April 23, 2013


Assalamualaykum! :D

Dainty accessories are so underrated these days. In the end of the day, I know most of you would actually love to complete your look with subtle accessories, right? I don't know if it's just me, or is it due to the age factor haha.. But, I'm kinda digging dainty accessories nowadays as much as I used to love creating a statement with my bold bangles and necklaces. Why? Cause they're modesty-assured! Wanna see how I style these dainty silver jewelleries from Ollie Jewellery

These two (me styling the Heart Solitaire ring here) are my favorite out of the bunch! And yes, they have lots to choose from. I just wished some knight in shining armour would discover this shop first and got it for me before I did myself.. hahaha.. 

Kerry Top: Little Dressy Hijabist (love this to bits!)
Lana Palazzo pants: The Poplook
Bag: Charles & Keith
Key To My Heart Necklace: Ollie Jewellery

Psst.. The 'Key To My Heart' Necklace reminds me of the key necklace where Serena & Blair got as an acceptance to Hamilton House, in Gossip Girl S4 Ep3.. Right?? I know! And yes, I'm a Hamilton House girl.. Move aside! Hahaha.. Yeah righttt... :p
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LaiLa said...

That necklace it's so beautiful!