March 25, 2013


I'm currently down with a very bad flu and migraine as I'm typing this. I think I got the fever from my niece, Hana, which passed down to my nephew, Adam, and the very next thing I know, I was sneezing all over the place hehe.. Should've seen this coming when Adam kept hugging and sleeping on my lap in the car yesterday.. Hee.. But somehow the flu seems worth it after all ;)

And for today's look, my God, I just cannot begin to fathom. My love for the color black can basically reach the moon I think. It's just like my hands can't stop picking out black ensembles evertytime I wanna go out. Maybe I just wanna appear all mysterious and mature? I dunno.. Hee..

Lovelyyy black dress: Little Dressy Hijabist
Cotton Palazzo: unbranded
Bag: Alexander Wang Rockie
Accessories: Forever21
Platform wedges: H&M

And today I brought my baby Rockie out to play! It has been a joy since the first day I used it..ahh.. I feel like using it for every outfit I could think of okay. That's what happens when you love something so much, no? You can't be separated! And the same thing goes to the dress I got from Little Dressy Hijabist too. I wore it on Sunday for Hana's Aqiqah ceremony at my house, and washed it that night so that I could wear it again the next day.. Ngee.. The shop basically is an authorised seller of the Indonesian brand--Hijab Chic--in Malaysia! Good news for us Malaysians!

Little Dressy Hijabist
Instagram: @littledressy

And here's some inspiring black on black street styles that I personally cannot take my eyes away from. If you're a bit skeptical in putting together too many black pieces together, play with textures! Different textures of black can bring out the blackness of the color of each individual clothing, make your entire ensemble appear balanced, and of course chic at the same time.

Image Sources: Here / Here / Here / Here / Here / Here 

Be it structured, or slouchy, you can never go wrong with black! :D Ok, I gotta continue blowing my nose...till then fashionistas!
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Ina Lathifah Siregar said...

Black always make a lady become more elegant and prettier :)
Anyway, get well soon, dear Shea..

Lots of Love, Ina xx