April 8, 2013


A few weeks ago, the Colgate team invited me and other fellow bloggers for a brunch with Fazura who is the face of the new Colgate Optic White! I was invited to their launch event the other day and when I got this invitation, I said to myself “heck yeah I wouldn’t wanna miss it for the world!” I mean, this event is somewhat more intimate and we bloggers are entitled to mingle and talk with Fazura on a closer level... woohoo! 

Here’s us while waiting our food to arrive… What better way to kill time than to snap piccies, right? Goshh Fazura is the epitome of beauty I tell you! And there’s me with Nisa Kay, Yuyu, Bobo and Shazwani.. 

I literally sat right in front of Fazura herself OKAY! I was so starstrucked and nervous at first, coz yeah it’s not everyday you get to sit so up close to a gorgeous and multitalented celebrity like Fazura. But with her charming personality, I was soon at ease before I even realize it. She’s uber cool okay, and still holds that glamorous persona like how she always seems to carry. She gave us her ultimate beauty tip which was “Drinking cold water is a definite NO-NO.” Or any cool beverage for that matter. She said, if you wanna lose weight, just practice that and maybe skip the carbs at night. *noted! 

She also does pilates and practices a balanced nutritious meal throughout the day. To her, to look beautiful on the outside, you must first find peace with your body and take good care of it from the very start. That includes that simple routine we usually take for granted like brushing our teeth. I mean like yeah, everybody brushes their teeth, but to actually own a sparkly set of teeth peeping right out whenever you’re talking, not everyone has that.. And my Goddd, her set of teeth are to die for! While talking to her I just can’t stop looking at her teeth. I must looked like a total doofus. 

Here’s my seat, and Polaroid piccie with Fazura’s signature on it.. totally going in my ‘2013 memories’ jar* 

And after we filled ourselves with delicious food from--DELICIOUS, we had some games and activities.. Good thing everyone had the chance to win! Kekeke.. 

Coz here’s my gift for the day! And next is me with Fazura just before the brunch was about to finish.. See her wickedly white set of pearlies? No wonder she was chosen to be the face of Colgate Optic White. Her smile is just enchanting! 

Us bloggers with Fazura..sobs..sobs.. so sad that everything had to end ☹ Cause honestly I had a swell of an amazing time in this very laidback brunch event.. And seeing Fazura’s smile upclose makes me VERY much convinced with Colgate Optic White’s product regime. She told us herself that the set worked wonders for her. I believe it did do mine too! So, smile away peeps! :D 

And here’s what I wore to the event.. :D

Gorgeous skirt from The Poplook
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Meilina Utomo said...

Loving these lovely pictures :)

Salihah Ali said...

Hye Shea. Just wanna ask if braces people can use this colgate optic white? lots of love from Brunei. :*

Salihah Ali said...

Hye Shea. :* Just wanna ask if people using braces can they use Colgate Optic White? Lots of love from Brunei :*

Lina said...

Fazura looks tired

emma said...

u just look simply beauty n with ur smile,seems that u are a happy girl...nice to know u..