February 16, 2013


Dearest future beloved child of mine,

As you're reading this letter, or blogpost for that matter, I hope you are in the best state of health.. As you might've read from my previous posts a while back, Mama just turned 25 this year. And this age has given me so many experiences a 25 year old could ever ask for. I've learnt the true meaning of life at a very young age where it has taught me to become a stronger person than I ever was before. I am also very blessed to have lived amongst the most loving and carefree family that I ever could ask for. Your grandpa and grandma sure did taught Mama Farah, Mama Miza, Mama Iqa and me well. 

I'm sure you've heard it everywhere that life is a wheel, sometimes you're on top, and the very next minute you're at the bottom. And everything in this world is temporary. So temporary that when you feel that life is throwing so many bad lemons at you, without you realizing it, you're already on top again. One biggest example was, Mama faced a difficult moment last week, and Mama cried hard throughout the entire week cause I thought I was such a weak human being. But before Mama completely fell to the ground, Allah swt turned my wheel back up by giving me my Masters results in a way that I have never imagined of me achieving it. In a snap, I was happy again. See? All you need to do is have is faith in knowing that eventually, things will be alright in the end. Remember what your teacher taught you that "every cloud has a silver lining", well, this is exactly what I'm saying..

And as a Muslim, please remember to remind yourself that whatever you do in life, never forget your Creator. For He is the one responsible in writing your life story. I am very ashamed to say that at 25 this year, I have not yet khatam'ed the Quran. Please do not follow my footsteps :( It's not that I don't know how to read it, but my reading is very much imperfect, I don't feel like khatam-ing the Quran just for the sake of doing so. I wanted to complete reading the Quran with quality. So I attended my first Quran class yesterday along with auntie Lyna, auntie Nanie and auntie Rina. Auntie Maria wasn't able to attend last night, but I hope I'll see her in next week's class. And to tell you, I've never been more happy than I was before attending the class. I saw my mistakes upon reciting, and was corrected in such a friendly way by my Ustazah. 

I am sure that you are much more better than me at your 25th birthday, and darling, I am very much proud of you for that. Hee.. Do you wanna see how Mama looked like the day attending the class? Hehehe.. here's a picture of me on the day itself.. Your Mama ni kan.. ni jela keje nye :pp And I can bet your bottom dollar that while you reading this, everything I'm wearing here is so out of date hahaha.. 

Scarf: Jenahara
Vintage butterfly brooch: Jezmine's preloved
Dress: The Poplook
Cropped top: Pastelina
Bag: unbranded

And today, I went out with Mama Iqa to get me my first iPad mini. It's the in thing right now. I'm sure you have much more complicated gadgets in your room right now kannn. Ngee.. So what is so special about getting this iPad? Well for starters, Mama have wanted it for soooo long ever since it was launched, and I have put aside my money in a piggy bank for me to purchase it. Mama has never purchased something so expensive using my own money before as I was still studying. So this time, it was a big deal for Mama.. When you read this, I think that that iPad can already be considered as an antique hehe..

And this is what Mama wore when going out.. cantik tak? Haha.. you are so gonna get it if you say tak cantik :pp

Maxi dress: EDZ Boutique
Bag: Coach
Square scarf on bag: Tie Rack (Jezmine's preloved)

And below is a picture of Mama with auntie Lyna and auntie Yanny. This was taken at Grafa, Subang Jaya, after the three of us had chit chat over tea. Don't forget to visit them after reading this post aaa.. They are among my bestest friends that I have til Jannah, insya Allah. Well, Mama have sooo many other friends, so you need to remember each and every one of them ok? ;)

Ok then, will talk to you again later in the future posts.. Mama wants to accompany your grandma and grandpa watching TV.. heee.. And do remeber what Mama said tau.. Why? Cause I'm your mom :p
Love you sweetheart :)

(And below is a note for the people of my era. Not yours ok dear? Run along now..)

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asyilah said...

tiba tiba rase sedih bace this post. why I have to be sad..?
but, somehow, u really touch my heart

splice said...

lol i think this was one of your best posts. utterly enjoyed it lol. very gutsy and crazy.LOVED

izzatursyuhada said...

SubhanAllah kakak kakak semua cantik :') (dah lama nak comment, tp baru hari ni berani sikit.hehe) Assalamualaikum :)

Hashira Yusoff said...

What shud i said kak Shea? you are fabulous, fantastic. Pretty with brain! that's what all girl dream of. sometimes i wish to be in your place. u r sooo lucky to have all you want. :)

elly nadyra said...

Kemain surat

munamuni said...

suke post yang nih... cepat2 kawen , cepat2 dapat baby e, boleh bace surat ni... tak sabar tengok ur wedding nanti mesti kebaboom..btw, congratulations for ur master!

Natasha Nordin said...
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Natasha Nordin said...
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Nikita Kimistri said...

oh no, accidentally deleted my previous comment coz i thot i saw 'em appeared twice?! wutla.. huhuhu. nway, love the post, very honest! :)