February 4, 2013


Hello fellow earthlings! Ooh, and a very happy February too!

Today's look as you can see, I've played around with some traditional accents. I am very much proud of my Malay culture, thus I would love to sometimes wear pieces or items that represent my culture well. Actually it was just the other day I saw at Fashion Valet where I saw my baby love at first sight. Wanna know what I'm talking about? Then check itttt..

Spotlight Kimono: Fashion Valet 
Tee: DIYed 
Pants: Kitschen
LVW Traditional-esque Metal slingbag:  Fashion Valet
Sandals: Mango

C'mon, I'm sure most of you have heard about Fashion Valet, right? It's one of the pioneer in the online shopping portal arena based in Malaysia! They also come with over 150 different brands of local origin and within the South East Asian region such as Thailand and Indonesia. For a Malaysian like me, I love the free-shipping feature which I must say is a bonus! Oh, for you international readers of mine, good news, they ship worldwide too! So if you register, you'll get the additional 10 credit points for free where they have a credit point system called FV Rewards. The more you spend, the more you get back. You can direct them to this page for more info - http://www.fashionvalet.com/fv-rewards 


So if you love the pieces I'm wearing, especially my bag and kimono outer *ehem* do check Fashion Valet to find out what you just might love! Oh, when I write these things, I would usually love to give back to my readers in terms of rewards.. what? You love me? I know you do :pp

Upon checking out, do include this code:
to get 10% discount storewide.
(Code valid for 2 weeks after this post)

Go crazy! :D
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Meilina Utomo said...

Pretty color combination. Love it :)


amer akat said...

aslkum.. u have so nice blog ...bleh sy follow u? if can pls follow me back ya.. thx =_=

yana idayu :) said...

had been a silent reader for a long time .hehe .this is my first comment ever on your blog .*insert excited face*. just wanna say that you are soooooo beautiful and cute! I love browsing through your blog.

btw,today i came across an online shop on FB (El Ideal Closet).just at first sight , you came across my mind :D As if it is you the one modelling their fishtail peplum. Maybe because i've seen you wearing something that is longer at the back for many times.hee :D *can't help myself from not telling how big your pengaruh on me :P *