February 21, 2013


Have you noticed the dresses that I keep wearing in my previous current posts? Yeah, the ones from EDZ.. At first I thought that EDZ is just like any other online webstores. But I was wrong. They have their own physical boutique, and I am so late to know about that! Ngee..

So yesterday I dropped by the boutique itself in Bangi, Selangor to witness for myself the collections they have in store. I am a BIGGGGG fan of maxi dresses, and I find that this particular shop are somewhat the answers to my prayers! XD

I've snapped some piccies of the boutique to share with ya'll how it looks like...

See! You can see the dresses as soon as you step right in!

More and moreeee dresses.. Hee the blue one here is where I wore in this post.

They make blouses too..

Some shoes shopping won't hurt ey?
And this! The tags are so cuteeee! Feel like playing paperdolls all over again! :D

And here are the skirts.. I got myself some too :p And those chairs, I bet those are for the guys who came in with the ladies :p

Such a maxi dress haven!

This design has got to be my favorite. Thinking of getting at least one of them soon! :D

The printssss

So I kinda like made myself at home whilst I was there :p It was sooo hard to choose! I want em all puhleezz!

Here's my purchase for the day! And also that's how their online purchases packaging looks like.

Did I just see Maria there? Haha.. Good to see you mate!

Geram kan? Oh why don't I live in Bangiiiii... if not I'll be in and out of EDZ boutique like always! If you are a dress/skirt freak like I am, then this is definitely le shop for you! Why do I have so much respect for this EDZ boutique?
1) The pieces they have in store are 100% designed and manufactured by themselves.
2) The sizes of the dresses ranges from XXS to XXL! *total coolness!*
3) I support the variety of the dresses they have in store as to serve you ladies with the most stylish silhouettes of the dresses while still staying true to the modesty dress code that our religion encourages.

Here's me in their Syila skirt.. I think it's their brand's signature to produce dresses and skirts with volume. Try to twirl in them, and you might just fly! Haha.. xdelah.. How to put it, eh? Ermm.. skirt dia sgt kembang lah.. haha..  Imagine, one skirt uses up to 3m of fabric!

They see me twirlin', they hatin'...  :pp

Skull sweater: H&M
Maxi skirt: EDZ
Bag: Colette Hayman

EDZ Boutique
Website: www.edz.com.my
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eightdesigns (80k likes okk)
Instagram: @edzmalaysia
Location: No.1-50, Seri Bangi, Jalan 8/35, Seksyen 8, 
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia
Click here for map
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lavita ebella said...

Your skull top is sooo cool! I want :)

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elly nadyra said...

come and do join us at bangi, sis yang duk bangi ni pun tak pi lagi kedai ni, tgk entry ni, terus rasa nak pi hahahahhahaha