahhh feels so blessed to be surrounded by nice people :) Thank you Gerard (the DJ), Kok Jun Sern and Shawn for your warm hospitality in keeping this nervous girl calm throughout the whole process. 


Ooh, let's not forget this, I received my parcel from The Casing House today..yay! Cause I ordered this Moschino iPhone case for my baby Pippa. I've had my eye on this particular design since like forever, and when I found out from The Casing House that they have it, I.MUST.GET.IT. Hihi.. Dunno why, but something about Moschino gets me all excited. That's my most favorite designer brand of all, despite that I don't have a lot of Moschino items. Sadddd. If you're looking for designer casings for your gadgets, look no further! They have like tonnes, from Ted Baker, Givenchy, Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, Miu Miu, YSL and etc :D

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aima afna said...

always adore your style sis ^^

Ateyn Bella said...

can u make a tutorial on how u wear ur scarf? it looks so unique!

Mohd Lokman Bin Ramli said...

nice.. hope you will be more success in the future

yati noah said...

hello n salam , love the blazer, is it from fall'12 collection ?

thank you dear,
xoxo kak yati

ThisGirlBlogs said...

Wow sounds like an eventful day! So happy to hear it all went well. Congratulations :)
P.S. Love the shirt!

phoenix said...

oh dear u are looking effortlessly stunning! really. i adore your style. may u have bright future in front of you, shea!

misz aisya said...

gojes. for this time, simple but nice. love it!

merapu said...

Bestny... (=

Lazy indulgence said...

Totally dig that jacket and so in love with the way u do ur shawl!

aishah amin said...

awww bestnye! ;) congrats love!xx

Ibu said...

Hi shea,

Just to let you know that u r such an inspiration. I find that after discovering your blog a few months back, i put in that extra bit of effort to dress up and even be more adventurous in my choice of outfits. Thanks to you!!

Anyways, can you give a tutorial on how to stylw the hijab like yours? Or any youtube videos that you'd recommend?

Thanks once again. And may you continue to be an inspiration to other ladies!

tiey said...

sis ,can u make a tutorial hijab ? nice ur style