May 18, 2013


Halo chiccas!

How's your Saturday so far? Well, maybe I oughta ask, how's your Friday so far (for my western peeps!).. I spent the day today with my family going out and about Kuala Lumpur in search of fabrics! Hence the title of this post. That is a term in Malay language which means "to go out and have a good time". Goshh I just love going out to Jalan TAR. It's such a lively place, and you can basically feel the energy once you're there.

And ooh, the shopping I tell you. Well, this might be old news to Malaysians. But for you international readers, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (a.k.a Jalan TAR) is jam-packed with lovely items for us ladies! You can get pretty much anything while you're there. Scarves, textiles, clothings, books, prayer essentials, shoes, and everything else for that matter. You name it, they have it. Plus, what I love most is that these items won't hurt your wallet that much.

Malaysia indeed is such a colorful country! 

During Ramadhan (which is just almost 50 days away!), this place will be like a stampede! Everyone from the urban and sub-urban residential areas would basically come down to shop for the upcoming Eid. Just be make sure you drink lotsa water though, for it might be a battle to hoard in such a sunny Malaysia :D

Ooh, let's not forget my look of the day.. I wore my lovely casual maxi dress from Pretty Luuna paired with a sling bag (to free my hands, so that I can shop easily!) and my go-to flats. Surprisingly, I didn't get all cranky by the end of the day. Thanks to my comfortable outfit today! 

Bye ya'lls! I'm outta here! Teehee!

Maxi Shawl: @lilmrspolkadot (instagram)
Cardi: Mango
Maxi dress: Pretty Luuna
Sling bag: Mango
Flats: Vincci
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munamuni said...

How to make the last image like cool

NANA said...

Nice green dress and I love your bags:D

You walkaway today at Jalan TAR..

I always been there...bcoz I work in that area.:D

One day hope can meet you..

naeus! said...

Gif sangat comel!

Shalynael said...

oooooooooh Shea I love youuuu <3
Every time I read your post I definitely want to go to Malaysia !
Thank you for all of this, every day you make me travel a bit until the day which I could offer to myself a big travel like that! I will do a lot of shopping and buy a lot of inner awning!! yeah I'm little frustrated ^^'because I'm your french fan, and here in France it's definitely impossible to get an inner awning, even by internet (there is no site which delivers until France to my knowledge =(...)

Miss Oreo said...

You look stunning in every single outfit. So in love with your style <3