April 7, 2013


Wanna make a statement? Then grab your Statement Blazahhh!

Here's my take on the statement blazer trend.. Of course I would tone my blazer a bit down with statement bold colors such as my black skirt and deep coral pink scarf shown below.. I could never find myself donning the statement suit trend.. Where you wear a matching bold printed blazer and trousers.. Ngee.. well, that's just me.. :D

Crinkle maxi scarf: Hush by Suri Aryani (so many jazzy scarves!)
Printed blazer: Modiista  // facebook (cool new shop I found!)
Tee: H&M
My fav skirt: EDZ Boutique
Bag: Alexander Wang 

Do you love printed statement blazers? :B
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Lia said...

Assalam Shea,
You just inspired me, I usually just go for bold coloured blazers...but for this autumn. I might just invest in a printed blazer.


.::cik lin::. said...

dear, pls buat tutorial pakai selendang mcm u tu lg ...plssss....

P U C A T said...

i adore u for the first time i visit ur blog dear :)

chakey kangtaec said...

Assalamualaikum :) holaa sis Shea! I wanna ask your opinion or recommendation perhaps. Next week I'll be having a garden-themed dinner,so could you recommend any clothings from anywhere or maybe just give thoughts on how can I dress myself on the dinner? The theme is Garden. I would love to wear something a bit loose since I have curves hehe. Dress,skirt,outwear and shawls. I really don't know what to wear. Really need your help and I hope this isn't too much for me to ask.
Love your fashion sense always, LISA.

chakey kangtaec said...
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