December 7, 2012


Inspirations are everywhere around us right? Well, I'm sure most of you here must've been at least once or twice been inspired by an icon, or a persona that they look up to in life. Well for me today, my inspiration was standing just in front of my nose.

The history of how my blog started was, I saw Jezmine's handmade clutch featured in Seventeen Magazine. It was in 2008 I think.. So I googled her name, and saw that she has this super cool fashion sense and was basically documenting her daily outfits. Then from there I somehow was directed to Diana Rikasari's blog which is called Hot Chocolate & Mint. Which she too documented her quirky daily outfits as well. Being the noob me at that time, there I sorta figured the concoction. Concoction of the realisation of blog specifications. So these girls are basically blogging about fashion! Phew.. at that time I just thought that blogs are mostly about your diary which you write about just anything.

After that, My Amethyst was born :)

Following her blog, unique sense of fashion, positivity in life, and also her adorable writings, I finally got the chance to meet her upfront at Old Blossom Box today muchos gracias to Jezmine!! Gahhh.. I mean, since 2008 mann.. and now it's almost 2013.. I'm getting all teary eyed here hehe..

Here's her 2nd shoe label called Popflats, which is just cute! After the launch of her main label called Up, I'm sure she's more eager to make shoe candies for you girls out there... Piccie time!

Diana and her babies.. Popflats is now in Malaysia only at OBB ya'lls! ;D

This is getting too emotional for me :') Sitting right beside my two major inspirations

All the pieces comes in limited quantities as she wants to test the market and trend of us Malaysian peeps

The lovely peeps who came

Yours truly, Dena & Nas :D

Haaa.. haa.. beli jgn x beli hehe

We are definitely Pop-afied!

Check out Diana's fashion diary blog here : Hot Chocolate & Mint
And her shoe lines here : Up & Popflats

I'm warning you, you might just be glued to your screen seeing her lovely and amazing all rolled into one blog. I know I did. Since 2008. Love you Diana! :D

Here's what I wore today to the mini event..

Necklace: H&M
Tee: Forever21
Skirt: from my kurung moden
Bag: Coach

The best part of my day was : 
Diana actually knew me and my blog!! I was like all star-strucked and gone all stuttery shea buttery tingly when I said Hi to her and she said, "Yeah, I know you, Shea Rasol rrright?" in her american slang :D *faints*
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krunch2sa said...

that black flats...owl or penguin? totally lurve it ^^

Lieya VoN JaY said...

so amazed at all those pics!

Nurul Nazihah Ismail said...

As always, lovely outfit Shea!

The flats are so adorable! Wish I can just fly to KL now and buy some. Oh well, this means I gotta place an order on the site soon! (More reason to shop shop shop!)


SYAI ni said...

dena tudung labuh,comel sgt.sukaa!

Jeeda said...

Love your candy striped skirt and those shoes are adorable. Your blog header is just cute as well

nourash said...

love your skirt shea

Shazwani Ramly said...

sy suka apa yg akak pakai.

ristlicious said...

waaahhh.. that's greaatt.. I know Diana, I read her blog everyday as my daily read :)

RFK said...

You're all so adorable Masya'Allah!

Kisses from Melbourne :)
K xx

Dehdee said...

I am infatuated with your amazing styles mashallah :) Wish I had access to clothes like yours. I really enjoy your blog :)

ms.bulat said...

I love Diana's blog since forever!! Thanks fr sharing! I always wanted to get her shoes but am not sure how to