April 30, 2013


What’s the 2nd best thing that I love in my house, apart from the first, which is my family?


So who is this Mexican dude I’m talking bout eh? If you’re new to my blog, then lemme introduce this Mexican ginger to you.. Tadaaa!

Goshhh I love this hunk so muchhh!! Even though he is just a snobbish and arrogant lil cat. Or should I say big cat? Haha.. Well, I mean, cats are just like that, don’t you agree with me dear cat owners? He’s basically a living Garfield. He looks and acts just like him too. But better in terms of having his own personal blog: Mr. Super Carlos. God. Can’t the name be anymore narcissist Carlos??

*ketepek..lenyek..penyekk* hahahaha..

But there’s one thing I love about Carlos. He is one easy eater. Haha.. He just eats dry pet food pallets from the same brand. Same flavor. Same type. Same everything lahh.. So he actually never disturbs our food and us. We can practically leave our lunch on the table without the ‘tudung saji’, and he won’t be attracted to it and won’t nudge even a millimeter towards it. Haha..

I guess he loves his own Purina Fancy Feast kot.. Love it so much that he doesn’t look at other foods. Fine la Carlos. You win this time.. And yeah, I don’t want your food anyway! Hahaha.. *gaduh dgn dia*

Look at those healthy and clean fur, nose and eyes.. :D

Good thing that his fur doesn’t easily fall off all over the place. Cause yeah, Mama Shea (I refer myself to him as) is allergic to cats!! Gahhh. But I love this lil man so muchooo! I can basically sacrifice my pain for his presence. Haha.. But honestly la, thank goodness for the high quality food he eats. 

And from what I see as well, he seldom gets sick, free from cat fleas, and he is soooo buff for a cat. And each time he poops in his litter box, he never leaves any poop leftovers on his butt. His butt is forever pink and clean from poo!! I promise you this is true. How does he do that?? Which I as the owner, love! I bet if Carlos was a human, he’d be a handsome brute, don’t you think? :D

Me checkin him out during his dinner of Fancy Feast Dry Cat Food.. Gahhh.. How can you just not love this?? He is also a frequent eater, but in small amounts. And see, he got two bowls of his own.. Sheeshh.. And everytime he gets hungry, he would just nonchalantly come and bite mine or Iqa’s (my lil sis) leg. Just because he can. *dushhh* He would actually make any one of us to lead him to his bowl and make us wait for him to eat. Cause there’s this one time, I tagged him along to his bowl, and when he got there, he stepped on my foot with his one rear paw, so that I won’t go away. Then he began munching his yummy pellets. Waaaa.. comel!!

“Yummyyyy.. all moine!!”
And Carlos just wanted me to tell you that he wants all his brothas n sistaz out there to know what there’s a new product called Fancy Feast Royale Broths which is the only soup for cats in Malaysia. These come in 4 fancy flavours which are Tuna,Surimi & Prawns, Tuna,Surimi& Whitebait, Bonito,Surimi & Anchovies and Seabream, Surimi,Sole & Snapper! Just like fine dinin for cats, Fancy Feast Royale broths is meant to be taken like a starter. 

Carlos wants all other cats who’s dying to know how the Purina Fancy Feast Royale Broths taste like,they can get some free samples for them to taste! But of course, all of their owners have to do is:
·      Log on to www.fancyfeast.com.my
·      Fill in your particulars
·      And the free sample will be mailed out to you in 4 weeks!
·      Limited to 2000 samples only. My god, that’s a lot!

“Cause I have mine already, and I’m lurving it!!”

So what do you feed your furry four-legged paws? :D 

 - I was paid by Purina to write this post.
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sue. said...

Carlossss!!! ok..must buy..thanks mama Shea!

mira said...

slm sis. beware with those kind of commercial cats food. its not really good as we thought because its can lead to kidney problem especially among boys. :)

Meilina Utomo said...

cute cat

Mieya Atiera said...

atototo.. comelnya Carlos !

lo said...

sangattt comelll

Intan Safie said...

salam sis shea
sorry,, but dat kind of colorful foodstuf isnt good at all for ur cat. you can see the list of ingredients they've use at the back.

orijen is the best. yeah sure!! :)