March 9, 2013


Halo girls!

Just to let ya'll know that I am soooo happieee! My elder sister from Perth is currently in Malaysia cause it's been a while since she last came back home for vacay.. So, my family and me are so excited because it's not always the four Farahs get to be together at the same time and place.. Oh, yeah, my name begins with Farah too :p

So as excited as I am with my sister and her family's homecoming, I am beyond the moon as well for the bag that I have dreamed of my entire life (after the 2.55 Chanel) is here! I loveeee the Rocco bag by Alexander Wang, and have always wanted it, and actually have bought an inspired one from Colette Hayman in Perth for $50 hahaha.. (The ones you see me using in my previous outfit posts) But this time around, I chose the Rockie bag instead of the Rocco as I have read and researched about it, only to find out that people find the Rocco too big and heavy.. So I think the Rockie bag would suit my asian physique well :D

Mine is the Rockie (soft pebble leather with pale gold studs).. My sister helped purchased it at Cultstatus and brought it back with her... Because when I compared prices, it's much cheaper to get this bag over than than here in Malaysia.. Ahhh.. I am a one happy gal! 

And these are some other random stuffs I asked her to bring back for me as well hehe..

I would actually upload pics of me with my nephew and niece, but I was stuck at home the whole day, thus I was too lazy to put on the hijab for pictorial purposes hehe.. Will do so in my upcoming posts! :D
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NinaAz said...

Cover hp tu erkkk. Kiutttttt ♥♥

Farah said...

Ahhhhh you lucky, lucky girl!!!! I am soooo jealous of the Rockie bag, but cannot wait to see you styling them. You always do unexpected and amazing styling. Congratulations for getting the bag of your dreams, may you get the Chanel 2.55 soon :)))))

Ps: The iPhone case makes me wanna sing shine bright like a diamond. Hehe


Safura ★ said...

That bag. That pencil case (maybe) . That iphone case. That hair brush. Warghh. Pretty stuff for pretty gal. Ure so luckyy

Asma said...

You are soo lucky! That is such a beautiful bag!

Gossip Bnette said...

Selem Shea your bag is very very beautiful :)

Gossip Bnette said...

Selem Shea your bag is very very beautiful :)

Honeybee GB said...

I love that bag. This is my first visit, I hop from Nuffnang blog. Looking forward to read more from you.