December 17, 2012


I was soooo hesitant at first to update about Maria's wedding that happened last weekend actually. Why? Cause most of you might've already seen it on her instagram live update by @project2pi and CST Breed, right? Butttt.. to say that her wedding was as awesome as the person themselves getting married, is definitely an understatement. Because her wedding kicked ass!!  

I snapped so many pics during the whole two day ceremony, so I made a collage instead so that it'll be easier for me to upload them haha.. I'm sure you'll be smiling all the way seeing the happy faces at Maria & Asfirdaus's wedding.. :)

Oh, for my international readers, who is Maria you ask? Well, for starters, she's Malaysia's number one vblogger! You can catch her on her blog Maria Elena Is Greek Helen and also on youtube.  And secondly, she's ma buddy! Ngeee..

-------- Merenjis Ceremony ---------

The design theme of her wedding held at her place spells vintagey-rustic-classic. Everything looked amazing and really stood out from what other weddings I've been to. I mean, just look at her dais, right? So, As the ceremony began, we, her friends started to 'merenjis' one by one as an act of 'approval' and wishing them newly weds a good life long journey together *why is my nose itching all over as I'm typing this? Grrr* 

Then we had a buffet dinner with Western foods as the main dish for the night. As the night grew more chilled and relaxed, fireworks were thrown into the sky and music was played. (Witnessing fireworks, while holding hands with the love of my life has always been my romantic dream I had since little, and I saw that night, Maria beat me to it *jelly* hahaha)

And this is what I wore to her Merenjis Ceremony..

My lovely peplum kurung from Hijrah Couture came to the rescue! I was practically turning my closet inside out looking for an attire for that night, luckily I remembered I just received this pair a few days ago after I saw the pieces they have at their website. Perfecto!


Kurung Peplum: Hijrah Couture
Clutch: Sis's Balenciaga
Glitter heels:  Nose
Waist clincher: H&M

--------- Reception Ceremony ----------

Aaaand the following day which was last Sunday, was the day of Maria & Asfirdaus's reception ceremony. It was held at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Mont Kiara. Now this my friends, is another one heck of a wedding ceremony that I just don't know where to begin describing.

Beautiful dais. Check.
Scrumptious food. Check.
Video presentation from CST. Check.
Surprise video from Maria's family to her. Check.
Cool appearances by Adibah Noor & Harith Iskander. Check.
Lovely music by the nasyeed group, Firdaus. Check.
Scarflets. Check.
Adorable speeches from the bride and groom. Check.
Teary-eyed speech from Maria's dad. Check.

See?? I even had congratulate Maria's mom, aunty Maria (they have the same name btw), for the most fantastic wedding she handled all the way. You've set the benchmark really high aunty! hahaha.. Ahhh.. Pics ahooyyy!

And to complete my post, here's what I attended the wedding, wearing an ombre kaftan from Bahija Room. I'm a bit selective of ombre type of clothing that I put on. But this caftan was definitely my taste as the color mixture is subtle and just plain lovely to my eyes hee..

Irsa Caftan:  Bahija Room
Maxi dress worn underneath: The Poplook
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Vintage swarovski amethyst beads Hijab pin: Amber Lulu
Scarf: unbranded

And the hijab pin I received from Amber Lulu is just quaint! I mean, a vintage swarovski? As soon as I opened the packet, I fell in love. Will update more about the cutesy items from Amber Lulu in my upcoming post yah!

Do watch out for the whole cover of Maria's big day on Astro's Raikan Cinta. If I'm not mistaken, it will be on air, in two weeks time. The videographer told me.. :)

And to Maria & As, yet again, congratulations on your wedding. Beautiful wedding. I pray so that Allah swt provides you both everlasting love and compassion for each other through thick and thin, and may you'll be blessed with lots and lots of soleh babies in the future. You guys were raised by an amazing family each, I'm sure you both will do just as amazing as how your parents did. Thank you for the friendship, and do come back to KL as much as you cannnn, Mars! KL is not perfect without you :'(
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Sabrina Tajudin said...

fazrena was there?
maria really have a great gorgeous wedding! she is beautiful!

Myra Abdullah said...

wow! beautiful wedding =D
finally kak maria kahwin jugaa =)
kak shea bile pulak?


hello , did you take all those picture using you SAMSUNG CAMERA ?
i hope you will response my question ..


hello , did you take all those picture using you SAMSUNG CAMERA ?
the picture look great . I hope you will answer my question .

Asyik Izas said...

wedding Maria Elena sgt2 awesome..cantik gilerrrr..suka sgt2..:)

Nur Afridayati said...

Wowww wonderfull wedding, wishing both of them lifetime of happiness

Syafiqah Hashim said...

wahh, kahwin jugak kak maria! she look so stunning!
kak shea looks pretty as always!

SuperSummer said...

wow!! Lovely wedding - your ombre outfit is beautiful!!

chummy cliche said...

gorgeus kaftan shea... lovely as usual.. dan sumpah grand majlis mereka ni... huhu...

Cik Nadia Bayu said...

hi shea! semalam nmpk u tapi segannye nak tegor! kire tegur kat sini aci tak. hehe. ;p

LaiLa said...

I love the two outfits you wore to the wedding, and the colour of the caftan is just amazing! :D

but I have to say I'm in love with her red dress, and the black deatil is soo OMG, I loove it!

Jeeda said...

wow such a cute wedding, the bride and groom look so in love. You look amazing aswell...I had to laugh seeing the bride and groom dancing gagnam style

BrightEye said...

beautiful.. love ur Fab

Sheila Salim said...

Assalamualaikum. masyallah, lawanya semua.. bride sangat sopan dengan berpakaian sebegitu! sheila doakan pengantin bahagia hingga ke syurga. amin :)

Mira Adzlia said...

congrats to maria & gojes...shea pun gojes...hehe :)

aleen avril said...

Wow...such an awesome wedding ceremony...
glad to congratulate Maria for her wedding.

balqisfz said...

wah kek kak maria! kak faz pon ada? akak bila l? :)

Chenta Weddings said...

Thank you for your kind compliments on Maria's nikah and merenjis ceremony decorations. We at Chenta Weddings are sincerely humbled. ♥

ayu jue said...

congrats maria n as...

vicen said...

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RFK said...

Congratulations to the newly weds! Thanks for sharing these photo's. You all looked wonderful Masya'Allah and so well dressed throughout the celebrations :)

K xx

Nur Hanifah Amin said...

i saw you put your hand on irine's tummy.. :)

Nur Hanifah Amin said...

i saw you put your hand on irine's tummy :D

♥WanieyZuki♥ said...

woww.. you look so beautiful with your outfit when you go Maria's Merenjis ceremony! :D

AnisIsmail said...

Kak Shea ,pinjam gambar :))