February 13, 2013


Things happen to go very lovely today. It was such a windy day, I kinda forgot all the sorrows I've been going through for a while. And I also spent most of my time outdoors, just so I can keep myself preoccupied with things that can distract me from getting all moped up.

I loveeee this sheer fishtail crop top sooooo damn much! I wore it like everydayyyyy in the previous weeks okayy. After I'm done with it, I wash it and dry it out immediately so that I can use it again the next day.. kekeke..

Fishtail cropped top: Tumtum Shop
Batik Sarong: Tumtum Shop
Bag: H&M
Belt: H&M
Flats: Zara

So good that I received two belated birthday gifts (well, I don't think it's belated cause I consider the month of February mine haha) from the people that matter to me..

My eldest sister gave me this pearl necklace and bracelet from Sabah this year. I mean I lurrrrveee it! It's even custom made for me! Thank you soooo much kakak! Can't wait to rock these accessories in my upcoming outfits.

And today I received a parcel from my beloved friend from high school containing these cutesy items! Awww.. So cute cause she made all of this herself! I just don't have enough patience to make felt and plushies crafts such as these. Yeah I think she's starting to sell her crafts online at Greennnpanda Craft. Check the page out if you feel like ordering some for you! :D

Thank youuu sooo much for the gifts, you girls! I really2 appreciate each and every one of it :D May Allah bless you always :D
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NinaAz said...

Comeynyaa hadiahhh

lavita ebella said...

I really love your style! :)

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Sakeena Rashid said...

I love this look! The belt is so cute and top is unique :)

Sakeena Rashid said...

I love this look! The belt is so cute and the top is unique :)