December 22, 2012


Bismillah.. Recently I've been doing a lot of Youtub-ing (by that I mean, watch, not uploading videos hehe), and came across wonderful youtubers that does all sorts of videos. Aaaand of course what would be the videos I watch if not for female related videos such as make up & hijab tutorials. Shocker there, I know. Haha.. Any way I see them doing these monthly haul videos where they share the things they got or just recently purchased, and my, I find it very useful too. You can easily get ideas or a second person's opinion on the items you've been looking for, or the items you've been weighing either to get it or not, right?

So for this month, I feel like doing my own December haul post just because..hehe.. I will nevaaa do a video ok.. I'm definitely not video-friendly ngeee.. So hope you guys enjoy this post, and if you love it, just let me know, maybe I can make this a monthly tradition, yeah? *checks my purse* hahaha..

Here goes nuthinn... ;p

Dainty and whimiscal accesories perfect for hijabis or non-hijabis. I call this little etsy shop, a hidden gem that the owner creates beautiful handmade hijab pins, earrings,bracelets and so much more. And Amber Lulu uses vintage swarovski in her creations...divine! It really looks like those expensive jewelleries you find at malls or such. That's what I love most, affordable stuff that looks like you just spent a fortune on it. C'monn.. I know you do too! :D

Kiss & Tell (website & facebook)
With the ever fleeting trend of the tribal and ethnic prints circulationg all over the world, this pair of peep toe heels from Kiss & Tell is what makes you stand out from the crowd. I love how you can just don a simple look, but your heels does all the works of grabbing that attention to all you heels lovers!

The Poplook (website & facebook)
Ahhh, casual printed bags with initials! Have I told you that I'm a sucker for all things initial-ish? I'll show you in my future post where most of my personal belongings has the alphabet "S" stamped on them hehe.. This bag from Fevrier designs (available at The Poplook) is perfect to carry my books in style!

Green, green, green! I fell in love with this necklace as soon as I laid my eyes on it. Too bad I had to pick only one. If I had the moolahs, I would definitely picked more from Flufflourish. Yup, and the person in the frame is actually me without my hijab on.. kahkah.. *pengsan*

My MiuMiu-esque iPhone holster. I find it super handy in times where I just wanna enjoy holding my iPhone as it is. I mean, all those designers at Apple worked so hard to come up with the super sleek design, only to find its users cover them all up with iPhone casings, right? This holster from The Casing House is definitely the talk of the town whenever I'm having lunch with my friends, and suddenly my phone rings..*kringgg..kringgg..* Hehe..

Tumtum Shop (Facebook & Instagram)
This moustache flats from Tumtum is adorableee! I mean you can never get enough of moustache thingies in your wardrobe eh? I find myself looking at my feet everytime the traffic light hits red. Yep, smiling like a dork at the traffic light is my kinda forte.. haha..

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M
You've seen me wear this necklace in this post before, right? I loved every inch of it! And also the fact that I bought it at half the price. It was sold at RM199 at first, but after two weeks in store and I guess H&M has this policy of reducing the non-sold collaborative items prices, I got it at RM99! I mean, it's Maison Martin Margiela for cryin out loud! Too bad I couldn't get the nude lucite heels that I covet so much :(

And this ladies, are the things I've been hearing good things about. The Brow Zings by Benefit is truly recommended by my sister who's a loyal user of this thingamajig. I usually don't care that much about my brows, but only nowadays I find it quite essential for me to look after. I don't trim my eyebrows, but I just wanna make them look neat. And the other two things are Sephora's Cleansing water, or simply known as the make up remover. I lurrrrve this! It does its job really well, and I'm a fan of the mouth of the bottle. You just place a facial cotton on top of it, and press it down one or two times, then it will get your facial cotton wet, evenly spreaded. The last one is Fresh Sugar bla3, lip therapy. It corrects, protects and moistens my lips. My new before-bedtime-lip-balm. Yay!

Lastly here's my outfit shots for today. Please don't mind the last image where I was basically in my own world trynna fly. But no, as usual, I ended up looking like a freak hahaha..

Qistina Maxi shirt: Pretty Chase
Skirt: Forever21
Bag: Forever21
Necklace: Flufflourish

Till then my little dumplings... Have yourself a splendid weekend! JazakAllah khair (May Allah grant you goodness) :D
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gutbetucht said...

I love the necklace! And the last picture of you trying to fly away is really cute :D

Aysha Farooqui said...

MashaAllah, I love your unboxing idea! Please do continue. And it's some beautiful jewelry you've got yourself there, mashaAllah :)

Fatima Z. said...

Love, love, loove these pins!

afrah hana said...

I think if u put the price it will be much more informative to the readers here 'us' ;) i love ur necklace from fluffluorish. Look elegent yet so girly at the same time! Awesome! It looks good on u ^__^

nurdani said...

geramnya tengok. kalau dapat, best.hehehe

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weeehuuuuuuu heels tu cantikkkkkk

NurainSuperr said...

moustache shoes : D

Syuhada Elmi. said...

O M G!! I totally love your kiss & tell's heels!! By the way, you tangkap gambar ni semua using you punya galaxy camera ke?


you always look pretty awesome !

Lina said...

I really love the necklace!!! so preeeettyy! Gotta love your fashion sense :) Keep it up!

Reflisia said...

Gojes dear

RFK said...

Haha! Love the flying away photo! Very Mary Poppins like. Thanks for sharing the shopping links.

K xx

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awesome! (: