February 8, 2013


Alhamdulillah, today marks the 25th year of me, living and breathing in this world. I would have not been here if not for, non other than my Creator, Allah the Almighty. Alhamdulillah, all praise to Him for allowing me to live and has provided me with bountiful blessings left and right. And life was passed on to me via my parents whom are basically--my life. It's a circle, ain't it?

Hehe I'm quarter of a century! Which means it's time to be an adult (not that I am not behaving like one before this), I meant like a more responsible adult. It's time for me to take charge of the life I lead and to later become the person whom my parents and 50 or 60 year old me would be proud of. It's actually freaking me out, y'know? I guess quarter life crisis is in fact a true phenomenon! Teehee..

But before we go to the serious bits of being an adult, let's have a lil fun shall we? Now that's more like it! Hehe.. I received a couple of pressies from my beloved friends and family which I would love to share with ya'll here.. 

Some make up from Urban Decay! I am currently trynna dip my toes into the world of make up, but not to change how I look etc, but just to enhance my facial features with some colors hehe.. So I received these Urban Decay products from Sephora cause I am such a fan of them! I bought the VICE Eyeshadow palette, and now I'm glued. So I would love to try these out soon! :D

I was really surprised to receive this card from the Nuffnang team! Like OMG, how do they know my birthdate? Noob haha, of course they would know silly! You already mentioned this upon signing up to become a Nuffnanger! But what I am most flattered is that, these Nuffies (which they call themselves) are very friendly to the max! They treat every Nuffnanger with so much love, you can see just by the card I received here hehe.. 

I got some pretty mugs here from my good ol friend who works overseas. Where the heck did he know I'm into the tea cup collecting business? Hehe.. whatever it is, I love them to bits! And I can't wait to have my first sip of tea using these cups. I love porcelains and ceramics.. so giving me one, is sure a plus! :D

Quaint belt I've got here, eh? This is a traditional belt worn by our grandmoms with their kebaya sarong back in the days. I love the fact that this belt is still available for sale. I thought they don't produce these antique stuffs anymore.. Mine is from DreamCloud by Natasha Hudson, available in Fashion Valet.

And lastly, is a 5-year journal gifted by my sister.. I find this journal very cool as it has different questions everyday, and all you need to do is answer them according to the dates, and after 5 years, compare all your answers! Neat, huh? And look what was the question for today.. Heee.. have yet to answer it. Will do so after I publish this post :D Thanks Iqa! This book is available at Kinokuniya, KLCC.

Will share with ya'll more of what I receive in the future posts, yeah! That is if I receive some more gifts la hahaha.. 

And with that, I thank each and one of you who has wished and prayed for such good things for me today. I am very very very much honoured and happy to be a part of your day today and for every wish received, I pray that every single one of you receives triple of it more! I am sorry if I missed out on replying or RT-ing your wishes on whatsapp, facebook, instagram and twitter, but to let you know, I read each and every single one of em.. so from the bottom and top and left and right of my heart, THANK YOU :)
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nourash said...

congrat shea

Mardhia Yusof said...

happy 25th birthday shea.;)

my sister bought me the Naked Palette 1 & 2(Urban Decay eyeshadow).
memang best.

my sister beli kat aussie.
kat Malaysia ada ke Urban Decay?
yang i tahu, banyak dijual through Ebay.

anyway, may Allah SWT bless u.

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Goshhh if i were to receive those awesome UD products on my birthday, i'd literally fly! :D anyhoo, Happy Birthday!

Mardhia Yusof said...

happy 25th birthday shea. ;)

my sister bought me the Naked Palette 1 & 2 - Urban Decay Eyeshadow in aussie.
memang best. natural colors.

kat malaysia ada tak Urban Decay ye?
I tgk banyak dalam Ebay je.

I suka sgt dgn Urban Decay, ni sebab this girl buat tutorial make up using UD. very nice.
just want to share with you, if you da tahu, its ok. - try search this girl on youtube - Chloe Morello. ;)

elly nadyra said...

Happy bday

LaiLa said...

The diary and the mugs are really, really cutee!

Happy Birthday Shea! :D

sue. said...

Happy birthday mama Shea..may Allah bless u always..aminnnn ya rabbal alamin.

aishah amin said...

Happy Birthday love!!:) hope you had a good one!


Idati Malek said...

happy birthday shea.u look younger btw :)

Idati Malek said...

happy birthday shea.u look younger btw :)

Lia said...

Happy B'day Shea...I am so proud that you are my Muslim sister...and Mash'Allah I am in love with your blog...its rad!



aliah said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shea!! May Allah Bless you. So creative as always! Me enviousss. Tee hee. I can still remember you menjahit manik on your purple coloured baju raya in 4 othman whilst everyone else was busy catching on their sleep!hahaha..Psst..Hoping to see you on my big day. Pen in your diary- 16.6.2013 tau!

Aida Narina said...

happy happy birthday shea! wishing u a all the best for the year 2013 :)