March 29, 2013


Love at first sight, as they say it. If you ask some of my closest friends, they would probably tell you that I have this weird thing of falling in love at first sight not with the guy’s eyes or hair or body whatsoever.. Nadaaa! But it’s with a guy’s set of teeth. Err.. creepy, I know. I don’t know why when I meet new people (guys for this matter), the first thing I will notice is his teeth. And if those set of teeth can make me swoon, I might just fall in love with you. True story. (Cause it really did happened..hehe) 

So the other day when I was invited to the Colgate Optic White product launch in OU, I was super excited cause I was chosen to be a part of something I personally emphasize on.. And the mega plus was that Fazura, who’s the ambassador of this awesome beauty-must-have, attended the event too! She sat opposite me the entire time and just looked oh-so gorgeous from head to toe! She’s wayyy much more prettier in real life I tell ya. 

After the launch was carried out, Fazura surprised us all along with other fellow models with a fashion show consisting of outfits with the Colgate Optic White color theme, which was red and white! Again I feel like stapling my mouth together when I saw Fazura gliding up on the runway. 

 And below is the door gift that we got, and it consists of the Colgate Optic White toothpaste, Colgate Optic White Mouthwash, matching Colgate Optic White Toothbrush and a bright red lipstick, a complimentary gift from Maybelline. Fazura herself has tested this product and testified that after just one week, her teeth went whiter than before! Cause yeah, what would ruin your confidence more than to have yellowish and dull looking teeth, right? No amount of make up you put on can ever distract people from staring at the latter, so that is why I personally think this is not just a toothpaste, but instead, a beauty essential that one should stick to. 

I was sooo starstrucked, I even forgot to take pictures of myself at the event! And she was also busy with the media, hence I couldn’t get a hold of a picture with her too.. Sad ☹ 

After I went back, I immediately used up all of the products given ahaha.. Man, I need to test it for myself! Good thing the mouthwash didn’t burn in my mouth like how most mouthwashes do. For me, that’s such a turn-off as it’s so painful.. I mean, why make mouth-washing such a horrible experience, right? Luckily this mouthwash doesn’t. Thank God.. :D 

Here’s mine in my bathroom, all ready for me day and night. And after a week gone by, I can fairly say, I am so confident smiling and LOL-ing like this picture below.. hehe.. Somehow I think it stayed true to its aim, which is to make your set of teeth a shade whiter after a week’s usage. Yay! I’ve been using Colgate all my life, and I’m glad they came up with such product. Cause personally I just sometimes feel a bit insecure with all the various teeth whitening products that are available on the internet.. God knows what ingredients they use :/ Plus, the Halal-ity of Colgate is also guaranteed, so I say, two thumbs up for Colgate Optic White! :D 

Top from EDZ boutique

Hihi this picture was taken candid by my sister who was making a lame joke while trynna do the harlem shake while snapping my picture in front of me. Yes, she’s a weirdo -..-“ And yes, she’s beginning to steal some of my toothpaste too! Gotta tell her to get her own haha.. 

Ps: Colgate Optic White toothpaste promises one shade whiter teeth after one week, when used as directed, for extrinsic stains only. Individual results may vary.
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Evin Kerem said...

I also use this toothpaste :)

Evin Kerem said...

I also use this toothpaste :)
I am very happy with it

Evin Kerem said...

I also use this toothpaste :)

I am very happy with it

sue. said...

shea ada lesung pipit..cantikkk....

Dana Anuar said...

hai babe, actually i really like how u write all the details apa yang u buat and about your fesyen mix and match, can i suggest to you make some tutorial how to lilit the hijab? i yang jenis free hair but once i read your blog i rasa macam tak susah untuk berfesyen even does u pakai hijab.. =)

munamuni said...

LOVE fazura too :)