May 30, 2013


Hi again lovelies!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I just am too busy with work! I bet you guys are bored to hear that already, eh? Well, I'm here today nonetheless! I wanna share with ya'll today's look that is just soooo lovely (haha for me laa).. 

There's this new brand in town, called SuriSara, which is just an answer from heaven for all you ladies out there. Why I say that? Cause SuriSara caters to every shape and sizes you can imagine, from S to 6XL... :O

And today I had the opportunity to attend it's launching, which I myself felt so comfortable and not intimidated at all by the usual "stick-thin models" we always see on the runway. I have so much respect for this local Made in Malaysia brand cause it emphasizes beauty not in terms of size. 

Maxi shawl: @lilmrspolkadot (instagram)
Brocade Hani Top: SuriSara
Skirt: EDZ Boutique

And the brocade top is just to die for, okay! At a merely RM99, I can finally get my very own luxurious brocade top that I have always wanted. Usually I would just get frustrated seeing those ones with a heavy pricetag..boohoo.. So, if you're going for that chic, sophisticated look, I can bet you that SuriSara would be your ultimate choice.. 


Aaaannndd, below is some travel piccies for you to enjoy! I had the time of my life last week when Lyna and me headed up north to visit Fira's wedding in Kedah. So we killed two birds with one stone and headed over to Penang for some girly hangout in the city. 

That's all for today, and I will see you in my next post.. salaams! :D
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LaLa mhdnor said...

i'll going to penang next week ;)

Shalynael said...

I love your bag! <3

NydiaAnies said...

Saw this on Suri&Sara previously.. Tapi not sure want to buy it or not.. After reading this post, terus order.. Hehe!

LaLa mhdnor said...

i saw u in Hijabista @astroria :)

RFK said...


Thank you for sharing this gorgeous top! Is it 'panas' at all? I'm contemplating in purchasing it but am weary of it's thickness. Would be so lovely for raya and doubles as a nice going out top.

K xx
Royal Fuchsia Kohl
The Past and Pending

ekin schmidt said...

cantik2 semua gambar n bebaju sume :)
1st time komen :)

nk mntak shea's readers report this fan page . diowg curik gambar pompuan and komen2 mende2 ntah. nanti tak pasal2 ada gambar kengkawan kita..grrr!!


game man said...

hacim büyüksün

syamimihaziqah said...

Oh yeayy Penang is a great place to visit aite?
I'm studying at Penang but still don't have the time to go round the island :/

LaiLa said...

Love that jacket, it's so awesome!