December 2, 2012


Here's me yesterday.. It was such a busy day for me yesterday as I had two places to go to.. And yes, I caught myself yawning for a thousand times while driving in the most ridiculous traffic jams that KL never ceases to disappear. That's the price you have to pay for living in an urban residential area.. *yawns again*

Maroon Dress : The Poplook
Necklace : H&M x Maison Martin Margiela
Belt : Pretty Chase
Jeans :  Mango
Heels : Charles & Keith
Bag :  Rocco-ish bag by Colette by Colette Hayman

I arrived at the boutique opening of my darling Rina Salleh. I've always wanted to visit her previous boutique but haven't got the time to do so.. so with this newly launched boutique opened yesterday, I really need to be there in support of my friend :D And I can tell you, her pieces are for everyone! Be it, working ladies, students, professionals, teenagers, anybody.. you name it.

I'm here! Show me what you got baybehhh! :D

Watcha looking at Nanie? (Nanie, Uyun, Rina, Me, Fira)

This is mad.

Yes, please take that one sister :D

Us girlies again.. and with Ika from Radiusite this time 

Ooohh, love this

More bags, and more camwhore sessions ahaa..

Photo props by Cosmoderm ;)

No. 50, Jalan Plumbum Q7/Q,
Sec 7, Shah Alam, Selangor

Anddd later at night, I went to watch a musical theater at Sunway Amphitheater, Sunway Lagoon. And by the look of the image below, yep, you guessed it, it's Beauty and the Beast! Gosh, it brings back sooo many memories of way back when, when I was in the states. Me and my sisters loved the movie so much, we bought the OST cassette for us to listen to everyday. And yes, we listened to them songs every day. My favorite has got to be Something There and Be Our Guest.

If you wanna go and experience fun as much as I did, it's still available. This theater drama is on from 1st-31st December 2012. So, go along, bring your family and loved ones to watch this :D The duration of the drama is about 2 hrs..

Ticket infos: 
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Icaa! said...

Awesome sangat Kak Shea!!!!!!!!!!!!

ThisGirlBlogs said...

Ahh the store looks fab! Will have to check it out :)
P.S love the theatre and beauty and the beast is my fave :D

ristlicious said...

that's a beautiful..:)

Mr Lonely said...

visiting here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Yulia Rahmawati said...

cools. girls, we are just wanna have fun :D

phatgurl said...

Hi Shea. The other day you asked on Twitter where to get durian crepe / durian pancake. Here is the booth in Mid Valley - The Gardens where you could buy one. RM10 for 6 in a pack :-)

Shazwani Ramly said...

beautiful kak sheaaa :)

eye*da said...

Salam adik manis:)

The Rina Salleh boutique look so tempting. Been a while since the last time I had my "me" time.

Stay gorgeous:) And take care

aishah amin said...

beauty and the beast!! i vantzzzz!!<3

elly nadyra said...

all of you looks so stunning with your outfit!

alessandramyralf said...

Met u there~ at rina salleh opening~ but too shy to hallo you~ ruginyaaaaaa~ huhu|~

RFK said...

I'm stalking Rina Salleh at the moment. Any chance they deliver internationally?

K xx