January 30, 2013


Earlier this year, or wait, was it the day before we reached 2013(?), I made a short list of things I wanna accomplish for 2013. I'm sure most of you do that too, right? And one of the most important thing I wanna find myself achieve is reciting the Quran 2 pages a day after Maghrib prayers. It might not be much, but I'm trying :)

Alhamdulillah I have started that routine, but I do tend to miss them days too(astaghfirullah), sometimes when I happen to be outside. What I did was I made sure I read two pages, along with the translations so that I capture the true meaning of what our Holy book says.

To make things better, I got myself the Rainbow Quran that has been the rage all over the Southeast Asia, right? I wasn't sure where to get one in Malaysia, so I got mine from Indonesia instead. Because I found out this particular shop ships internationally. And I got mine in less than a week! I mean, I would go all out to get something pretty in terms of fashion, so a colorful Quran would do me just perfect! :D Don't get me wrong, the words in the Quran are already majestically beautiful, but a rainbow colored Quran just adds icing to the cake. Afterall I'm a girrrrl :p

Printed scarf by Old Blossom Box

Please pray for me, you and your family and friends so that we can all stick to reciting the Quran in the most sincerest form possible, which is to please Allah, the Almighty. I know it's hard for some of us to stay istiqomah at something, trust me, it is for me too. But nothing is ever possible, if you don't start today, right? And the rewards you will receive in the hereafter are bountiful, insya Allah :)

There are two types of the Quran, one is the non-translation like mine here, while the other one is with translations in Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia. For those of you interested in purchasing the Quran, you can simply order via:

Line : hijaboutfits 
Kik : hijaboutfits 
Whats app : +6283807990271 
Email : hijaboutfits@yahoo.com 
Instagram: @hijaboutfits

Amount will be converted depends on the currency. (By request) 
Payment via Western Union or Bank Transfer (TT) to their local bank, so they will give their account details including the swift code. Package will be delivered after they receive the payment. After they send the package, they will inform the airway bill number :)

P/s: Do visit Muslim Buzz to read my 2nd article! :D
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miera zaidi said...

Salam honey...

This Quran only in Indonesia ker?
Malaysia xde??

Jeeda said...

ameen, Allah Help us all strive to be better muslims and reward us all for our efforts in this world and hereafter.The quran is beautiful as it is but that quran is so pretty. They do say Allah is beautiful and loves beauty right? :) I'd love to buy them as presents for my friends

erinchunk said...

hi shea,

i loveee this rainbow Quran! so cute and colorful! what Retham is it? Uthmani? :)


MizzDayana said...

dah beli and dah dapat dah. hihi

MizzDayana said...

dah beli dah n dah dapat dah. hehe

Iwanis A.m.d. said...

Al Quran yg sgt cantik :)
But is it ok if Quran ni dalam Rasm Imla'i? If I'm not mistaken Quran ni dlm rasm Imla'i.

Sara T. said...

I hope You will fulfil this goal. I will make dua for you Sis! insaAllah Its good to remember the quran and memorise it or read. I have a similar goal and I hope I will fulfil it as well.InsaAllah

ps. The Quran looks really pretty.


Aisyah Munirah said...

InsyaAllah istiqamah Sis Shea. Alquran akan menjadi peneman, cahaya utk kita bila dekat kubur nnti. Jadikan ia sebagai teman bila dekat dunia. InsyaAllah Allah's words will never forget you =)

faRaa_♥ said...

Salam..hi...i ade jual rainbow quran ni in malaysia..:) kalau any of u nak beli direct from me boleh.. ni link page i https://www.facebook.com/AlQuranPelangi.Rainbow

It is in resm imlai, resm majid.. kat malaysia mmg kita pkai resm uthmani tp xde mslah baca resm lain pon..kandungan sama cuma cara penulisan lain skit. if u know how to read then its fine.

Dear shea:) i pray u all the best!^^

Sakina Al-Amin said...

Thank you, sister! I am from the US and didn't know the best way to go about ordering one of these lovely Qurans

Sakina Al-Amin said...

Thank you, sister. I'm in the USA and eager to get my hands on one of these lovely baybees. :)


Rumah Cantik Muslimah said...

Hai...if u want buy rainbow quran resm uthmani, ǐ sell it, and ǐ accepted overseas shipment, so do not hesitate to text me or whatsupp +6285781700068, or please visit my website www.abayamuslimah.com
Thank u so much

Rumah Cantik Muslimah said...

Hai...if u want buy rainbow quran resm uthmani, ǐ sell it, and ǐ accepted overseas shipment, so do not hesitate to text me or whatsupp +6285781700068, or please visit my website www.abayamuslimah.com
Thank u so much

faraz maqsood said...

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Faisal Bashir said...

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Duduk dan bercerita.. said...

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Hanna said...

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Faize Islam said...

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