January 1, 2013


Happy New Year everyone! 

2012 went by so fast, didn't it? Anyway whatever happens in 2012 for me, good nor bad, I am just thankful that I went through all of it anyway. It has surely given me sooooo much meaning and lessons that I'm sure 2013 is a place for me to apply them lessons learnt. 

Belda Top: Pretty Chase
Maxi skirt: Zefik
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So what are you waiting for?? Hurrry! :D

Here's a beautiful du'a that I figured is the best dua which one can recite, just perfect for new year's. I hope I'm not too late to share this. :)

Oh and another thing I find myself staring blankly into the air and thinking of all those wasted times of my life doing things that are not related to Him, is when I found this...

So short, and yet so meaningful, right? This is what I will hold on to from now on, which I should have since the very beginning. I made it as my phone's wallpaper coz yeah, I need to be reminded at all times. I'm so weak when it comes to being persistent in trying to be a better Muslimah. Please pray so that I stay istiqomah at that.. And don't forget to pray for yourself, friends and family as well. May all our deeds and intentions this year brings us closer to Him, to each other and I pray so that all my beautiful readers have the best 2013! :)
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Annazatul Zaimah said...

Terima kasih kakak. I love your style. Dan semua nasihat :))

Myra Abdullah said...

love your outfit sis =) keep modest in colors =D

ameris said...

love ur style also.
sapa photographer u yer? suka cara dia ambil gambar u.

nourash said...

love your style

Mira Adzlia said...

slmt taun bru...smuge taun 2013 akn lbih bmakna :)

nabila azmi said...

amiinn..=)..slmt thun bru juga=)

merapu said...

Hai u, just nak share I pernah baca kita x boleh pakai cincin dekat jari tegah, dosa, cuba u search, kalo tak silap I la, sori, just share. Tapi I mmg suka tegak gaya u, U jadi sumber inspirasi I untuk berfashion muslimah..(=

Asma said...

Super love your outfit!

LaiLa said...


And mashaAllah so beautiful and meaningful post.
I like the duas so thanks for posting them.
May Allah makes us better muslims, May Allah help us and protects us from devil.

And beautiful outfit, I like the print of the skirt.

NydiaAnies said...

found this.. i think this is urs..


AdorableDress said...

Amin... Selamat tahun baru Shea... Semoga terus menjadi inspirasi kepada muslimah dalam berfesyen. We love ur style!! =)

Fatin Radzuan said...

hey dear im, fatin radzuan and i love ur style so much! :) qesayhatiku.blogspot.com

Fatin Radzuan said...

hey dear im, fatin radzuan and i love ur style so much! :) qesayhatiku.blogspot.com