January 14, 2013


Sorry for being absent for a while.. I was actually busy doing my work as my Final Masters presentation is happening right now as you're reading this.. But I sure did promised you guys that I'd write this blogpost.. so this is it... :D 

Remember in my previous posts about the Samsung GALAXY Camera? Well, I’m here as a friend to you today to share some of my experiences using the camera for about two weeks time already. I received numerous questions, here and there asking whether are my current pictures in my blog taken using the Samsung GALAXY Camera, right… so my answer is YES! Except my outfits shots though.. I loveeeed every bit of its existence to say the least! With 16MP, it just outdid all other point and shoot cameras that I ever had.. I mean, it’s 16MP man! When talking about the quality of the pictures taken, only one word I can say--CRISP.

But first, let’s take a look at its sleek with a clean approach body design.. This camera has that 4.1-86.1mm 1:2.8-5.9 Samsung Zoom Lens which protrudes every time you switch the camera on. Meaning, the main function of this device is, well, the camera. This is to ensure you don’t miss out on those candid moments that are usually the ones that contains its own special distinctive story.

As you can see, on the upper part of the body, you only have the shutter button, zoom in&out lever function, the on/off button, and also the hidden built in flash. Below is when the flash button is released, and up pops the flash *cakkk!* Clean and simple design, right? Tak payah nak banyak2 songeh buttons banyak2 sana sini hehe.. I loike!

I just love the hand grip section (as you can see on your left). Fits ma palms perfectly. Now, wanna move on to the most anticipated section ever from the camera? Yes, you want it, you got it.. Here’s some pics of the screen when turned on during camera mode..

SMART MODE - Here are the camera features.. Suitable for any conditions that you might be in just at the tap of a button

MANUAL MODE - You can easily adjust the settings manually as how you do on DSLRs

 So far, so cool huh? :D

Above is an image screen of the picture I snapped during a wedding I attended. I just had to snap the décor! While below as you can see is the view of the HOME screen. I’m sure most of you Samsung-ians are quite familiar with this view..

And lastly, with an uber cool camera, with uber cool image capturing capabilities, ask yourself, what is the best next thing it could ever have? Internet connection of course! With this camera, you can either have access to internet via WIFI or 3G data service. But I haven’t bought my internet simcard yet.. And this device uses the ANDROID Jelly Bean Os, which if you’re not familiar with, means, it is like a superman of all Androids, haha.. get what I mean? The first thing I noticed, the silky smooth touchscreen sensitivity features. I mean, I’m a newbie when it comes to Samsung products, but heck this Android Jelly Bean OS got me excited to explore more about it, y’know? To know more about it, click here.

Now tell me, what android app that you NEED to have in this to die for camera? It’s gotta be Instagram, right? Yeah, I know you were about to say that. Ahead of you! :p

This little magic device has surely made my social networking triple times more fun! Because yeah, I am VERY particular of image qualities, and I find that my current phone doesn’t do much justice to the pics I snap. That is why I previously used to snap pictures using my ordinary camera>transfer it to my laptop>then transfer to my phone>>only to instagram a picture in high quality. What a total waste of time, right?? Wakaka.. Well, with Samsung GALAXY Camera, long gone the days where I need to play with my laptop and cables all around me. Heee.. :D 

Have a look at this infographic, that literally caught my attention when I first heard about this camera. Simple and just definitely on point.

Oh btw, did you know that this camera is chosen to be featured in This Is My Moment live campaign? I mean, you can practically see various pictures in that website according to different themes everyday! The pics are also updated live-hourly. I was so lucky to be chosen to submit a few pics I happened to snap with my Samsung GALAXY Camera too. So if you’re still thinking whether to buy or not to buy the camera, you can visit This Is My Moment’s website and see for yourself the sample images they have on board. Ehem, when you’ve joined the Samsung GALAXY Camera bandwagon, don’t forget to upload your pics there too! Let’s bomb that page with loads of pictures! I give you my permission haha.. It’ll be like a whole lotta pics from our own lil Samsung GALAXY Camera community hehehe..

Nowadays it’s all about sharing, don’t you think? Just like my beloved bloggy here, where it acts as my outlet where I express my thoughts, ideas and inspirations and I use pictures to aid and communicate with everyone much better. I can promise you if I snap pictures and don’t upload them, those pictures will soon not be able to see the light of day. To me, sharing pics via any social media networks are somewhat equivalent to you going to the photo store to have your Kodak films printed out. =D

Visit Samsung for moreee info about the Samsung GALAXY Camera today! Or better yet, follow their facebook page to be keep in touch with their current updates.

Ok dahhh.. I’m tired of saying good things about this camera haha.. No, seriously, ever since I got mine, everybody from left and right, keeps oohhh and ahhh-ing the pictures I took.. Penat nak explain lagi hahaha.. Pegi beli sendiri, and see for yourself, then you’ll know what I’m talking about :p Honestly I won’t say something’s good when it actually isn’t. This camera is just something I needed, and which I think most of you will find it super convenient too. Most of my boutique owner friends say that this camera suits business people like them as well. They can just simply snap pictures of their products and upload them straightaway in their instashops. 

Will share more about the sample pics I took using this camera in my future posts! Toodles! 
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Hi shea.. How about the battery? Is it long lasting?

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wahhh this camera was awesome :P

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I like this camera hihi.
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Very well put. Thanks to you, now I'm tempted.

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Wowww ! Galaxy camera is awesome.
I love all your pictures. nice ! ♥