March 13, 2013


Don't I look like France's flag? Except in pink? Teehe.. I decided to play with really loud colors today and well, I managed! Ngee.. I have this lovely Hermes'ey scarf from Emlyn which I just had to pair it with this mega-structured pleated skirt.. I sometimes find myself hypnotized by the skirt's natural structure of the material and even challenged myself to see if I would crease it by the end of the day.. but it doesn't! Haha.. After sitting for so long in the car while driving today pun, not a single crease was made at the back.. :O

Cotton Maxi Scarf: Emlyn
Tee: H&M
Amani Pleated skirt: Miss Lily Shop
Bag: vintage
Flats: Jeffrey Campbell

Oh btw, this post is created for you peeps who've been asking me a lot in my emails and twitter on what do I take in order to take care of my health. Well, technically I've just recently started to become a health conscious freak, thinking of the *ehem* age I am in now.. So I've been asking here and there for suggestions and recommendations to what is the most appropriate supplement I should take apart from eating healthily..

And I was amazed that most said that Virgin Coconut Oils (VCO) are somewhat the most safest and and natural form of supplement one can take. I'm sure there are lots more out there, but the ones that I'm quite confident to take are the VCO and Spirulina supplements. So day in and day out for this year, I have been taking this..

A: Catalyst's Virgin Coconut Oils
For my general health well-being.. I take two oil tablets (what do they call it?) every night before I sleep and BAM! Tomorrow I wake up feeling fresh and light as how a good night's sleep should make you feel like.

B: Catalyst's Ambience
For my overall skin condition. Cause heck yeah I wanna have radiant skin and complexion! Especially since I'm single, I just wanna get myself all prepared for my soon-to-be big day one day. Kihkih.. I drink 1 sachet every morning before breakfast and alhamdulillah, my skin breaks out much much more less than I did late last year. The difference is just remarkable.

I have all my supplements at bay, just ready at my bedside table..

And whilst you can find most of these products everywhere online nowadays, it's just too scary for me to simply fork out my money in a non-trustworthy seller. I mean, I dare not take the risk. So I just usually get my dosages from my friend, Aily, whom I very much trust enough to purchase with, and share it with ya'll here. Coz duh, I would never share with you peeps something I, myself, am not confident with.

As you can see from my picture above, I did not put any make up at all except lipstick. Hee.. that's how well these supplements I'm taking acts upon me.. It took me a lot of courage to post up a bare faced picture of me here okayyy! :pp I'm not sure about you, but this is just me :)

So, before I finish off this post and leave you all wondering and asking me everywhere on my social network sites, might as well I give you the details of where I get my VCOs and Ambience drink every month, yeah? Ooh, I forgot to mention, I've become a member too, just so I get a member's price every month for the products I want.. Say hi to Aily for me will ya! :D

P/s: It feels soooo relieving knowing the fact that you're investing some of your income on health/skincare products. I've never regretted the money I spent every time I purchase those said items.

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NinaAz said...

Shea.. nape u pakai shawl cantik. Huuuuu.. ini tidak adil tidak adil bagiku.. heeee


OMG shea can u make this hijab tutorial ?? :)

Ibu Ilyanie(s) said...

As salam shea... pernah dengar tentang MRT- Molecular Reform Therapy? Kaedah penjagaan kesihatan menyeluruh... boleh jengah blog for further info... Happy reading! TQ.

Fatima Z. said...

Love your skirt :)