April 17, 2013


Let's start off with what I wore to the event. The theme was neon + studs. Well, I decided to rock my neon lime green skirt with my sharp shoulder blazer which I have in my closet for a while now. Seeing that my skirt can actually attract attention up to 10 miles away from me, I decided to tone it down with the safest color of all--black (my undying lover hehe). Well actually my blazer is a bit navy-sh. But oh, well.. And where's the spikes/studs you ask? On my bag :D

Sharp shoulder blazer: Asos
Tee: Mango
Skirt: Made it myself
Bag: F21

It's been such an amazing year for the Muslimah hijabi scene in Malaysia, cause Hijabista is actually turning one! Kudos Hijabista! I wish you all the best in the future, and may you stay true to the initial intention for us hijabis in Malaysia, which is our faith. But of course, in a more stylish way, I guess? :D Thanks for having me Hijabista Magazine!

Happy faces ya'lls! 

I surely did have loads of fun today at Shangri-La Hotel.. Muahh till later girls!
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Syafiqah Hashim said...

pretty kak shea! love your outfit..
best nya dapat g event mcm ni..hihii..

ShopaholicBlinx said...

u made urself???? the skirt???
cantikkkkk la dik....