January 24, 2013


Salam Maulidur Rasul peeps!

For today, I'm gonna share with ya'll three things in my post.

First, my outfit shot presenting POPPY's haley blouse that literally caught my attention when I first saw it..ngee..

Loving this rich diamond prints scarf I bought not long ago at H&M. I can never say no to anything diamond printed such as these.. And yep, I just had to pair today's outfit with the 3D-effect-ish acrylic neclace from Thallasa. It's not everyday I get to add some quirk in my outfits.. hee..

Scarf: H&M
Haley Blouse: The Poplook
Necklace: Thalassa
Chinos: Kitschen
Loafers: Rubi
Bag: Mom's Bally

Secondly, remember in my previous post, where I wore the green brooch which I diy-ed a bit? Here's how I did it... I decided to give life to this brooch as to make it more fun with a pop of color and easier for me to use it on a daily basis due to the traditional design..

And thirdly... are some shots I managed to capture using my trustee Samsung Galaxy Camera! Yeah I mentioned before that I was gonna show you peeps some sample pics using the camera, aite? So here we go!

Teacup.. I'm now a collector :)

Children's play area.. I wish I was inside playing..boohoo!

Oh my KL!

My bedroom. Yes! I'm still 13! :pp

Funky drinking glasses. Mama, can you replace the currents one at home with these? No? Okay.. *sad meme*

Big Bad Wolf booksale! I heard there's gonna be the aftermath sale soon in March..Yeehawww!

Childhood medicine hihi

My obsession over cameras :D

Haaa colorful fabrics I wish to rape. Haha.. I mean cut em all into pieces and make crafts!

Hello :)

Can somebody please pull that tail? :p

A bad picture that turned out not so bad at all *obama meme*

I wish I can steal all of this and put this in my bedroom.. I'm having a hard time growing up. I'm still 13, remember? :p

Some hunk raking dried leaves (am not looking at the signage, am not looking at the signage)

Another hunk. A handsome one that is.. hehe.. *smooch*

One of the good things about Malaysia..its food! :D

Oh hai!

You're all so pretty, but also useless! The ink has dried already haha..

Phew! Feels like vomiting pics, right? Well, I know I didn’t! haha.. I was so engrossed in snapping pics using this Samsung Galaxy Camera of mine, I find myself snapping pictures away like a tourist who’s just so jakun in everything she sees :pp 

Visit Samsung for moreee info about the Samsung Galaxy Camera today! Or better yet, follow their facebook page to be keep in touch with their current updates. Oh don't forget to visit This is My Moment too!

Stay tuned for more Samsung Galaxy Camera updates only at My Amethyst ;D

*all images in this post were taken using the Samsung Galaxy Camera*
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Nai @ TPJ said...

Ok, deq.. The last moving image really did it. I'm done contemplating.. Definitely gonna get the darlin cam. Btw, I was so upset not to get my hands on the pretty blouse - SOLD OUT! Take care..

www.iebstore.com said...

nice post :) , foto yang terakhir bikin kaget :D animasi

Mimi Oh said...

Comelnya gif akak! :D

shida davis said...

the last pic did it for me lol. I'm a little concern about the price, will it burn a hole in my wallet? cuz i soo want this camera.

shea said...

hahaha.. the camera is really worth every dime. I personally think it's such a genius gadget, so your investment is safe! :D
btw, im sure there'll be a reproduction of the blouse soon, no?

shea said...

haha! was contemplating to upload it at first, but oh well :p
it costs rm1899, but with the features and all, i think it should've cost more! so this is quite affordable for the awesomeness it brings ;) go n check it out first at the store, maybe you'll conscience will speak for u :)

Syafiqah Hashim said...

shine bright like a diamond.. *bunyi ala-ala rihanna nyanyi..huhuu
love the scarf! nak jugakkk..hehee :)

MODAVESAİRE burcu said...

u look like turkish hijab girls...

ella said...

your top, is very nice. look gorgeous..
nice to know u :)

munamuni said...

Shea, the last picture is awesome... how do u that?

lavita ebella said...

So beautiful! I love your necklace :)

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Why Farouk said...

the pictures look amazing. btw, just noticed ur new blog header. so cute!

Febriani Farida said...

haha cute kak last part-nya

cik nur said...

betol best about Malaysia ada makanan yg perlbagai ok :)