April 10, 2013


Long Distance Relationships, or better know as LDR. I hate them. Been there, done that,  and its such a pain! So when I saw the XPax - Don’t Lose It All commercial on TV, about the girl Amy and Nick, I was like ahhh I already know the ending to their relationship.

But I was wrong! The other day Xpax asked you guys to vote for the ending of this video commercial, and you guys voted Amy to be with Nick! Haha.. Who would’ve guessed it.. I seriously thought it was Joe who was gonna get the most votes. 

Anyhoooo.. Let’s check the video you guys voted!  I’m sure you will be glued to their videos after seeing this one below..

BUT, before you click play on this finale video, do watch the firstsecond and third video after the jump..

Well, I guess LDRs do actually work. It’s up to the person inside the relationship whether they would want things to work out until the end or just quit halfway. I think that in order to make LDR work, a strong connection and a high level of trust between each partner is such a must. I mean, you can’t love someone you practically don’t trust, let alone him living a few hundred kilometers away from you, right?

But to me, I will hold on to the saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. And my god, we are super duper lucky to be living in this era where communication barrier between two people is almost as non-existent! Oh, and have you heard about Xpax? I thought so. Hehe..

If you happen to be in one LDR, do let me know on the comment below how you guys made it work.. I seriously need some pointers.. Or maybe I should take up on Xpax’s offer, no? :D

Here’s my super duper quick tip for all you lovebirds who’s going through this patience-testing phase with your other half.. You can dial *128#, pick a pack and load up on data to stay 24/7 in touch with your loved one. Too easy!


And here's me yesterday for a quickie run to the bookstore. That's my favorite pastime ok.. When I have nothing to do, I'll just basically run to Kinokuniya, KLCC and sit there for hours. So if you happen to bump into me, say hi! :D

Scarf: KeyyaKayya Bazaar
Military parka top: Modiista
Tshirt: Forever21
Skirt: The Poplook
Sneakers: H&M

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cik myza said...

I'm on LDR. its quite challenging. I'm 20 and he's 22. sometimes i felt lonely when he's busy working. but, he said that he doesn't have time to play around with our love. he's too old for the puppy love hahaha. as a student, I'll only able to meet him during break but for now our parents forbid us to meet always. and insyaAllah, end of this year we'll get engaged :) LDR will succeed if trust each other and tolerate.

natasha ghafar said...

Hye sis :) Im natasha and yeah, a teenager.Hehe. i met some guys before and been dumped too. Then i met my current guy. At first his totally different, and that's how we successfully make it till 2 years. But now we are in LDR since i moved out about 2 weeks ago. And lately i found out that he was cheating on me. He said sorry and won't ever repeat it again. I thought about to end this relationship, but being together for 2 years, i don't think that is the best solution. Everything's okay now but... do you think this relationship will works?

Tiananda said...

Well, been there done that :D
3 years of LDR and ended up in... marriage! Alhamdulillaah..

Nice outfit btw ;)

LaiLa said...

Love the outfit, so casual but it's so elegant!



fatin fasihah said...

u always gojes..

Norain Mohd Yunos said...

Miss Shea, please buat tutorial pakai shawl macam tu.. pleaseee

shea said...

cik myza:
awww u guys are still so very young! all the best for your engagement yah! your patience will be rewarded soon insya Allah..

shea said...

there's this saying.. once a cheater, always a cheater.. i dunno bout you, if it were me, i would never forgive someone who cheats on me. you can give me a million other reasons for the failure of the relationship, but just not cheating.. the betrayal of trust is just indescribable.. well that's just me darling! :D

shea said...

masyaAllah! good for you and your hubs! I wish you the very best in your marriage! :D
This is a very good example of how LDR can really actually work!

Wizaira said...

Hi, shea!

I've been on both, close-distance relationships and now in LDR (almost 3 years now) n i'm telling ya, i prefer LDR the most. Just because when you're a far away from each other (he's working in japan), you miss him even more, appreciate better and you'll try your very best to make sure everything's fine. I mean, us as example, when we have arguments, we'll never sleep angry at each other 'cuz we never know what could happen tomorrow since we're so far apart..LDR also trains us how to deal with problems together as a team n we'll avoid small silly things that are not worth our precious time. Why waste your limited, short time with silly arguments? (he's super busy, working at a japs company whom the people are known for being workaholic) We only got like a few minutes everyday to talk/text so sometimes, we just let got the small stuffs. For me, it helps both of us to be better persons. A lot of sacrifices and of course, its a hard work. It's never easy. You need to keep a positive mind at all times even when you miss him the most and just wish he's there beside you. Patience, tolerance and trust are really important and of course, genuine love. Nothing beats that.

InsyaAllah we're going to get married this August. And the last time we saw each other was last year and only a day before the nikah that we're going to see each other again, and this time it'd be as husband and wife. (getting stressed up a bit too since i'm the one who's organizing everything, dia balik terus nikah..lol) All is alright, InsyaALLAH.

So don't feel bad if it's not working out now for you cuz i'm sure one day, we all gonna get our own 'happily ever after' :)

Meilina Utomo said...

U have very interesting blog. Love it <3

Gossip Bnette said...

Selem wahlikoum Shea a like your outfit kisses :)

iffah imani said...

thankz shea...muah muah muah 4 the tutorial...

Shikin Ramlee said...

Its that from one of kishincollection's shawl..if u dont mind can i put ur pic in my page ♥♥♥

Nurul A said...

Was in LDR for 5 years. Super duper challenging. End up marrying Ldr boyfriend. But hold on...that's not the end of story. A lot more things to deal with after marriage. At first we were both excited bcos finally no more ldr. The next thing, we felt annoyed bcos we felt like we hv extra luggage to worry about. No more windows shopping alone, sipping cup of coffee alone, etc like we used to. Someway somehow, we overcame that. IMHO, Ldr or not, no difference. Both has its own challenges. Keyword is - communicate.

balqisfz said...

suka tgk style akak! :)

itAlYbAbY said...

salam sis... nk tanye, military top tu jarang x? nice la

eva said...

hi shea..i've been a fan of ur blog for a couple of years now..your outfits? adore!!....or i may put them as understated elegance..hehe..i was in an LDR for 3 years before getting married and after getting married another 5 years insyallah until syurga k..with 3 babies and all i guess we've done alright...the key is to always communicate, dont pick petty fights, be confident with ur wonderful self (coz feeling insecure is the main killer of LDR), love him as there's no tommorw..and remember our duties as a wife (soon to be for u insyallah)...wish u all the best in ur relationship dear, LDR or not both have their own special moments and are all important for us to learn and love ourselves, others and most importantly ALLAH S.W.T..

didie said...

can i also share my story?
ive been in LDR for 5 years. we met online so we never personally met in those 5 years. pendekkan cerita, i finally got the courage to book a ticket to egypt to see him for real in Mei 2010. He came to Malaysia for the first time in Feb 2011 to ask for my parents permission to marry me. then he came here again around end of march 2011 but this time hes staying for good. we got married in 1st May 2011 and now blessed with an adorable baby boy
those 5 years of LDR really worth it.