May 15, 2013


last week I went over to Old Blossom Box to get my Eid outfit made! Weehoo! Since I've had mine done with them last year, and I find it very satisfying in terms of the design, the workmanship and the material used. So I had to get my baju Raya made this year at Old Blossom Box again!

Plus with the pile of orders I see on Jezmines desk, I was so afraid to miss out on the availability of orders she takes in. She told me orders would be closed by the end of May, so I had to rush to get mine ordered! :D

And as for this year, Old Blossom Box's Raya Collection still sticks to their whimsical and ever so girlish designs. But what I love about this year's Raya Collection is that they played with lotsa drapes and added with diamante / applique details (up to your request) to give that extra umph!

You can either order a one-piece dress or a two-piece kurung moden. That's totally up to you!  If you wanna step out of the ordinary, I say go for a dress! But if you're more conventional, and would love to stick to tradition of wearing a kurung on your Eid, then a two-piece would do you great! :D

Look at those blings! So pretty and yet arranged in a subtle way for that ultra chicness. You can request for any diamante colored theme to match with your kurung modern.. 

I just love this particular design!! The slanted assymetrical drapes just makes the light pink hue stand out, right? It looks like a very expensive formal dress, which er, duh, you can use them for any formal occasions besides Eid, too!

Turquoise green should look good on me, no? Ngaaa.. I can't get enough of this ombre colored two-piece kurung moden! Too divine!!

I gotta take a closer look at these details! I basically stood in front of these 3 outfits, figuring out which theme I would love to have on my kurung moden.. Huwaaa helpppp!

And below are some of the close up shots of Old Blossom Box's 2013 Raya Collection. Whyyy Jezmine, whyyyyy are you torturing meeee?? Hahaha.. 

So if you're planning on having your Eid outfits custom made at Old Blossom Box, you have to hurry! Cause Jezmine only takes orders until the end of May! So if you have your own fabric, or not, it's totally not a problem.

If you don't have your own fabric and wants Old Blossom Box to provide it for you, the total cost of an outfit would be around RM299-RM429 according to the complexity of your desired design and also if your fabric needs lining or not. But if you have your own fabric, I reckon the range will be much cheaper than stated above.. 

And I believe that these cannot be ordered online as Jezmine needs to take your body measurements. So free your schedule to order yours and head over to:
309, Block 2 (above Ambank), Laman Seri Business Park, Sec13, Shah Alam

Guess what color will my Eid outfit be? :DD


Anndddd, here's me yesterday! I had a photoshoot and interview with a local magazine, so I'll let you girls know when it's out! :D

First time in a million years seeing me in a red scarf, eh?

Maxi shawl: Lil Mrs Polkadot (instagram)
Cameo Peplum Top: POPPY by The Poplook
Syila skirt: EDZ Boutique
Wiast clincher: Yaypeach
Bag: Mom's vintage Chanel
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NinaAz said...

Obb awesome

azreen said...

how did you maintain ur scarf ek? Sebab mcm terlalu ke depan. Kalau i pakai mcm ni confirm akan kucar kacir bila waktu makan.

azreen said...
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LaiLa said...

Love the red scarf! it's so beautiful and fits you very well.

I want one!


aishah amin said...

Love the electric blue peplum kurung!! <3