February 12, 2013


Salam gorgeous people.. 

How was your Chinese New Year holidays? I'm sure most of you are already back from your respective hometowns, eh? Well, I spent my weekend holidays just being here at home.  And since last Friday was my birthday, I thought I just wanna spend it at home here alongside my family members.

This is my last Sunday where I went for lunch with my friend..

Maxi Scarf: Old Blossom Box
Birdie print maxi dress: EDZ Boutique
Denim Vest: Vintage
Bag: Unbranded


And here's me last Saturday where I went to watch fireflies in Kelip Kelip Kg. Kuantan, Kuala Selangor, Selangor. I have always loved sparkly lights and anything lights lah (except the one where my mom switches on to wake me up in the morning..kekeke), so going to see real live fireflies was definitely under the list-of-things-I-wanna-see-before-I-die list. Big loads of thanks to my sister and her hubster for tagging me along in this trip. I must warn you though, I was super sememeh when I got there! Because I just had a hearty seafood meal prior the firefly watching activity. So don't judge! :pp

The entrance
Me and lil adam on the boat as we're just about to head to the firefly area not far from the waiting area.
SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah is all I can say :)

See what's behind me? Fireflies! haha.. My camera couldn't capture them.. :(

Ready to head back ashore.

As you can see, I can not show you the fireflies! hahaha.. The surrounding was pitch dark, and somehow my camera couldn't capture those sparkly firelies due to the low amount of light the camera receives. Plus I couldn't turn on the flash as it would disturb the natural blinking process of the fireflies. Each boat can fit 4 people, and the journey took about 20 minutes or so. I really wished I could show you the exact view of what I saw, cause trust, me, it was magical. We even touched the fireflies too! :D So if you're thinking of trying to go and do something new for the weekend with your family besides going to shopping malls and cafes, and malls, and cafes, I really recommend this activity! Check this page out before you go.. Or maybe you could google about it..


And if you happen to follow me on my instagram, you might've seen something I posted that's quite personal. Which I seldom do so nowadays.. But tahlah.. Anyway, I found this comic strip on tumblr, it's quite cute I must say..hihi..

It's so true, isn't it? And this comic strip also work both ways, I mean, it could happen to anyone, a guy nor a girl. Once you were left broken, you just find it hard to let your heart out to be loved again just like the girl did in this comic. But it's sad la for the guy.. I mean look at his face, he was so sincere in trynna be friends with that girl. If only she had faith in him.. and most importantly, Him. Which she did at last! And they live happily ever after. The End.
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Meilina Utomo said...

Loving these lovely pictures :)


aishah amin said...

awww so cute!! ;)


Mazlina Mohamad Samin said...

Shea akak nk share picture love anything tu ye... Tengkiu...

Bukan Primadona said...

"To love at all is to be vulnerable."

So true kan? In fact, nothing is guarantee and last forever, in love, in anything except for Allah's will.

Shea, bila nak kahwin ni? hehe.


namasayatihah said...

what a cute cartoons which actually kinda relatable to me..lol~

susah kn shea..when we thought things r goin to b good n better..we end up hurt..yes d best thing is to lock away our heart which is what we always do..how to know when d right one is coming??

me too hv no answer..i wish love cud b easy apparently not in my case..hehe~

well, like my mum said, u can't hv it all..god gave me everything wonderful in life except a partner to share it all..funny kn...well..this is life..the best man is yet to come i guess..;)

sama2 pray n insyaallah one day kan shea..neway..happy belated birthday!!

ohh..am following ur insta btw..luv ur fashion sense..hee~


Hasheenabeevi Mohamed Attaullah said...

Best cartoon ever

syarina azreen said...

assalamualaikum shea...suke sangat entry ni..nak share kan tau kartun ni...boleh kan?