April 3, 2013


Hola sweetums! 

Wanna know what’s my current it makeup product that I’ve been trying to dip my toes in? I saw from my cousin that day that she was using this brand called Kanebo LUNASOL, and I loved the effect that it has on her. So I headed to Isetan the other day to test some of the products out. Too bad cause I was glued! Hahaha..

And lucky me, as I arrived at their booth, I discovered that they have this new makeup range for the Spring season called Vivid Color Purification. From the name itself I already felt like it was Spring hehe.. even though Malaysia is forever sunny and humid.

Can you imagine wearing all these rich yet super natural colors? I love how when I put them on, my skin doesn’t feel suffocated like how when I apply some other types of makeups. I believe that the products has some sort of ingredients that makes your skin breathe eventho the LUNASOL makeup is on. To me, the makeup base is what’s important. Imagine someone wearing a blotchy, thick and grey-ish foundation on their face..erkk! Total no! (Been there, done that *hides face*) 

Bet you guys wanna see how it’s on me, right? 

Cun eh? Kekeke.. perasan giler! No really, I always envy how the Japanese/oriental ladies seems to appear sooo subtle and yet fresh in their makeup. I guess I can achieve those looks with this items I have in hand, right? Since Lunasol is a brand under Kanebo, which is from Japan. So puh-leezz let me look like them, cause the ‘it’ makeup trend of the season is definitely of course the ‘no-makeup makeup’… Get it? Heee.. 

But yeah, if you’re looking for a high quality makeup product, which levels a bit higher than off of the drugstore makeups, then I highly recommend Kanebo LUNASOL. Cause it suits our Malaysian climate really well, and one thing that I notice is the amount of moisture my skin feels after using the base products. I read at the box it says that the products contain marine collagen, hyaluronic acids and stabilizing complex. I guess those are the culprits for making my skin feel light even with the makeup on. Plus hey, I love the new color ranges that they’re having!

My skin's best friend is just right down there in the picture below.. My pink palette eye-shadow, lip gloss, compact powder and my makeup base is all I need..

And I am actually looking forward to try the Modeling Water Cream Foundation and Control Essence when I’ve enough budget. Why? Cause I hateeee wearing sunblocks! They feel soo soo greasy on my face. And from what I know, the Control Essence contains properties that can block UV rays. So I’d definitely opt for that one.. and while the Modelling Water Cream contains Water Keeping Oil, which has high moisture retention ability, making your skin stay supple and moist throughout the entire day! And you know sometimes you see those Japanese girls’ skin just somehow glow? I bet that’s because of the Light Glow Powder that diffuses light on their skin making them illuminate and minimizes visible pores…Gahhh I’m going crazy over here..! 

Therefore, if you’re interested in getting yourself some Kanebo LUNASOL like I did, check their website and facebook page first and see how mesmerized you’ll be. Or better yet, visit their booths at local Isetan, Parkson, AEON & Metrojaya outlets near you.

And now, the best part! Vouchers! All you need to do, is download/save the image in the links below, and present them with you at any Kanebo LUNASOL booths, and BAM! Free makeover baby!

For Vivid Colour : http://9nl.it/kanebo_1/ 
For Makeup Base: http://9nl.it/kanebo_2/

Website: kanebo-my.net
Locations: All over Malaysia

And before I forget, here's me today, with my LUNASOL make up on! Mekap sendiri okayy.. haha.. Everyday I'm learning bit by bit :)

Scarf: FOS
Drapey Jacket: @ProjectPosh (Instagram)
Shirt: Mango
Chinos: Kitschen
Bag: Alexander Wang Rockie
Heels: Kiss & Tell
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love narural makeup

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Pretty stuff :)

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very natural look. awesome!

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Omg I seriously thought those were Louboutins! :O